Doctor Defroster, Repair Rear Window Defroster Tabs

On welcome to frost fighter doctor defroster video series this is where we take you inside the frost fighter lab and show you how easy it is to troubleshoot and repair rear window defrosters.

In this video we'll be covering broken or separated defroster tabs and how to repair them. Defrosters typically have two metal tabs located along the edges of the defroster.

These tabs come in many shapes and sizes, but they all do essentially the same thing namely connecting the defroster to the vehicle's electrical circuit ouch.

That's not good. Separated or broken tabs are a common cause of a defroster failure if you're defroster suddenly stops working take a close look at the middle tabs along the edges at the back glass a loose or hanging tab will cause the defroster to fail the good news is this is an easy repair you can do yourself to avoid the high cost the glass replacement so let's get started.

First locate the separated tab along the edge of the back glass. Next remove the tab from the connector. some connectors may have locking devices so pressing the small lever may be required to free the tab.

Now we are ready to bond the tab back to the defroster and for that, we will use the 2000 frost fighter tab bonding kit. So let's take a look shall we.

The kit includes sandpaper which we'll use in a minute, mixing sticks mixing pads, the two part silver tab adhesive fully illustrated instructions all packed in a convenient reusable container before we re-attach the tab we need to make sure the bond side is clean and the tab is ready to go lightly sanding the bonding site along with the base of the defroster tab normally does the trick.

What we are shooting for is a good clean contact. Now it's time to mix the conductive silver adhesive. Start by squeezing out a pea size amount on the mixing pad. Next, squeeze out about the same amount on the other side.

Now mix the roughly equal amounts of part a & b with the mixing stick. Thorough mixing is critical to the final electrical properties so we recommend 45 seconds which is a long time to mix glue.

the bright color of the adhesive indicates the high silver content which results in superior electrical conductivity required for reliable high amperage defroster tab repairs after mixing apply some adhesive to the bonding site and then to the base of the defroster tab.

The handy stir stick is a good tool for this. Now press the coated tab onto the attachment point and check the alignment. Curing the adhesive is a critical step.

If it's summer and over 80 degrees fahrenheit put the vehicle in the sun for several hours. When temperatures are low or you want a fast cure we recommend applying heat with a hair dryer heat gun lamp or other heat source.

Heat curing improves both the structural and electrical performance of the adhesive and reduces cure times to under thirty minutes. Once the frost fighter tab bonding adhesive is cured reattach the defroster connector.

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