$4,750 2015 Ford F250 4x4 Auction WIN! Does it RUN?

Well today guys is a very exciting day because we've got two trucks bought now as usual they don't run or learn they say they don't run so they're probably either blown up or gotta buy a tranny

or just really ugly or or they run perfectly and need nothing i'm gonna say that last options not very likely so we got these two trucks bought the trailers already hooked up to the red

truck it's been hooked up for a while so I think it's about time we get down there get them picked up we got them paid for they're a little bit ago so I guess there ain't nothing to it just to

do it we're gonna get hit it on the road get down there get them loaded up get them tied down get them home so you can see what kind of trucks they are we'll see guess it's their first one

wait really getting a good chance to look at it but that's okay we're going to look at him when we get home order if it's unlocked at least okay it's locked I guess we don't got to worry

about getting in that one sis nope these are extra four-wheel drive softly brother break up now you know what that's a scary proposition when you got people loading things like that but she

did a really good job i'm happy people just say to put holes in the bottom the gas tanks I tried a guy drop a truck one time well guys we made it home oh clifford done flawlessly now there's

some rolling hills there in oklahoma that she rode in like two well but we as may be able to hold 70 all the way and we got them both home so they're both here on home soil and we didn't

have any issues no breakdowns nothing just pretty uneventful trip we just went down there and got them came back anyway I guess now is the time to tell you about the two great trucks we

bought now this here is a 2011 chevy 2500 we'll probably do a video on that ford first and then we'll do a video on the chevrolet I think we'll do two different videos because there's a lot

to know about each one of these trucks one thing I wanted to mention before we got too far is anyone's ever hauling cars or anything like that these straps right here are a must I mean they go

right around the tire and they got a chain hook on the other end just right just wrap them right around the pipe spool and them are awesome for hauling cars and trucks and anything of the

sort right here is the main attraction of the show this right here is a 2015 ford f250 extended cab long bed four-wheel drive with the 6.2 liter gas motor in it and as everything else that

comes in on westen's trailer it don't run or we don't know if it runs because we don't have a key to it same thing with that one that one's actually walked we don't know if that one's got

a key or not they actually set both these on with the front end loader I talked to a good old friend of mine down at the ford dealership he is ready for us so we are going to get that

direction and see if they can get a key made for this truck and programmed up and at least see if it's blown up it's probably blown up knowing my luck but that's okay all right we are down at

the local scrapyard otherwise known as the ford dealership we brought the whole super-dee down here and we are walking in we are gonna get us a key made all right go ahead no not oh no

there must be something wrong it runs too good oh that's that's expected well hell no new engine for this one we'll fellers we got back from the ford dealership and we have got two keys

that ford back there and look at this they even gave me a snazzy hat I got to thank all the guys down there they got us two keys made up it was real easy real nice and I don't know what i'd do

without him i'd be keyless is what i'd be doing it did fire up after they took him program the keys it did fire up now they rat let it run for about two seconds and shut it back off because I

haven't checked any of the fluids in this truck yet and basically we was just going to check a key and get a key for it but it did sound good for the two seconds that it ran so it's not as

bad as the last 15 that we brought home on a red trailer that was knock knock knock knock knock anyway this one here is good and the ford guy told me you know the only thing he sees wrong with

it is that it's got a blue oval on the grill i'm like how's the for tech not like ford's he's like well job security man job security ok I feel great about this truck now but anyway it does start

we're gonna unchain it i'm gonna check the oil the tranny fluid the antifreeze and then we're gonna start it up and we've made it past half the battle because I know what all of you were one

your i'm hoping it's just an uneventful youtube video that there's no motor knocking there's no bad training no bad transfer case no bad rear end and all of you on youtubes like bad tranny bad

transfer case engine come on come on god damn you're looking at that old country boy bought him a dang old truck there's got our bad motor and it ho serves them right trust me guys I want

it just to be uneventful but if it is an eventful youtube video I guess you guys all enjoy to watch it so anyway it's time we're gonna drop the ramps unhook the straps and we're gonna see

if it'll move under its own power all righty woods check good he looks pretty good reverse works drive some well this might be an uneventful sky no parking brake engaged well I guess it's ready

to come off keep waving at news I don't pound right by the front end of the training order it actually goes let's see yes it moves i'm so happy park even works where you work oh happy all right

