Remove Broken Spark Plug - Tune Up Durango - Which Ignition Wire Goes Where

We're going to the plugs cap rotor and ignition wires on this 2000 dodge durango i'm gonna show you how I removed a broken spark plug I only allowed one hour to do this job is it should have been pretty easy you can see here that the spark plugs on this v8 are easy to access process of doing this job I broke one of the plugs in half it took several hours to remove the broken part you can see the spark plug has a heat shield around each boot that heat shield states in the cylinder head the distributor cap is located against the firewall the campus attached to the distributor with two screws for ease of access move a couple of assemblies out of the way pull up on this rubber mount and undo this electrical connector and you can click this assembly to the side three mounting points for the airbox one of the mounting points is inside the box underneath the filter here's the oil in this vehicle month towards the front of the block when I go to remove the airbox I just grabbed onto this positive

crankcase ventilation valve was defective forth and pulled out of the valve cover to remove the ignition wire from the blood lab on that light colored boot twisted back and forth and after until it breaks loose from the plug and then pull it off used two different types of sockets when i'm working on spark plugs one has a rubber boot that holds onto the spark plug is useful when starting the plug in the first couple of threads and for when removing the spark plug for the last few threads it was a regular deep well socket when i'm initially listening a plug or i'm tightening up that last few turns this park blood broke in half and left this part of the spark plug in the cylinder head before I went on to remove the rest of the plugs I sold them all in pb blaster here we can see that the ceramic part of the plug is intact it looks like a pretty old spark plug in the electrode is almost completely eroded away I took one of the use plugs and put in advice and try to break it on purpose I couldn't do it I got one of the plugs in half with this

cut-off wheel I want to get down in there and take a couple of measurements and get a good look at what I was working look out then the wall is with a plug sure didn't have this looks like just the right opportunity to use a bolt extractor I used a bolt extractor or easy out through that part of the plug the end of the bolt extractor has a square shank tab put a little duct tape on there to keep the socket from falling off you can use a 12-point socket to turn that bolt extractor so part b blaster and jelly torch remove the easier then so for part b blaster and gently torch remove the easier then so for part b blaster and generally torch if you use enough force to break this old extractor probably have to remove the head of the vehicle in between working on the spark plugs replace the cap and rotor rotor just pulls off of the shaft inside distributor the gray spot on top of the rotor may indicate parking sometimes you can think off these deposits on a rotor cap and use it for a little bit longer in this case all the

posts were really corroded it's fairly inexpensive part it's worth replacing you can imagine how this weather stripping being pulled away from the firewall allowed rainwater to dump right onto the distributor cap I often find it much simpler to remove all of the ignition wires at the same time and move them out of the way when i'm replacing a distributor cap rather than trying to transfer them from the old cap cap one at a time it's very easy to figure out where the new ignition wires are to be installed on the new distributor cap the number one cylinder is at top dead center on the compression stroke the rotor should be pointing at this location the distributor capital it goes on one way and has a margin line that indicates where this number one plug is this image shows us how the soldiers are this shows us the direction of rotation of the rotor side of the strip cylinders 1357 are on the driver side number 7 is the one had broken we're on the same page we find the firing order if we have the firing order we know how the cylinders are numbered we know the direction of rotation and we

know we're the number one plug goes it's easy to figure out how to put the wires on I find it convenient to draw the circle which represents the distributor cap and label it with the firing order in this case 1843 657 to lay out your new ignition wires longest to shortest install the longest ignition wires first in this case the number one plug to this post labeled number one and then the number to plug to this post label number 2 and so on working your way back towards the fire wall this clip I broke this clip I melted carefully route and secure your new ignition wires I crank the engine over a few times without the sparkplug installed in the number 7 location to burp out any pb blaster that might have been left well it's all good now

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