Setting up a Gmail account

Hi i'm here to help you set up a gmail email account it's really important to have an email address so you can take full advantage of what the internet has to offer use your keyboard to type www.

Google. Uk into the address bar and press the enter key you need to click on 'googlemail' at the top of the screen between 'shopping' and 'more' google mail is also known as gmail and you'll see the welcome to gmail page this gives a few details of their service and allows those who already have a gmail account to sign in and get their messages when you are setting up you need to click on 'create an account' the 'create a google account' page opens to enter your text, first point your cursor at the box you want to complete click the left mouse button once then use the keyboard to type in your details now you'll need to decide on an account name this will be the name you need to access gmail email when you come back so you will want to choose something you can remember it's also going to be your email address which will be seen by people you send messages to so think carefully about what you want this to be most people start by trying their own name so type this into the box without spaces and click the box that says 'check availability' to see if you can use it or if someone else with the same name has got there first in this example graham has not been lucky his name has already gone but google has suggested some options based on the name he asked for you can select one of these or try a different option think about using full stops or numbers to make something that means something to you and is recognisable to others your password needs to be something that you will remember but that others can't guess you will need to use your password everytime you log into your email account so you can use numbers, symbols as well as letters and it's good to use a mix of capital letters as well as small letters as you can see google rates this password as very strong take a moment to think of a password and how you can make it more secure but still easy to remember then type it into both boxes on the screen there are now two boxes on screen that we need to consider they are labelled 'stay signed in' and 'enable web history' if you leave 'stay signed in' ticked google will try to remember you on the computer you are using now.

If you are on a computer you share with others, for example in a library, it is recommended that you make sure this box is not ticked if you don't want google tracking what you do on the internet make sure the 'enable web history' box is left unticked to untick a box move your cursor to point at the box and click your left mouse button once.

The security questions are here so that if you have any problems using gmail in the future google can make sure that it is you that they are helping first, choose the question that you would like them to ask you if you are having trouble with your account or trouble remembering your password select a question from the dropdown list to do this, point your cursor at the box and click your left mouse button once then move your mouse to select your preferred question and click again to enter your answer move your cursor to point at the box below the question and use the keyboard to type in your answer make sure this is an answer that you are sure of and check your spelling as it will need to match exactly if you need help from google if you already have another email address you can enter it here and if you have problems google will send help instructions to that address if you don't have another email address don't worry just leave this field empty next choose your location from the dropdown box just like you did with the security questions also in this section is a word verification.

Google uses this to prove that you are a human rather than a computer a word verification is also sometimes called a captcha code move your mouse over the box, click your left mouse button once and use your keyboard to type the letters that you can see in the image in the box provided if you can't recognise the letters you can listen to them by clicking on the blue wheelchair symbol finally to get a gmail email account you must accept the google terms of service it is a good idea to have a read of these so you understand what you are agreeing to there are also links to googles program and privacy policies if you would like more information once you have read the terms and conditions you are all ready to go move your cursor to point at the 'i accept' button and click your left mouse button once at this point google may ask you to further verify that you are a real person by asking you to provide a phone number that they can send a message to you can choose to receive a free text message or an automated phone call to your mobile phone just choose the option you'd prefer and use your mouse to left-click on the button enter your mobile number in the box and left-click on the 'send verification' button once you have received your verification number enter the code into the box and left-click on the 'verify' button congratulations! You've just got a gmail account you'll be taken to a page that confirms you have an account left-click on the 'show me my account' button you will now be taken to your gmail account where you will have new messages to welcome you to gmail good luck with setting up your own gmail account and I hope you have fun exploring what the rest of the internet has to offer..

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