School Strip-Search Case Win At Supreme Court

When savana redding was 13 years old, she was strip searched by officials of her safford, az middle school. Aclu presents ever since I was little I loved school. I never wanted to miss a day of it.

Screen shows: newspaper article: strip searches at school: discipline gone too far? Savana redding plaintiff in supreme court case I was in class, and the vice principal came and got me out of class; and, he started asking me some things, some questions about pills and some other contraband, and I told him: " no! No, I don't know what that is, where it came from, and I haven't seen it".

And, he asked me if he could search my back pack. I told him: " yeah, go ahead". So he brought the secretary in, and then he asked me to follow her.

We ended up in the nurse's office. And, then she asked me to take off my pants and my shirt and when I did that, I gave it to them and stood there in my underwear while they were searching in the seams and shaking them and just looking for something.

I looked down. I didn't want to look at their faces. I didn't want to cry. I didn't want to be. To add the extra embarrassment onto it. Graham boyd aclu legal counsel this traumatizing search of savana, done for no good reason, yielded absolutely nothing.

When it turned up nothing, well, there was no apology. There was no explanation. She was just told to go sit in the hallway for hours at a time until the school day ended and then she was sent home.

April redding savana's mother when savana came out, she was very withdrawn. She got into the vehicle not wanting to look at me. Crying. When I got home I was so upset.

I still called the school. No one returned my calls. So I called the sheriffs department. Gb: savana was searched on the say-so of really just another student who was, herself, in trouble. She had been found that day to have pills on her.

In order to shift the blame, she said: " savana, gave me the pills". That wasn't true, but that was enough that the vice-principal ordered that savana be strip-searched. That violates any normal sense of what ought to happen under the constitution.

Sr: when I was a kid, and they asked me to do this, I didn't know, you know, that it was wrong. I didn't know that I could say no.

Even police have to have a warrant in order to perform any kind of search like that, so why do schools get to do it at just the slightest whim? Ar: I would like for every parent in the us to understand the authority that we've given schools.

I feel that i've experienced with my daughter that they can do pretty much whatever they like because they're acting on your behalf. Gb: back in 1985, the supreme court decided a case that dealt with the search of a student's purse, and that set the standard for ordinary searches: back packs, lunch boxes, that sort of thing.

This case deals with a much more intrusive search, a strip-search, and that will, I think, set a standard for the next generation of how much leeway school authorities have to perform this sort of search and perhaps by broader implication what kind of authority, power, the government has to search any of us.

Sr: it's about me to a certain extent. What they did was wrong. And, they feel like they didn't do anything wrong; and, that really hurts. But, it's more about other kids. Screen shows: newspaper article high court to consider limits on strip-searches at schools.

Strip-search of young girl tests limit of school policy sr: I guess what really motivates me is i really don't want this to happen again, ever. Screen shows: share your message of support with savana: http: //www.

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