What is happening my jesus work back I did one more time because we have to we just have to there's no more staying in this mentality that I can't do shit I can and little by little

we'll get to it but uh I think after everything that happened with the sinner then now what answer would be i'm just gonna drive and look at a ton of cars and see which ones I like the

most and just hunt for the best cars and just either by one or by a ton whatever it is just use a brand new opportunity and buying everything again because while the car burns down

the money doesn't right so let's get moving ivan called us and said then he's got a dvs superleggera which is the brand-new aston martin that came out that he's gorgeous with the

mercedes technology you guys know what's up so ivan's got it here who's a gm here at galvin aston martin and he's gonna be kind enough to show us the car and also fucking mexican power

baby look at barcia legitimately pretending he's gonna be interested in that car literally he came and saw that guy on the phone and he said i'm in it look at this dicker price and

i'm gonna pretend i'm gonna buy it and right now he's about to call me just to fuck with that guy both looking at putting some pressure on the guy to buy the truck and also kind of looks

like park ginny's wheels on that one but that's a v8 raptor that's a previous generation and get it done let's wait for the excuse-excuse coming five four three two one way too

friendly that's not the friendliest guy you know what you take it dude you go so ivan who's now the manager here at galpin aston martin has been kind enough to loan us a super llegará dbs

this is one of my favourite cars for many many reasons forget about this one like this generation I had two vbss before I bought one when they originally came out in the same casino

royale gray that they sold it ass like remember in the movie with bond and then I bought another one years later a black one that I love but this is something else this is something

completely different and before I get to it i'm gonna be completely honest with you guys this is the first time i'm going to get into one of these cars and i'm forcing myself to do it

because I just have to there's no running away from this right it feels fucking horrible but i'm gonna fucking power through it so I think what we're gonna do first is we're gonna show you

the outside we're gonna talk a little bit about the specs and what he does we're gonna go get a bite to eat fucking sweat whatever I need to sweat out and just get in it with bardini

windows down fuck that i'm keeping my window up for any reason and we'll see what happens I think you'll enjoy that part shot right and as I mentioned to you guys before i'm here with ivan

ivan general manager of aston martin here at galpin water the differences in this new aston martin dbs superleggera from the pass back which let's go lutely different not just the

part and not just we redid the car from the ground up i'll tell you a little bit about it and we'll start right in the grille this is actually even though it is a halo car with acid

it is almost a hundred and seventy eight pounds lighter than the dblf is the db 11 being the gt car this being the halo car much faster much more powerful it's actually much lighter

than what you find with the db 11 it actually is 10 millimeters wider in the front 20 millimeters that's wider in the back standard carbon ceramic brakes more horsepower so you go from

below 600 to 700 and 15 horsepower 664 foot pound of pork so that is class leading in every single way 0 to 60 and 3.3 seconds 0 to 100 kilometers and 3.4 seconds so performance wise is

completely destroying what we have with the bankers you can now actually access the power at a much lower reference the exact amount that they advertise it's 1800 rpm set 1800 rpms

you're actually getting 715 of horsepower whereas before before you had to be between 45 and 5,000 r to get that sweet spot into anguish so you could be doing donuts in second

gear no problem materials is all completely brand-new for the dbs so while in the vanquish who had the majority of the carbon carbon fiber now you have standard carbon fiber

with carbon fiber options and some other composites and aluminum's built into the car so now you have carbon fiber lightweight aluminum and composites all across the car it's

actually still makes it a little bit lighter than what you have at the bank wow not only do you have a functional front grille but it's all aerodynamic capable and it's useful so everything

from sending air to the brakes to the aston martin curlicue to the smr and arrow blade in the back which produces almost 400 pounds of downforce this thing aerodynamic wise is something

completely different than what you've seen with the vanquish in the past good news and the best part of it all is that there's not a big difference in price between what the vanquish was

and what this is so this starts in the low 300s and can go all the way up to about 380 390 we went completely crazy now that is a fucking deal all right the hoots open already and ivan

showing up all the beautiful things that aston martin has done through the car this is meant to be the lightest hood ever made right all carbon fiber I don't know if you guys can tell the

detail right here what are these is that 24 karat gold for heat transmission my man the first 24 not 18 karat double check i'll take i'm gonna take one of these off okay I got

