I got a couple of things that I want to try to figure it out today and the first thing that I want to start off with when I was driving home from dna

garage the other night about halfway through the trip home my front right airbag sensor decided to just go blind on me let me show you what I

mean so this sensor right here is what tells me everything that I need to know when I have the car on I have a setting one two and three one is my

lowest ride height possible while still being able to drive two is my normal ride height and three is my highest when i'm trying to get over

bumps and whatnot when I go to setting number two the car gets all the heights where it needs to be and this is my front ride height sensor

is malfunctioning that's what it means when it's lit up red i've done quite a few factory resets and disconnecting the battery and putting

it back maybe to try to clear all the codes but it keeps coming up so I need to figure out what that is and I also had an idea today that I think

could be pretty interesting and my theory is that the wheel specs on the supra and the wheel specs on the rx-7 are nearly the same thing so i'm

gonna try throwing on those blue tes on this rx-7 once I take off this front right wheel and we can see the sensor so the bag still works if this

for whatever reason isn't reading the height sensor let's take the wheel off and check it out oh there's your problem damn check this out i've

never seen this before this is the height sensor that is connected to the a arm as the car raises and lowers this is the module that

regulates what height i'm at and this whole thing literally snapped off and the weirdest thing is that that happened as I was just driving on the

freeway like I didn't hit anything or anything weird like that so i'm not sure why that broke but there's our problem I don't think I have any

spares that will fix that so i'm gonna brainstorm for a bit try figure out what to do that I can fix this today but it may not be possible i've

done some digging around and actually made this stuff work so let me show you real quick what makes this especially weird is that this thing

snapped while I was cruising on the freeway it didn't happen while I was like going over a bunch of bumps or anything but at the bottom of the

height sensor there's this little arm piece that connects to the a arm and this bolt goes through and then it has the spacer thingy on it and it

goes into the a arm well that spacer piece snapped into two pieces and also cracked this piece it's still savable like it's not that screwed up

but like this is screwed up so i'm gonna order a spare piece from a queue or it should be pretty cheap considering this is plastic so i'm

gonna reinstall this actually but I don't know how I found this it is a complete luck on my own that I had to stay in the shop but I found the same

bolt well nearly the same bowl same thread pitch same everything it's considerably shorter but it's all I have at the moment so i'm going to

use it so i'm gonna reinstall everything i'm probably not going to use any sort of spacer there's barely enough threads once I push this

through that it can go in safely into the car like there's like seven six threads in there i'm gonna get that in and just buttered up and just run

it like that for a couple days until I get the proper hardware and we should be okay kind of odd that that happened but i'm glad i'm able to fix

it and i'm gonna be able to drive this home today I think i'm the only one here today so it's gonna be really hard to film this so i'm just

gonna walk you through it now this is the top of the arm i'm gonna screw this back in just like you would to an end link and then i'm gonna screw

in this bolt into the hole on the side of the a arm and then it should all be connected and we should be good to go all right I got everything

back in I hope that will hold my only concern is that that might bind now a little bit because it's not spaced out like it's actually kind of

resting on the a arm so I didn't tighten it down as much as I could much that physically could I gave it a good old tug and it's pretty snug

so for now that's gonna work just fine now that that's done and we already have this wheel off I came across a picture of a rx-7 on stock

super wheels and it literally looks perfect so just by that logic it gave me the theory that if both our stock wheels fit on each other and it looks

pretty flush that pretty much any wheel that fits either one of these cars works for each other and I was like you know why don't we put those

blue tvs on the rx-7 so we're gonna swap this wheel over and just see how it fits ladies and gentlemen the moment of truth yo I think that's

actually gonna work I feel like it might be just a little bit weak and shame on me I honestly don't remember either of the offsets on these wheels

so I can't really tell you what they are I don't know on the front i'm running a 245 on the hrt s and we're running at 255 here but just from

what i'm looking at I think it might be a little bit less aggressive on the te which would work but yo that looks hot i'm gonna tighten this one

down went the rear on there we'll see how it looks all right at first glance I think this actually might work I don't know yet though oh my

gosh okay so what keys on this side and i'm gonna air out almost have the front fitment is the front thing that might be a little bit aggressive

we'll find out keys on the right classic 540 acres on the way i'm gonna turn the car on we'll see if we fixed the height sensor and we'll put

it to the normal ride height and we'll see how it looks on both sides and we'll check for any rubbing issues or anything like that we may

