MCLAREN DOWN :( NOT How I Wanted My Weekend to go...

All right the jumbo lair airport this place section really cool we got it we got a tour of like this mansion last night and it was insane I think like john travolta had a plane here or

something and it's really freaking cool it's actually a very very cool venue for this event that is for sure but we're behind a purple wrapped grand cherokee as well got a yellow 7: 27 wow

that's sweet alright thought figure there's gonna be some stuff there's an aventador up there pretty cool maybe an epic day for sure I can't freakin wait about it so guys how's everybody doing

let's see it what am I going bud now finger might be too hot for her today this is labs but now we can't get a dog we have enough dogs the righteous sick man appreciate it wow what's up brother

always got my gopro out raid laptime let's check it out see if we got some good traction or what buddy the bag turn bad honestly it wasn't it really wasn't that bad it wasn't as bad as I

was expecting launch I roll into itself yeah those houses are insane wow that's a house on the left about at the end of the half mile here you can see they got the break sign to let you know when you

should be breaking this track or runway it's a little weird though it's kind of like uphill so i'm not like you can't really tell right now but if you looked at it from way back there it's it's

really uphill so we'll see i'm sure it's gonna slow down the car and just be a little bit weird to drive well here you can see it's definitely very uphill but we'll see how it goes

hopefully you guys can see me okay here on the roof of the mercedes this if you can't tell this is not really the video I had planned to make today but nonetheless you just gotta work with

whatever you got so the date today the day started out really great everything was going well at first we arrived at the jumbo lair want to go fast half-mile event tons of cars came out

the weather was great a little bit warm you know talking about 90 degrees but still really nice out and sunny not a cloud in sight and it was shaping up to be what I thought was going to be a

great day after kinda you know getting there and turning in our passes and getting teched in and meeting people by the way I met a lot of quite a few actually subscribers there so that was

awesome appreciate you guys coming out for sure i'm glad I could put on an interesting show for you but after all that I lined up for my first run and it was really cool because I had actually

I had four vendor passes to run so I didn't have to wait in line and I didn't even want to use those yet I was like i'm gonna save those for the end of the day if i'm really getting in a

groove or you know if I want to line up against certain people i'll save my passes i'll just wait in line the line wasn't even I mean it was tons of cars out there but the line wasn't bad at

all like they moved things really quick and I want to go fast event so I was very happy with that held drag racing on the weekend usually there was a longer wait time and there's like 200

cars there so I was waiting in line and I met up with a a different 720s owner and I said hey you know if you want to line up next to one another just for fun to see how it goes let's do it and

he was down so we got that run in I will say this is not a drag strip this was a you know just an airport runway so there was no prep or anything like that it was very very very slippery and

as you saw there in the video in some footage you know it was kind of uphill so when I saw the traction and a lot of people were sliding all over the place and I saw the op hill porsche and I was

like well i'm probably not gonna run a great mile-per-hour probably not gonna break any world record here but it's still gonna be fun regardless and we'll see it was but I lined up so first I

lined up at the 720 and I tried launch control which ultimately I decided after this run I was gonna use launch control anymore but we lined up and it was an awesome run really really cool

to see that because i'd never raced a stock 720's before and I when I was tuned I raced one and you know it was kind of on the it was in mexico on the street and my car won but it wasn't it

was kind of tough to see you know what car was doing one this was from a dead stop and you could really see the difference between a modded 720s and a stock 720's and the difference was

incredible I mean he got way he got way out ahead at the beginning I was slide and spinning all over the place and then I mean my car just right by I was awesome and like I said that was my

first run of the day and it went really well you know a clean little win there not that I expected to lose I should win but I was ready for round two so I line up at round two I was behind like

a halleck had a demon and I line up with a and 911 and this 911 was actually about the same power as me and running very similar a very similar mile per hour and doing you know when

he was at a different event he was at the other half mile in west palm beach I believe it was and he was running virtually identical speeds to the other mclaren of my setup so really good like

very good head-to-head matchups excited I was like this is going to be a great run so we line up and we go wasn't until the very end of the run that I realized something was wrong and

luckily it was the end of the run because I looked back and I saw all the smoke and I was like oh crap you know was I i didn't care about you know the car or anything I mean yes I was

worried about it but really I didn't want to ruin the track for everybody else because I know from having it happened to me many times from other people when a car dumps oil all over

the track and you have to wait for so long to get it cleaned up I did not want to do that to other people I was like please don't let me have oil on the track luckily I didn't I didn't

