Association of Haitian Actors

I'm alex rigan, president of the association. Good evening, i'm the director, pierre louis felix good evening haitixhange, my name is saint-juste naissance, the association advisor.

I'm here to give all the guys advice. How did this association start? This was how we started. While I was in communications school, I met a professor named jack maurus. He told me I had to write a screenplay.

Since I had a story, I turned it into a screenplay. Then I asked him about promotions, and he told me that to get the word out I would need an association.

This was why I started this association. What projects have you already worked on? Our first project was " anneau du ciecle", which failed because of the earthquake. Afterwards we weren't discouraged because we had a very well determined objective, and I surrounded myself with the people you see here, and we did " fixation".

Explain the plot of the film " fixation". Yes I wrote it. I can say it is my story, because it's something I experienced.

Two young people growing up in a neighborhood. But their families are different. One comes from a lower class, and the other one comes from a class that is a little higher. But they have come to love each other, but the girl's mother does not accept the young man because of his terrible situation.

After a while the young man does not let life discourage him since he has a well planned objective. I think that even the name of the film explains that it is a 'fixation'.

It is the objective of the person. What they are 'fixated' with in life. Can you give us a little scene? I'll give you a scene with two people to see what kind of performances they give.

Good evening, bernard marie beatrice. Good evening haitixchange, my name is cadet lensey and i'm a member of the association. Action you've asked me to come here, you know I can't stay too long. So tell me what's important so I can leave, because you know i've been grounded.

The reason i've asked you here, is to explain something to you that has been tormenting me. The life that would like, if you're not in it, it won't come true.

Also, i'm ready to sacrifice everything. Even do the impossible, to have you. Can i. Can you what? Can I get a. Get what? A kiss? Something I dream of often. No problem.

No problem? No. After what you've told me. The kiss was really sweet. Good evening, occenat franzy, spokesperson. Good evening, i'm osias maxel, vice president of aah and the best film production.

My name is viana edward carlo, and it's been my dream since I was very little to become an actress because my dream was to became an actress just like all the actresses I see on tv, like angelina jolie, jenifer lopez.

When someone plays a role in a film, you have to get into the skin of the person you are playing, to do it well. For example mr. Rigan gave me the part of a crazy person.

I have to get into the skin of a crazy person, for example, I sometimes see crazy people in the streets. I have to get into the skin of the character I am playing in order to do it well.

Give me a little 'crazy person' really quickly. Want me to stand up? Look! You' really crazy! My name is luma andy fedler, treasurer.

Good evening haitixchange, i'm petit frere james, a member of the association. Good evening, my name is point-du-jour marcony, association treasurer. Good evening. I am camille kensley junior, a young actor.

What criticism do we have for haitian cinema in general? What I can say about haitian cinema, there is a sort of laziness. We in aah want this to change. We want to come with something else so that haitian cinema can go farther.

Because, when you watch successful african movies, there isn't a very big difference. The way they act is not that different from us. We lack work . I think we can reach this level. Cinema is a profession.

There are principles to respect. Haitians don't usually respect the principles. For instance, when you take a young actor or actress in a scene, when you watch it, if you know cinema, you see that they are reciting their lines.

In cinema there is no reciting. We want to thank haitixchange. We want to thank everyone who will watch this, and who will comment.

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