Tata Tiago

Hello friends welcome to my channel todays topic is the hatchback car of the year 2017 the tata tiago s amazing feature the follow me home headlamps this feature is not present in any of the hatcback

in the same segment. Even not in the best selling maruti suzuki swift dint offer you that its amazing this feature works when you parked your car in some dark place and you didnt see any thing clearly that time you need some light so it offers you that in its above segment cars you get the feature but in that first you

have to go inside the car set timer for headlamps open and then for 15 sec headlights will be on than if you want to open it again you have to go inside and again set timer and then the headlamps on for 15 seconds tata made it very easy and superior for all customers now all the tata cars has this feature like its new bolt. Zest etc. They done this easy by giving a third button on the car keys which is follow me home headlamp button now the big thing

you wont need to do is that you dont have to go in the car and set timer again and again to start follow me lamps you just have to push the follow me lamp button which is located in car keys and the headlamps will turn on so this way you can easily on off the approach lamps without going inside the car tata make this awesome car which has so many

features that this will become the king in this segment. As you can see I pushed the button and follow will turn off I hope you like this video please subscribe like and share and friends thanks for appriciating all my videos thanks for a very good response you have given me. my friends

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