we got her off the trailer now it's time for the important part to see if it moves now it moves under its own power in reverse on first gear hopefully it's got the rest let's get

us turned around here drive works power steering works too and down the hill we go I think I needed gravel I think I need to grade my driveway a little bit it's a little bumpy first second oh no

oh no we we've got something definitely wrong it went into third gear we must have bought the wrong truck this is we we've got something seriously wrong here I could never buy something that

actually has nothing wrong with it oh well I hit fourth gear there I think we're gonna get out here on the highway now and see definitely do want to go right or left well if you ain't left

you're right first second third there's fifth six he's got all the gears oh thank god I got a hold on training oh transmission I don't gotta pull no transmission gotta be careful with your

wording nowadays people might think you're being inconsiderate you know car guy could walk out gosh dang it I blew a tranny last night there's other guys like what why'd you do I don't know if

i'd go around talking about that but no she's got all of her gears we got it to about 65 mile an hour there she drove pretty straight but uh no yeah we don't got no warning lights we've got one for

the tire pressure but besides that we're good we're doing about 65 right now she's cruised right down the road I mean we don't got no big shimmies of shakes bangs rattles dogs yet if that

fedex man pulls out in front of me both of our names gonna be in the paper the most important thing is she's got the power god dang this 6-2 is not no slouch you know what I will give this

this is probably the spunky astacio tur in a 3/4 ton pickup today these six jews rompin i've had all my bad the hammies of the six hours of six tunes this 62 gets right on down the road

i've had the five fours my first truck was a 5-4 I ain't joking you had to send in a lighter before you could surpass a semi see if you could get back authorization after seven business

days and if he did then then you had to back up about a mile behind the semi and get a run at it so by the time we reach the bag the sudden I use doing 80 and then if somebody was coming he had

to slow down and repeat the process trust me that thing was beyond underpowered I don't know I think my mower might have been able to outrun it and i'm i've come to a conclusion here

it runs it drives it's not knocking it's not slipping it hasn't fallen apart yet so that can only mean one thing we bought the wrong truck because as you guys would know westen can never

buy something that's perfect I mean the gas pedal hasn't came unhooked yet I haven't been hit in the back of the head with a rock because there's no back window I haven't fired it up in

the noter motors not knocking I haven't lifted the hood there don't be no motor in it yeah i'm happy with it it runs good it drives good i'm really happy with this truck it just goes to show

not every time when you buy something do you buy a junker a lot of the time you do though bachelor auction because a lot of the times vehicles are at auction for a reason and you know I i

can fix most mechanical issues so i'm not really worried but you know transmissions I hate doing transmissions I remember one time I had a dodge diesel I had to take the

transmission in and out seven times before I finally got it to work right gone I know i've never wanted to touch a transmission since anyway guys back to the garage with weston well we're

back at the shop here and as you guys could see the whole truck runs and drives like a dream and not a nightmare either trust me i've had some dip trucks but that truck actually turned

out to be a very good truck everything turned out great on it and it just goes to show i'm kind of trying to show the guy you guys the good and the bad with this channel is you know the 15

chevrolet I bought that truck not knowing anything about it as well and it ended up being a knocking motor and we bought this one here and they don't we need the keys so there's a little

bit of difference there now I was fully prepared when I bought this truck that it probably needed a motor or training something you got to be prepared when you're buying these trucks don't run

this they need a or one major mechanical issue probably cover yourself because not very often do they have bad engines bad trans and bad rear ends but I have had it happen getting

down to that I do apologize we have not had many videos out lately and we've just been running around auctions trying to get stuff bought if you guys want to see an auction video hit that

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that you guys might enjoy so who knows but it is a very sad day we don't get you big almighty good-looking toolbox over here and all the tools to work on those forward but never fear never fear

there's a shiver lay still sitting on that trailer out there and we have not pulled it off the trailer or we have not even tried to start it yet actually both the doors are locked so I got to

get a jimmy and get the doors unlocked and then we'll get inside of us see if it's got a key and you know what that is a time for another video that'll be next video you can watch about that

truck to hit that like button comment down below what you think tell me if you want that auction video or not and hit that subscribe button if you have not already it's bull weston see you

next time

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