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What's up everybody, justin with americanmuscle. Com here with something really exciting. Now you're probably wondering what's going on with this shiny 2015 gt behind me. I'm gonna tell you. But first, you probably all remember our really badass 2014 mmd project car we built blown, bagged, matte white wrapped.

And of course, we gave that away at our 2014 american muscle mustang show with the help of hot rod legend chip foose. Well, at that show, chip announced that he's gonna do it all over again, come back to the 2015 american muscle mustang show, give away another mustang, this time collaborating with mmd to create one badass car that he's going to give away later on this year at our show.

And to enter for your chance to win the mmd by foose 2015 gt, just click on the link below if you're watching this on youtube, or go to the link listed on the screen.

But now, let's get back to this beautiful 2015 mmd by foose gt behind me, ingot silver, premium car, very stock for now but, as you guys know, won't stay like that forever.

Now we've already started on this thing. We're gonna get the car in the air and i'll show you guys what we've been up to. In this portion of the build americanmuscle.

Com is pretty much setting the stage to add big power in the next video, and we've done so with a couple of killer parts from the drive shaft shop, starting with this one piece carbon fiber drive shaft.

And this thing is going to be a benefit for a couple of different reasons, the first of which is it's much stronger compared to the factory two piece drive shaft. and as you might expect, it's much lighter.

Now any time you can shave a lot of weight off your rotational mass, whether it be through a one piece or lightweight drive shaft like this, or through lightweight drive train components, or even a set of lightweight wheels, you can expect the car to feel much quicker and more responsive overall.

We also went ahead and installed the drive shaft shop 800 horsepower rated axles or half shafts. After snapping the factory half shaft in our bama car with basically just bolt ons and a sticky tire, we knew we had to upgrade these so the future owner could basically thrash this thing at the strip without ever having to worry about breaking one.

These things are pretty much beefed up everywhere - bigger cv joints, bigger half shafts, and thanks to that new independent rear suspension, they're easier to install than you might think.

That's gonna do it for underneath the car, guys. Let's get out and show you guys the last part we did in this stage. The third part we did here at americanmuscle.

Com just to get the ball rolling with this build is pretty much responsible for this new stance. we did the vogtland springs, a 1 inch drop all around here with the mmd by foose 2015 gt.

We've had some limited experience so far with these springs, and they perform great. they ride really well. It handles even better. It's a quality spring.

They've been around for over a hundred years. Guys, that's pretty much it for this first stage. Obviously, we kept things pretty simple at first. I think it's the perfect excuse for me to get this thing out of the shop, take it for a spin, and see how it feels.

All right, guys, so I have the 2015 mmd by foose gt out on the road currently. I'm stretching its legs a little bit. I've never really been out in this car.

Now I will tell you right now, there's really not a whole lot of these parts that we installed in this first get the ball rolling stage that we can feel out on the road, with the exception of those vogtland springs.

I mean the car rides great. It handles great. It's firm, sporty, and I can't say enough good stuff about it. As far as the drive shaft and those half shafts, yeah, of course the drive shaft did shed some weight.

Yeah, the car definitely feels like it's pulling strong. But again, parts you're really not going to feel on the road or on the butt dyno per se, but again parts that the future owner of this car will be very thankful he or she has when they go to the drag strip and start putting this thing through its paces.

You might've picked up on the fact that yes this is an automatic. Here's the deal, guys. I love a manual mustang. I'm sure a lot of you guys do as well. There's nothing like rowing through the gears.

But, the fact of the matter is these automatics certainly have their place, especially in the world of drag racing. There's nothing that's going to shift faster or more consistently than these 6r80 cars.

I mean it's the truth of the matter. Nevertheless, it is a mustang, and who am i not to lay into it. Yeah, I tell you what, the thing definitely rips.

For not having really anything done to it power wise, these new coyote mustangs certainly are nasty right from the factory. I'm telling you, man, i'm cruising in this thing.

Somebody out there is getting a really, really nice car. I'm really jealous to be honest with you. In the meantime, stay tuned, and for all things mustang keep it right here at americanmuscle.

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