Does a Lemons Rally turn a new Chrysler into a lemon?

How many of these can I wreck before you stop bringing me them so the lemons rallies our checkpoint rallies you have a little mascot you have your start

point your finish point and a lot of things in the middle that you have to find we have our little mascot it's a rubber duck that lights up named duck norris me

and and my friend adam I booked a flight he booked a flight into san francisco two days before we need to spend less than a thousand dollars for this car but

it's got to have a current registration on it and more and more people are just getting less and less assured with us that we're not some sort of scam

artist we just start looking at it and going okay well what if we just rent a car for the rally I find a coupon code online for a very small yet national rental

car chain not one of the big ones because I don't want to be blacklisted from there she is what car do you want I get a choice she goes yeah while I

reserved a challenger camaro or something like that she is no no I have eight cars and she has this stool next to her and she spins it and there's a cardboard

square with eight sets of keys hung from it so we're looking and there's a toyota rav4 and a kia sedona and a hyundai santa fe you know nothing really that strikes

our fancy so we get to the bottom in the last car is a chrysler 300 and this is 2016 and it it's a 2016 on the key and like we kind of talked about it and we decide

on the 300 and I go we do have the the insurance and everything covered on this right shoes yeah I know so how many of these can I wreck before you stop bringing me

them she kind of tilts her head she goes are you going to purposely wreck one of our cars no ma'am I would never do that we do a painters tape town we taped

the back doors and we're kind of getting a little flak for bringing a rental car and i'm talking to the event organizer and saying it's a chrysler

product yeah it has 200 miles on it the transmission could fail at any moment in time and he goes oh okay so he gives us a good amount of starting points for the rally

and it's based on the general hoop deenus of the car and the hoop deenis of the drivers for the starting points so we set out for monterey on the first day up

to fallon nevada going over sonora pass we're climbing this mountain and the car is getting warm the transmission temperature's going up we get to

the summit of it and we decide we're going to let the car sit for a minute and cool down this is the end of end of august its monterey car week so everybody's

coming into monterey to go to all the festivities out at pebble beach and everything and it's starting to snow so we're leading the pack down the mountain and

i'm driving a little bit spirited but still taking road conditions into account and I happen to notice that the trans temperature is now up to 240 degrees and the

engines at about the same we get down to the end we pull off and a us army truck comes out from the turnoff where we were and comes over to us we had stopped at a

very remote army installation and they see three derelict vehicles stop out front and wonder what's going on the guy was really cool and we talked for awhile

explained to what we were doing he just sat there went alright well you've got 15 minutes get out of here after that sir yes sir so we get into fallon nevada

everything's fine transmissions a little slippy going down through the desert falen to vegas was all hard roads through the desert we did go off into the desert we

found a little dirt road that went off towards like this little plateau and want to do a little side so we're just bombing down this road in this rental car

going through brambles we get out to this plateau we parked the car up at the top and we noticed that about two miles out there's some sort of vehicle out there we've

made it this far off the road we've got to go see what it is so we find a way down there and it's you know a late 30s early 40s chevrolet sedan its flipped

upside down so we strategically placed the cars and take a bunch of pictures and then we flip it right side up before we carry on with our day vegas to bakersfield

was all through death valley and we start up these mountain dirt mountain roads most people in their derelict cars that they brought along the other ford

festiva or their hyundai accent they're doing 1015 miles an hour we're doing 3035 with this chrysler and one of the checkpoints was the charcoal

kilns which you have to go up a little goat trail to get to in death valley it's beautiful out there we're letting our car cool down all the other guys are

letting their cars cool down and a team had brought a v12 jag xjs that they had wrapped in gold aluminum foil and had proceeded to cut a hole in the passenger

side front door for a home air conditioner and had a generator in the trunk so their car was nice and cool inside that's when they overheated the car and blew

the one of the end tanks off the radiator apparently this team had had some quarrels earlier in the day and had come to fisticuffs in the desert when one of them blew

up the car so we stepped in and separated them and one of the guys said he was going to stay with the car and he was going to get it running and limp it back

to bakersfield and one team stayed with him to make sure he was fine and we took his co-driver and put him in the back of the chrysler we get down into

bakersfield and we're doing our end of the day check in with the organizer so we explain what happened he goes all right he goes well i'll give you some

bonus points for picking him up and saving his day and i'll give you more bonus points for torturing him and making him climb in and out of the window

instead of being polite and untapping the door going down the mountains again into monterey we were driving the car really spirited and one of the roads you

come out of a like an s down into a river basin and there's a little bridge that's maybe 200 feet long and right after the bridge is a kink to the right so

i'm coming down and as soon as I hit the bridge the tail end of the car steps out and as it steps out i'm just holding it in place thinking that's where i'm hitting

the mountain as soon as it came off the bridge back into the car planted and took off in the right direction all right car saved itself i'm okay with this because

at this point we had overheated the engine and trans in death valley we knocked a hole in their muffler on the passenger side so it sounds absolutely terrible we

wound up cutting a hole in a fuel line as well on a on a goat pass in death valley that when we got into bakersfield we fixed by taking another piece of hose

putting it over top and three hose clamps and some duct tape and it was good to go so at this point driving it into a mountain would have been the least of our

concerns and probably would have saved us from a lot of questions when we got and return the car end of the day everyone's leaving adam and I go okay let's untape

the car at this point so we pull off all the painters tape into this at least three foot ball and I open the trunk to put the ball of tape in there and to find a

dumpster to throw it in and one of our competitors had left us a ball of police tape he had a pontiac aztek did a whole breaking bad scene with it and at

the very end he wrapped the car in police tape and that was his display for the concord of lemons so I want well if brian left us this his car still here i've got

an idea so we took the blue painters tape went over open to the passenger door of his car put it in put the seat belt on it close the door and drove away no

more than 10 minutes later I get a text message from him that said hey thanks for the ball of tape I guess you saw what the present that I left you I went up to san

francisco and I hit three car washes along the way because when I rented the car the girl said well if you're going into the desert and you don't clean the

car we charge you $200 to clean it and I took the car with you know 200 some miles on it returning it with over 3000 a week later get to the airport and

I check it in the attendants they're going oh is there anything wrong with it i'm like well it got a little loud on our trip and I don't know what's

going on but I mean it drove straight it just as we drove it got louder and louder and louder and it stopped accepting gas station filler pumps he was well

how'd you fill it up with gas we were at this little bob and jane country store out in the middle of the desert and it wouldn't take the pump because it's a

capless filler go in buy a funnel it won't move for the funnel either one of the girls with us is a rally co-driver and she suggests something that I never

would have thought of she goes in and they have the little feminine she wheeze sure enough it slides right into the cap so we stick the nozzle down in there and for

the remainder of the trip use that to fill the car with gas I drop the car off go through security I get on the plane I get out of town and i'm watching my

credit card for the next five or six days religiously thinking today's the day they're gonna bill me for damage to the car today's the day they're gonna

bill me it's been two and a half years I still haven't gotten charged then wiki is proud to be partnering with mobile app hero to continue changing the way we

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