Here's Everything that's Broken on My Mid-Engine Supercharged Toyota Previa

Yes the first car in the new garage is this hoopty my 1997 toyota previa because it was the moving mvp I moved into the new house on saturday even though it's not even close

to finish because it's been raining non-stop here for the last three weeks but at least the steps are done and they poured the pad to where I have air conditioning but I have no

back patio I have no landscaping I have no second driveway to go around to the other garage door but it's finished enough for me to move in and without this minivan it

would have been really tough but throughout the entire moving process there was a little dribble of coolant continuously coming out of this thing just a steady drip i've had to top

it off a few times so we really need to get up to see the wizard and figure out what's going on with my 1997 previa for those who didn't see my last video I bought this previa for only

twenty four hundred dollars it has 140,000 miles on it and I think it's the greatest minivan ever made because it's supercharged mid-engine I am sitting on the engine and rear-wheel

drive it does birdhouse it'll do donuts to but it's so muddy out here the wizard would probably kill me if I did donuts again in this field so i'm not going to do that but there is one

downside that i've discovered thanks to you all in the comments section sending me a video of the crash test of the previa apparently in a partial offset front crash test the

steering column will go flying towards your head and break apart and maybe stab you in the chest which obviously isn't ideal in a crash situation but I kind of feel like the crash test

dummy was very close to the steering wheel kind of in the little lady crammed i'll sit up meanwhile i'm in a gangster lean so I don't think that I would get uppercutted by the

steering wheel but still a little troubling but then again if you look at other crash-test videos of cars of the era especially like 90s pickup trucks like the ford f-150 or the chevy s10

they're not very good either so I still think is the greatest many of you never made mainly not the safest but still the coolest by far that's just my opinion but there's one

other opinion that really matters and that's my mechanic the car wizard which we are almost to his lair we'll get this thing up in the lift see how weird it is underneath but

hopefully not many problems in that leak is an easy fix we'll see fingers crossed wizard you've arranged this perfectly for me we have three mid-engined exotica supercars here yes it is

ace well I has supercar dna it is mid-engine in a supercharged is rear-wheel drive I don't think there's any minivan or anything engineered like this in the world you'll just have to

see we can put it up on the lift because you can't really see anything there's nothing here under the hood here take a look under here though now normally you would be freaking out right

now because minivans everything's shoved under there in the dashboard and it's all tight and compacted and you hate working on it but this one the engines back here under

the driver's seat and look at this giant oil tank apparently it takes like 8 9 10 quarts but it's not a dry sump engine weird but the only issue i'm noticing is a small coolant leak a

pretty steady drip that i've had to top off a couple of times i've already put about 500 miles on this thing and other than that the rear shocks are blown which I told you

to come with some rear shocks ordered for the car so we can get that done it's definitely a little creaky and bouncy in the rear but other than that it's a toyota it is a

cool-looking van it looks like some pretty cool technology under here yeah well underneath i'm really excited to see underneath this thing because apparently it's far out

previa a plebian bana previa supreme eeeh okay mid-engine rear-wheel drive not supercharged mid-engine rear-wheel drive supercharged mid-engine rear-wheel drive not

supercharged so the previus got something on these two it really does wizard it does what does it have it has a supercharger a supercharger 160 horsepower 200 pound feet of torque

yeah that has three preview bands worth previa previa get that into your beard of knowledge it's a previa mr. Reichert set a course for raisa maximum warp raisa that was the pleasure

planet and star trek you go to raisa to meet a lady on shore leave fischer hi you see you see it's got it like a a drive shaft for like actual like a drive axle drive shaft yes it

looks just like a drive shaft except it runs all the accessories the air conditioner the supercharger the alternator I think the water pump which maybe that's what's

leaking this is odd i've never seen one of these before never messed with them the wizard is armed me with a phaser phaser flashlight are you doing an air wizard getting it good

lighting video for you maybe we're not sure what that drip is I can see the bottom of the reservoir is all wet I compressor testing and we can see it'll force it I can't see

what good lighting it's good lighting for you they want a pressure test the reservoir up up there and then I tell you what i'm gonna put that where raisa doesn't shine huh okay well

