Here's Why Paddle Shifters are Stupid

Rev up your engines, shaga asks, one more question, I hate the traffic in houston, so I really don't want a manual, but people hate on automatics, but formula one they use paddle shifters so what's the difference, those guys are driving like maniacs, they do have a clutch, they have to have a clutch, cuz they have to start from zero when they take off, when they first take off they got to get a clutch to get it in first gear otherwise it would stall out as soon as you put it in gear, so they do have a clutch then, but after that their just using the paddle shifters, those things are set up for racing, they are designed by genius engineers, the stuff your buying on the street with paddle shifters, they don't work that well, their not as direct as a standard transmission, i've driven many of them and I didn't like them because yeah you can shift the gear by pushing it to go 1, 2, 3 or 3, 2, 1 there's always somewhat of a time lag, race cars drivers yeah, there's is set up not for a time lag,

cuz it's for racing it's set up completely differently, but for the ones that people driving on the street, I personally don't like them, but if somebody likes to fiddle around with shifting they can go ahead and do it, to me it's not direct enough, I got to drive a race car once and those things, they are really, they shift like maniacs because those guys are winning races by you know 1/100th of a second so they care about every little bit of time, but for the ones on the street, i'm not a fan of them, ooo asks scotty sometimes my car accelerates by itself, I checked the throttle cable, cleaned the throttle and idle speed control, it doesn't fix the problem, any tips, ok if you have cruise control, disconnect the cruise control, disconnect it, cuz sometimes i've seen those systems break down on people's cars, and the cruise control just turns itself on for no reason whatsoever, so take the fuse out or unplug the wiring harness to the cruise control module, and if it doesn't do it, that's what's doing it, a lot of times throttles will get

sticky, so I got a video, how to make your car run better with a little spray cleaner, watch that, there's two cans of cleaner you can use, it's like $18 for the two of them combined in most places, it will take you half an hour you can clean all that stuff, and a lot of times it's carbon buildup, and they stick and do that so, a says scotty i'm buying a brand new f150 soon, from what i've seen which motor is better, a 3.5 ecoboost or the 5 liter v8, i'd go for the coyote 5 liter v8 because that is a proven engine, it's got power, the ecoboost yeah they get good gas mileage, the do have power, but your getting a v6 engine it's got two turbochargers on it, and it's got gdi, when those things get old there just going to wear out faster, that's just common sense, a non-turbocharged engine always outlasts a turbocharged engine, there's less pressure inside the engine, plus you don't have a very expensive turbocharger and in the case of those v6's they got two turbos, eventually their going to wear out, and they cost a fortune to replace too so,

i'd go with the coyote v8 on that one, emblem says 2013 mini countryman s for a first car, or should I get a 2013 lexus is 250, i've already owned a mercury but the engine blew so yeah, go for the lexus, I got a customer with a 2013 mini and the engine blew on that, their not very well made, made by bmw and partly, their made in england but bmw owns the company, they got a lot of bmw parts, and their endless money pit as they age and that ones you know, 7 years old already practically so, go for the lexus, they last longer you'll be happier with them, they ride a lot better, I mean the minis, if you really want a mini my advice is, lease one for a year or two and get it out of your system, mathew says bleeding brakes, it is easier with two people or with a one man brake bleed kit, it's easier with two people, cuz if you do it with two people it makes it a lot simpler, one guy has the wrench and you go to like the right rear tire cuz that's the furthest one away, then you say, open the bleeder and say push it to the floor, they push it to the floor,

then you close the bleeder, then after you close it you say, open the brakes, they take their foot off the brake, the wait about 5-10 seconds, then you open the bleeder again and you tell them, hey step on the brake, and you do that 3 or 4 times, and then you go right rear, left rear, right front, left front and you can really bleed them out quite well doing it that way, doing it with a machine there are one man kits and I have them because i work by myself, but really with two people, your going to get a faster more solid result with an actual human, if the human that you know can obey rules and do exactly what you tell and not pick up when you don't want to and suck air into the system, do it with somebody who's got at least half a brain in their head, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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