How to Check Used Car Before Buying - DIY Inspection

If you're thinking about buying a used car then stay tuned because today i'm going to show you how to quickly check out a used car for purchase now all modern

cars are computerized so if you have one of these obd2 readers plug it into the car and you'll learn a lot and realize that these obd ii scanners will fit any car

from 1996 to the present so if you don't have one it's a good idea to guilt one summers cheapest forty bucks now in this toyota you go under the dash and here's

the plug that it plugs into right here you just plug the card reader right in it snaps in then start the car then the first thing I want to do is see if there's any

code so we'll choose read codes well there's no code so that's good now if there were any trouble codes that means there's a problem with the car there aren't any so

we know that at least there's no solid trouble codes then you also want to check a thing that's called drive cycle monitor in this case you can see it says all

monitors are okay and that's really important to check also because sometimes the owner will have the computer reset and there will have problems then it would say

some of the monitors weren't okay yet you wouldn't want to buy the car then now the next thing to do is to park on a nice flat surface and then look under to see if

there's any kind of oil leakage that's dripping down underground the new this case is dry as a bone we're gonna jack up the front end anyways to check things you

can learn a lot by jacking up a car and looking at the underside you want to look at the cv joints to make sure they're not ripped or torn and you can check the

bottom of the engine and transmission in this case they bone dry so they're not leaking at all ny ever checked up in here you can pull on the tires see if

there's any suspension where where the tire would wobble back and forth now this car is pretty new it's only about a year old so I know that it runs pretty good

we're mainly gonna be looking for body damage to see if the car's been wrecked or flooded so you slam the hood and then see if it's aligned correctly

the whole way around look at the seam on one side of the hood and compare what the seam on the other side of the hood and in this case the right semen the left

same look exactly the same so the hood hasn't been crumpled in and do the same thing on all the door seems to make sure they look the same front to back and side

to side so we're going to the other side and they all match so it wasn't whacked from one side or the other I will pop the trunk open and look inside to see if it's

been rear-ended well the seams inside are cleaned and they're all factory looking now we'll pick up the rugs and look inside i'm sure i'll all cardboard stops

ripped but more importantly all these factory seams are still exactly as the car was built they haven't been touched and done over so it hasn't been rear-ended

didn't you want to go up and down the car looking at the paint and look at the reflections cuz that way you can see if there's any little dings as we walk down

the car here you can see how this looks strange there's a little ding in the door right here you're only gonna see it when you look at the reflections also look

closely now of course you don't buy a car just cuz there's a few dings but you knock some money off the price then the last thing you want to do is quick

check is look at all four tires make sure they're not copter of gouges and i'm showing that there's a problem these are flat and evenly worn and then of

course take it for a good road test drive it for a good ten minutes in town and ten miles on the highway listen for buzzing noise humming noise clicking

noises and see all the vehicle tracks at highway speeds if the steering will go straight and whether you chase or not and then if you're real serious about

the car do like my customer did bring the car to a mechanic like me to do the final check because you're gonna be saving thousands of dollars mine used cars so

spend 80 or 90 bucks to have a pro check it out before you buy and aside from a little dent on the side of the door and some cracked cardboard in the trunk this

toyota passed with flying colors remember if you have any car questions just visit scottie kilmer com you

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