Abstinence Sex Conversation - "It's Okay To Wait"

Hey guys it should girl rise and i'm bad to share this exclusive rods review so I recently read the book it's okay to wait a father-daughter conversation which was

written by a london thomas who offers dad's a way to start the conversation with their daughters about six and so it's a really good message that it gives

two young girls who are dealing with the pressure of premarital sex from a unique mill perspective and parents personally I give it a thumbs up for rehashing that

awkward conversation about six and I give it that comes up because it tells young girls why they should wait for mr. Right who's actually going to put a ring

on it and why they should avoid mr. Wrong altogether who's trying to make your daughter the next flavor of the month I mean come on guys let's face it

we are living in a time now we have parents who are in their 30s that for the first time these parents are now becoming grandparents and for those of

you who are still trying to wrap your head around it that means that one teen pregnancy has led to another teen pregnancy about the time these parents

are actually grandparent age which I would say around 60 they could potentially be a great great grandparent so there's something that's totally

wrong with this picture so friends romans countrymen lend me your ear let's really get to the root of this issue so first it's not just talking about sex is

the talking part parents used to ask me all the time when is the best time rods to start having the conversation or having a conversation with my towel

disciplining my child and I tell them from the womb it may sound a little extreme I know but how can you train up a child in the way that they should go

if you wait until they're ten years old and how do you have a conversation with your kids about sex if you don't know the latest happenings on sesame street

my point is if you don't talk to your kids from the womb the harder it's going to be for your kids to talk to you when it comes to the big stuff so how do you

talk to your kids number one you've got to take an interest in who they are at an early age don't just send your kids to church by themselves while you're

sleeping at home oh that bothers me and then don't just put them in a bunch of sports you got to take out the time to get to know who they really are number

two listen to them when kids are between the ages of two to six years old they're going to want to tell you everything they're going to be the ones that talk

your ears off well honey that is the best time to listen to them because if you don't catch them then you're going to miss out on that opportunity when

they actually want to share with you at an early age 3 you're going to want to teach them from the bible that's right the bible train them to fear the lord

and to follow his commandments and you do the same thing too but in order to do that you got to practice what you preach now these days we know the kids are not

going to do sub just because you say it to do them so practice what you preach and preach the bible number four don't provoke your kids that's bible talk to

but do not provoke your kids that means don't agitate them kids are not going to want to listen to you or do what you tell them to do if you're always

agitating them that's the rods review and more to learn more about it's okay to wait check out this website bye guys

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