I guess we'll put it down then we can keep going let's see what else we got hmm look at this weirdness it's a front drive shaft except it's not a four-wheel drive it was

like a mercedes bmw coupling and it drives these things here the accessories which is that my blower right there yeah right here you can check the oil on the blower

really here's your ac compressor yeah and instead of running off the engine off a belt off of a crank pulley the crank pulley or the cranks attached I would hate to have all this bad

up there what is this engine look like it's something's leaking there what I got anciently ooh yeah that's willie and there's somebody shall rag in it what's that why would

somebody shove a rag in there are they trying to absorb you bring me some doozy sometimes man but look at this is it a valve cover I see this is your on the side is it this is a

loop in two-speed it's like an engine that's sitting like this sideways weird but then there's a whole pin here yeah this is a crankcase cover this the oil actually sits looks

like the oil pan on the side of the engine okay here's the exhaust yeah the exhaust comes out this side so it's a slant four or flat four just like if you take your aston martin

engine and laid it on its side that's what they did huh it's all oiled that way so what do you think my oil leak is with all those rags in the way oh that's quite milky juicy oh dear well

it's an old cheap van so yeah the expense to fix that I could try tightening and see if it helps helps all the drain plugs normal at least so we can do two oil change yeah good

there's more juiciness oh wait I spoke too soon on the transmission it looks like the o-ring on this little speed sensor is probably leaking oh no big deal no big deal in the

drive shaft goes and does what drive snaps normally do which is this is a beefy drive shaft it's big and then a solid rear axle yeah which you don't normally see on this many things

weird van why did you buy one of these prevacid vans it's not prevacid previa print previa induce a seizure wizard previa get it in your noggin okay i'll change time right yeah man

i'll tell you what it's like the sun is shining in my eyes looks like somebody scraped it here oh yeah bothered me down a couple of times I didn't know who's on the old oil pan

though oh dear yeah you don't want to do that again no nope okay well the premium and alright got plenty of lighting here and then we get to make sure I get this done with your ear

they're very clean actually i'm surprised I shouldn't have given you that light that's a very healthy long flow for a four-cylinder minivan so how do you drain the oil in this tank you

don't there's no drain on it so that's just our reservoir oh I know nothing about these vans well there's the oil here under the seat where you can have the dipstick but I didn't

know that's where you put the oil into the engine as well oh yeah i'll try not to spill a cord in your carpet for you well please don't it's no show car but yeah oop let's treat the

preview with care we want mobil 1 this has to be the coolest fuse panel I have ever seen in a car open looking at the brain I guess so I kind of thought it looked like star trek

you know when they access the hatch and start working on things with all the fuses and relays but you opened the skull of lieutenant commander data very much so that you're

actually right I was thinking you were going like it's just positronic brain so this oil change is slightly more of a pain than a normal oil change but there are some some

benefits to the previa what's that there's no timing belt every 90s toyota had a timing belt there may be some others that I don't know about but I can't think of camry

corolla avalon even the trucks I think back then right if they didn't do a timing belt on this it would be like a ferrari it'd be an exotic engine out surface for a timing

belt so mixes for them not to do it there's got to be the strangest oil change i've ever done enough 17 years have been working on cars well thank you thank you it's a very interesting

vehicle isn't it strange it's it's exotic very exotic I only need two yes now when you see what this exotic leek is here okay so you can see here that the seam where the two halves

come together is leaking the tank is bad so my big melon here full of coolant is leaking yeah where the scene comes together so I think it just needs a reservoir let's go in the

office and see if we can get an estimate work for your prevacid van here previa prep previa yeah I got your other flashlight previa you know what you can go work in the office

i'm going to lounge in my previa it's a nice chaise lounge back there when you get the bill figured up you can just join me back there okay okay all right i'm gonna lounge oh yes the

greatest minivan ever captain hello wizard come join me come come on the lounge you have to sit please just sit come here join me join me and lo wizard okay i've assisted

damages and I have some estimates here for you okay the oil change today cost you $100 hundred dollars cheap we put mobil one in this thing it is a super car so doesn't need the

best oil yes I agree okay agreed moving on okay and then the little fix we did on the transmission was 50 bucks $50 for one minute of your time the reservoir the coolant reservoir is

something I won't be able to help the only place I can find one is at a dealer there's 300 bucks just for the reservoir $300 for this ball yeah that's that's and by the time I get labor and

antifreeze and everything into it's gonna be 400 bucks okay it's just a ball with the coolant going in and coolant going out can't you wizard something together I could probably

find one off of another and make it work yeah that'll work yeah like waltz wagon out he had little balls right yeah just do that and then it'll be like $100 rather than four shocks

will be about 175 200 bucks for little parts and labor okay will be 350 400 bucks into it if we do a volkswagen ball rather than the factory ball yeah if we do the factory ball and

you're gonna be at a grant oh well well even with a factory coolant ball is the cheapest repair uh simon you've ever given me on anything ever so that's because it's not a super

car not a real super it's a super car it's mid-engine supercharged rear-wheel drive and it's a lounge look at this i'm lounging we're look how relaxed you are right now okay we'll do

the shocks you can wizard up a ball for me and then i'll get down the road in this thing the greatest minivan ever made fo sho fo sho this is a cool man it is cool thank you for

watching I think i'm gonna take a nap here let me pull my lever you

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