leak any oil until after the brake line so thankfully nothing had no oil on the track until after I was already at the end of the track so that was good but the run was obviously you know that was

scrapped because the car was having a problem soon as I knew there was a problem I let out and you know the run was over I wasn't worried about that I was just concerned about the car and I

get you know I get to the end of the runway I turn around try to get in the grass as quickly as possible I pull off there and here come the fire trucks and everything i'm like holy crap you know

is this a big deal I thought it was a little smoke you know a little oil whatever i'd cool it maybe I don't know but I pull off in the grass I get out of my car right away that's number one

because i'm like well there is a problem I got to get out of the car I walk around in the back of the car and I don't know how much again I don't know how much footage I have because I

haven't looked at it yet but i'm proud to record it but keep in mind I was also in a panic at this point so I walk around to the back of the car and the car there was a little fire underneath

the car and I saw that and my heart freakin sank our job yeah yeah oh what the hell's matter oh man because my mclaren as you guys know has been totally reliable both of my maclaren's

have been reliable I have hid nothing from youtube every if something went wrong with my car just like today I would have talked about it I would have made a video both my maclaren's were

completely reliable the entire time I had them my 720 already has 7,000 miles on it and those are hard miles if you guys watch the videos you know how I drive those are hard miles and i've had

no issues so when I saw the fire I was like oh my god you know please hopefully the car doesn't please don't let my car burn down like I can't you know it's gonna be so terrible luckily

I was fine I was out of the car but ultimately the fire department's there really quick stop mean they were on it before I even really got pulled over the fire truck was coming down the

runway long story short I know i'm like rambling on about the fire trucks and everything else but I really appreciate I wanted to mention that because I really appreciate them being there and

what they do and the tow truck driver and the police and everybody else the ems the fact that everybody was like right there so had there been a problem luckily and i'll talk about this in a

second luckily there wasn't I mean there was a problem but luckily my car's okay I was ok but everybody was right there so if you have a problem and if I needed you know serious help

they would have been there in a second so that was that was pretty cool to see that I also appreciate the fact that everybody came up to me and asked me if I was ok I was ok ultimately the

dumbest thing ever a freakin oil line blew off my car and I could have had I had like the part there and some mclaren tech's could have gotten it fixed in the right back on the road but

I didn't have that and we're flying out tomorrow morning so I can't you know cars on its way back to pennsylvania and that's it so really bummed out very lucky that it wasn't a big problem you

know thankfully yes the car didn't burn down it didn't blow up I didn't you know blow a hole through the engine which was it couldn't say when I saw the smoke I was like wow maybe maybe I

really screwed up this time but it's just a small stupid thing but unfortunately prevented me from running so the whole weekend you know and it sucks because as you guys know in the

channel I don't really travel that much I like my house and now we're weed-whacking we're on a bicycle interesting hope you guys can see that but the guy was like on a bicycle like

powered by a weed whacker promoter anyway I kind of forgot where I was but i'm not like i'm not the guy who gets a big trailer and drives all over the country and takes their car to

different events oh god that's just it's not for me it's too stressful I don't like it I prefer to stay kind of where i'm at or vacation you know and take a cruise or whatever a fly but

like all the driving I don't really like but this one I was like you know what i'm gonna take my car down there i'm gonna have fun for the weekend i'm gonna go to this event i'm gonna go to

the half mile eating some cars i'm gonna have meet up with all these people and today was the start of the action-packed weekend and that's it I got in one and a half runs and now i'm

going on I have to remember though as bummed out as I am and I am really bummed out I came home and i'm just i've been in a funk all day but I really have to remember like my car

could be blown up my car could have burned down I could have gotten hurt you know it's the important thing so which you take for granted john taken for granted right now by being so

bummed out and i'll get to do all this stuff again I mean the car will go back and get fixed we'll get that line taken care of and then i'll have a whole racing season ahead of me and I can do

all kinds of events but it just sucks because a lot went into this you know flying down here shipping the car a lot of money spent to come down here and do this and then to have it cut so short

you know I would be mad regardless but if I got the whole day in and I had a problem at the very end that'd be one thing but I was the more I got it was my second run of the day and this

happened so unfortunately that that is what happened with the car I do it once again I appreciate you guys so many people asked if I was okay the cars alright i'm sure you'll see videos and

saying that the car burned to the ground the car is totally ok you'll see it again here in a couple days when it's back in pa and will be back up on the track soon hope you guys enjoyed

this upload rip to me thank you for watching take care and have a great night little mclaren sad

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