Supercharged Mustang GT! 800HP!

Since we've begun the supercharger build i've gotten non-stop comments non-stop emails non-stop direct messages on all platforms saying please do your oil pump gears because

that will go first if you aim for the power that you're planning to go towards we put the film on a complete hole we stop what we were doing and I have ordered some billet oil pump

gears that we will be replacing today apparently the stop oil pump gators in the car usually give out around the 600 horsepower so or if you allow the car to rep higher it usually blows

up so to save our trouble from that went ahead picked up these bad boys or we may throwing these in today which is probably gonna slow down our process with the build because we have to now

strip out a fair amount of stuff just to get to it we're gonna be taking off these covers taken off these front motor plates I don't know what you call those then we got to take this big

pulley off and once we get that pulley off the gears are actually right behind here so unfortunately we now have to undo a lot of this stuff but i'd rather do this now then do it later so it's

kind of a good thing three hours late l two hours later we got every single ball there's a series of 13s and tens hitting on this front cover plate let me tell you this is way harder than the

toothbrush the super's is classic cover you think it was harder than super at the bottom of these chains is the crankshaft we need to mark these chains now so we can keep the timing correct

on this so we're gonna figure out how to do that once that is done we're gonna pull off these chains and right behind here are the oil pump gears we're gonna throw in the new ones

reverse everything we just did this is a pretty cool view here we didn't film too much of it I apologize that it was just a bunch of bolt removal and proper organization to get

everything out but simple but alright back to fun facts chains are the most efficient in energy loss and i'm stream on twitch after about three hours we finally got to what we were trying

to get at and after spilling oil everywhere finally here i'm gonna remove all these torx bits and we will finally reveal this stuff gears to swap in the new ones put everything back and

then proceed with where we left off with a supercharger build beforehand our time machine is back on the car everything is back on I think we did it right to each oil pump gear back on

time you chains back on all of our markings are correct everything looks good we're gonna go ahead and put the front facing cover back on the car then with the valve covers back on the car

nobody can get back to it yeah yawning is correct we were not pumped to do this but I am glad that we got it done look at that little v8 power ah pump oil or not pumped easy peasy babies

that coming together good job commenting to say hey neda sage that all the supporters out there who didn't believe any words no no no and anything you do it that's a good-looking band

right there all right so we're actually about a throw on manifold now you don't look until you look down oh time for boys cold air intake this is synonymous with cold air intake I did

coldest of all cold this was on me what's colder than cold teach school well technically you could qiao to this pole teach and you can replace it with ricardo or something oh doctor oh

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component map sensor wow that's what I said mac said man I said map you said man I said ma'am map are you making fun of my filipino accent you calling me a bassist matt matt for we're

gonna buck i'm gonna be reusing the stock map sensor I just want to put the blower on cow we're almost there teach five hours that we spent four hours today doing nothing it's a thick

book don't shake that around to teach oh it's a jumpy kevjumba going on boys nothing none needed assistance your your faces get kevin your face is so much smaller than before

good she texts me goes dude how paint real cutting down easier come in leslie pull me another one of those teach you really gonna believe that who do I believe good look at that

face with that base either me guys are you kidding result I mean you lie to me a lot yeah win thank you that's gonna be a to achievement that face that face I want that please give

it a deep into space what put a cap in it teej yep oh shoutout to raj for making a cool design so crying that honk stop hey hey hey I did a good job boy that's pretty good yeah damn I fit really

snug oh you can see it oh but you when i'm looking at right here but I let you see that little like angle in there if you look right but but they can't really see it it's really hard to tell a

camera or anything right here my fingers at yeah that's that piece be cut in half and I had it it lost itself along anyways that's perfect good job pal that's killer again once new

manifold is seated every bolt gets trucked down to ten new meters then we're gonna try to reattach our harness clips and then it's all our fuel all right blower is now installed

looks really good for a stopping point for today we went ahead and distorted everything down on top so we can pick up right in early tomorrow morning making calvin or diving in or just

kind of figuring out with some of the random poses go to that we haven't figured out yet but the fit and finish on this kit is amazing it comes with all the new things and honestly

covered I were just talking about we've really just been enjoying the process and taking it kind of slow and just doing it piece by piece because it's almost as I can advance lego set like it's

it's pretty yeah it's pretty easy and the instructions are fun and those oil pump gears really sucked but we've done it now we don't have to touch it ever again and we know that the car is

gonna handle all the power once we get up there it makes you get into it I love it we have to go to la tomorrow to film a video for a microsoft and some vr stuff so you guys actually

tomorrow i'm gonna be filming a video but it will go live the next day so it that doesn't make any sense but there's gonna be a gap in the videos I think it will be tomorrow but by the

time you guys are seeing this you've already waited for the gap so it already happened so it's like we're back on track but before in today's video super hard to build in full effect super

super hyped on that i'm glad we got those oil pump gears on the way because I was not fun and I intentionally didn't show that much of it because it was just really really boring to film so

yeah anyways if you guys don't know about portland i'm gonna be talking about it for the next week or so but the 19th of this month with me in portland oregon you can use coach ej and

save yourself money on all the tickets as summer comes along company is gonna be droppin the biggest launch I think we've ever had with the most amount of items we've ever had and that here

are two of our tank tops actually disc got and we're not gonna get the rest of stuff for honestly quite a while but we did a stone wash tank top this time and i'm just giving you a

preview now you're gonna get way more details on the stuff when we actually start promoting and get her habit has and shots and whatnot but stone wash t-shirt I wanted to add more color

because I had no new black and white stuff and for those who don't like tank tops he's actually also come in t-shirt forms as well with the stone wash these aren't is your normal tank

tops he's actually a lot lower so it's not like a muscle see I don't know i'm super super hyped on these these tank tops came out super super good she's giving us a little sneak

preview on that as we go 5 a.M. To drive to la tomorrow so i'm i'm cutting this thing short thank y'all so much for watching I will see you guys tomorrow peace out and keep moving

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