a few pieces I got a few pieces for mine down like I always like to do the one finger test and do it up do it up with one finger oh wow that is really like what are you guys doing with the

clean I can't do it right now hell no right now here's our fucking sexist shit i'll do it if you got it living obviously don't run on the chorion thing that's right this is the most

challenging one like this one looks no doubt I think you I can't fit in here yeah and your heads gotten way bigger so I never know if it'll get in there great umbrella don't try it out okay

just know that there was a 2-3 second okay the lake okay let's do it someone to you by the time you go open it might take 30 to 45 seconds oh no in there with you yeah you should have

the key I might not fit my sneakers hang on this is very real now fuck you feels fucking horrible dude okay no no no no no i'll do it right now fuck it where's the gear latches it glows in

the dark dude that's just right there how you bob okay dan I though okay open it oh what the okay that wasn't so bad okay good okay bring it back from mexico okay I think now that we

know the specs of the car now that we know everything about the car i'm ready to go well bye ready to go I mean i'm not ready to go but I think we should just get it over with we

don't need the economy but for anything it has cylinder deactivation so after the v12 it shuts off six cylinders and okay i'm about to get in the car this shouldn't be that big of

a deal because the car has a front engine and hopefully is not a straw or even close to the other one I don't know how loud the car is but we'll see i'm just expecting too many fucking

things to happen I just want to get in the car and get it over with at some point your boys got a war and your boy loves cars most more than anything so gotta get in it fuck me okay here we

go all right so ivan what was that oh look at this the fancy panty well you get now old the mercedes check in the car hey by the way this is very like a car repair what just like a regular

car that's the outbreak like you don't feel nervous to drive this car that's a 307 57,000 locarno which is strange does it feel good i'm with the window down i'm going to do it i'm gonna

accelerate kind of good go down let's today we got a great shot wait what do you feel what this happens it's sling shot at us I felt so much at the same time good that was a very impressed

way I could describe it as I think after second gear third gear when it gave you full power it just slingshots you forward and they drive a while oh yeah I want a really good I want a

really good pull oh okay fuck this board here's what we're gonna do boy that's what he did yeah let's uh please i'm gonna need our shot please when there's a good stretch with your

bill we're gonna go do it you're a disaster that's putting yourself getting yourself back together I had no idea was this bit like but now but you know the good news is andre you're

fortunate enough to be in a car that has fucking auto how the brakes amazing not bad everything about the car is incredible the sound the way it feels so smooth at the same time that

it's aggressive and I have the suspension in what mode the most aggressive mode and it's pretty damn good even then it's not gonna be a perform on that like harsh fire

exactly u-turns fucking unbelievable wow water here yeah yeah yeah gusty that's where you want to be yeah that's where you want to be oh my god yep this is we're back or the boys oh

all right just my fucking luck these new astin's have great we sell about you does the one the one that I love is great resale value hey ivan I was able to drive it thank you how is it I

first of all without telling you how I feel about this car just like in general I loved the car for what he did for me right because it really makes me feel so much better now i'm

sorry and it's amazing it's fucking amazing it really is I think I honestly think this is not gonna be your ferrari 812 converter this is gonna be mostly anyone that wants a

bentley why go with a bentley when you can buy this this is such a gorgeous car the ferraris just a different animal I think this is more like way classier the noise that's the noise I

didn't exactly do it yeah exactly even though they the fries the gt and this might be more fun because the ferrari has the you need wait until the power really comes in this you don't and the

torque is there's a huge difference in part yeah the eight to eight hundred like five please yeah this is something right sixty dude it pushes like a motherfucker on third thank you

thank you thank you wow what i'm fucking gorgeous i'm so happy aston that's finally leveled up see you guys all you need to do is put billions of dollars in are indeed to something and

everyone can do it I want you guys to take a look at both new ford gt heritage this is bananas bananas the golf combination as you guys can tell it's on the car the orange with the

blue but really the thing that really has blown my mind here is you see the number in the circle around it that's an outline of carbon fiber the carbon fiber work on the car is actually

incredible I can't believe it so gorgeous so gorgeous I love the plants here makes it look like i'm in a safari looking at the car look at that mate there's a four gt

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