have actually pulled this off okay first off let's check can we go to setting' without freaking out we can fix the height sensor hey bit on this

side good fitment on the new side damn son let's go that's hot boy dude I love that it's actually a little bit more aggressive but I think it I

think it works the real question is can that tough without rubbing let's find out but go very very slow oh i'm actually not stock te fitment

literally almost tux as much as my custom hre fitments yeah i'm actually hyped right now yeah that looks hot boy that looks hot I want to pull the

car out let's see how it looks I think i'm gonna change them i'm just gonna put all two e's on the car for fun damn son alright so comment down

below what setup do you like more do you like the tes already like the hr ease I don't know what's wrong I like more I love the full polished look

but i've always wanted to ease on this car and i'm always wondering what they look like the tes look super super good who would unknown

rx-7 and super fitment is exactly the same and now look how big these look on the supra it's honestly like i'm gonna switch these two wheels on the

car I love the full polish on the black you know what it was my plan all along to make you guys think that these full college goes for the rx-7

and that those tes were for the rx-7 the full pasta for the supra this is awesome i'm actually super stoked right now and the fitment is just a

little bit weaker which is actually a better thing because I kept pulling my fenders and I haven't shown you guys this but this fender is

completely destroyed and see it right there it's all pulled out and i've done the same thing to the other side which sucks but I had a lot of

self-command for this car that I don't want to spoil quite yet but i'm gonna be sending a lot of body parts to paint anyway so as sad as it makes

me that this is all screwed up i'm gonna roll these and tuck these and then set them to the paint shop with all the other stuff that's coming in

though that's kind of why I haven't been driving the supra it's like look at this side look at how bad this side is besides like really bad and

that's pretty much because the car is so low and these are a little bit a little bit aggressive and it's just snagging and pulling which is my own

fault sure but I don't know it's kind of working out for the better right now okay now this is just scary on how good this worked out what the

fuck this right here is like a classic timeless look it's a little bit shallow in the front but if you raise it just a little bit or if you

can cap it right here because it's a little more shallow it's gonna give us a little bit it won't have any rubbing issues like it's not the the

hottest stance boy in the game like if we really wanted you could throw like a 10 ml spacer and i'd be flush and then the rear tube looks pretty

damn good i'm kind of blowing away right now to the point of war I almost like this setup more and I feel really silly saying that I know

i'm just gonna throw the t es on the other side button it up and we had a pretty good day actually convinced right now that this is the new setup

on the rx-7 it just it looks so good and it fits so well like I just feel like this is a fuckin race car now i'm obsessed with how this looks and

I honestly like the fitment we have on the soup I like them bolt on each other's cars why didn't any of you tell her to the sooner oh i'm sure

probably had quite a handful of you guys told me to do this sooner but i'm like falling in love with this car all over again as if I already

wasn't enough obsessed with it and as if you guys already weren't tired of seeing rx-7 content wow i'm just i'm blown away so now we have a two-step

setup as well now I have the button all the way installed yet because we don't have the right cord for it but it works so listen to this oh that's

so unnecessary he'll do it again right by this wall what's so good and you already know it wouldn't be a proper rx-7 day if we weren't

stopping for gas we have like barely an eighth tank of gas left we're gonna go ahead and fill it up and i've gotten used to like a literally

setting up my pre-mixed station moment I get out I take out my assortments of premix now I have three bottles so I literally carry

about 38 ounces which is nearly two full tanks of gas this is crucial very crucial the rotary person and they're not doing this get on it we

now have gas for the next 24 hours before we're out again all right I got new wheels for the rx-7 I want to get your opinion don't look behind me

all right come over here what's your opinion come on oh my god those aren't new those are also supra that's right that's true I mean dude

they look so good honestly it makes the car look cheaper way to piss off the internet where you're kidding it no why would you why would you do

different color but blue I mean on a white car you could really punch to put any color sure like this is the dude in the fitment is exactly the

same so I found out the wheels on the supra are the exact nearly the same thing like you could swap them interchangeable ericksonian I put the

h or yz on the supra you can't check this out yo picture you look how good of us okay now that looks good these look way better on this car than they

do on this car I think that i'm literally gonna run them opposite like it look i'm so i'm so hyped on it oh my god it this looks like a

race commodity yz is giving a race car look I don't know I kind of like the mag blues who knows maybe you know engineer in the future I don't

know i'm saying I just wanna I just wanted to show you

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