How hertlife blew up my Rx-7...Rest in Peace

Did you guys follow me on instagram you already know what happened but if you are not cut up and you don't follow me on instagram for some

reason let me catch you guys up to speed on what kind of went down a couple days ago you saw we finally fixed the fdr x7 and I was in love

again I was ripping it I was daylian it was great I actually only had the car running for about 23 hours and then I posted that

burnout video of my mustang after that I saw a comment from hurt telling me that that's cute but you should do it in your fdr seven I

took that personally and I decided to give the fd some juice it was time i've never done a bernie you guys i've always wanted to see it

but hey that's my baby i'd I would have had that thing working and then broken but I decided this time I would give it some love so I did

this and then I fell in love with it hearing the rotary just on the pipe screaming out the back smoke going everywhere I probably did it

about a couple more times and then I pushed my luck just a little bit too far that noise you just heard was my tip exploding which I knew

there was a slight probability that that would happen but it looks like i've pushed my luck just a little bit too far so hurt this video is

dedicated to you because you brought out the best in me I do a burnout for hurt it went amazing I did it again because I just want to

do it again and then I just blew my dip up now i'm bricked and now we have to push lefty on the trailer so in the end this is all hertz

fault so thanks hurt thank you for this one we're actually leaving for puerto rico later this afternoon so I got here pretty early this

morning with calvin and we're gonna do our best to drop the diff today because while we're gone important rico the boys from da garage are

sourcing an rx-8 diff for me so we can swap that dip into this car the rx-8 diff is a pretty common upgrade that a lot of fd owners do

it's better all around and at one point I knew I was gonna have to do it and now that I drew this up I just decided i'll do it now so

we're gonna do all the hard work now so that while we're gone they can come through swap it in so by the time I rockin board rico we can

get back in this thing fire it up and get after it sometimes I literally don't know what's wrong with I got so with the fd there's

quite a few braces that the diff is attached to so what we call it the power brace in the ft so we're gonna go ahead and start moving all

these support braces and we have a v band right here on the back of the downpipe this right here is the definition of a beautiful exhaust

oh my god oh my god like are you okay like are you okay it's not gonna come out so now comes the hard part because what's happening

is the dip is leaning forward or leaning down pinching the power of race in place yeah we need something like that lord that thing

to like angle it up tell you one of my help if you pull that out calvin it squirts juice everywhere oh my I don't think i've ever heard that

distinct of queef oh my god you didn't have to go there he'll stop alright so we've gotten to the point of where the only thing

holding in this diff are our axles and there's a diff brace in the back there's actually yeah there's a difference there's a difference

in the back we need to figure out the best way to remove these axles so we're looking at possibly taking off the bottom of the strut bolts

so we can tip this back a little bit so we can pull it out or you see we have a problem what the diff yeah resting on this guy yeah and I

can't go any lower good thing i've been working out lately oh oh okay well give her give her a lift team I can do it probably it wasn't

heavy this easy money babies easy money we were reading online a lot of people were saying yeah i'd like either remove the whole entire like

disk disk assembly or drop the subframe what we did is we just took out the lower control arm bolt and allowed for some like lateral

movement on the hub and then we just got this big ass crowbar and just popped it out both sides so what we're gonna do we're trying to

decide if we should drain drain the oil in the diff probably should just because it once it's out when we throw it away so we're gonna

have a wheel in it yeah so that's contained one way another okay before we go to the tropics i'm drinking a tropical spanish looking

style monster for the boys calve what why even open it on camera did you but they can hear dude I forgot how good a juice was insane all

right so while the camera was down I took off the diff bolts through the bushings on both sides and we have both of the ow I just hit my

head on that so har god that hurt we have all of the axles ready to slip out they're just barely hanging in so we're probably gonna

get evan and me to pull both these aside and then cobham will lower the transmission jack you came out here undid the hard part I was like

you know i'm gonna be a good friend and do the second you ain't you ain't my friend here my homosexual um what are you doing oh there's a

brace holding lines good I i didn't think about that we have the diff out when we just dropped the bolt and now it's gonna drip on the

thing oh yeah look at this that's what look at these that's a chunk right there oh my god that's a tooth don't wash your finger off

with oh adam this is the these are the these are just oil just testing the viscosity so we're doing this so we can blow the back out here

and see how much damage there is but oh yeah I agree oh lsd gullu sheared a lots of teeth or shit all done let me get a zoom in on that

all of them teeth damn let's give our spin oh no we can't because that's the lsd part that's awesome oh look at the bottom dude check

that out cheers oh my god teachers are all the teeth bro yeah she's gone sure you go technically what happened was saying was you can

just weld those back together this is a just weld these together yeah you couldn't make of all the death we don't want to do that no you can

sell it though and no it would probably buy this actually he's changing different dish but you could sell us someone wants to

driftnet be this is the perfect group whoa I can even skip it to it with my fingers here dan see ya we want to be a I mean it was yet this

is what happened to my beer z my axle broke and when you lose all power to one side of your lsd get no power no movement at least all

the your transmission has exploded memes can now die that's for sure this time at least we know it's the diff roll I wish we had time this

week to drive this car the track but we don't unfortunately so me get back next week from puerto rico can you stop being loud on my god

it's your fault sir help me get back next week we're gonna go to the track with a bunch of boys and do a shakedown on the same i'm

super hyped on it scoot your booth I had the same thing for dinner zero huh you know it was really good school i'm sitting chair with

you bro oh i'm not gonna edit this clip come on editing this clip because i'm in the airport and we're getting ready to leave and if

it's all gonna audit we are at the airport right now we are getting on our flight to puerto rico we have a red-eye flight we fly from here to

florida and then from florida we go to puerto rico then you have more than 50% of maestro i'm a big prize you came in my seat I mean i'm a

big broad but it's like me going to your house and shitting on the floor and you telling me why shitting my floor coffee you

invited me so we have a me and calvin we have the jumbo family and then I have sabrina and breanna they're over there at the gate so

there's six of us going out we're really excited to see you guys that time you guys are watching this video than me will be literally

tomorrow so if you are a nerdy coming it's probably too late for you to know to come but I hope to see you guys out there i'm super

excited i'm gonna hate this red-eye flight so that's that's all I got for this video three hours to dip let me get back the rx-7 will be

ready to go so i'm gonna come back and also when we get back I love you with live streaming down in texas oh my god a pack dry season

oh frank it fixes into movies literally the day we get back see looks like a lot I got for this video I would see you guys first

thing tomorrow thinking I would want a piece

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