Taji tackles... same-sex marriage

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu my name is taji mustafa today I want to tackle a controversial issue which is raised with us muslims nowadays in the us the uk

across the western world we see a trend to legalize same-sex marriage between two men between two women we are told that we muslims are against progress because a

slab is intolerant of same-sex marriage this is how I would answer this charge there are many fundamental questions that these issue raises how should people live what is the

role of marriage how do societies decide what is right and what is wrong these are the questions let us compare how islam deals with this questions and also how the

western secular model deals with these questions islam's view to what same-sex marriage is built on one clear and unchanging sense of right and wrong two rules that promote

strong families three rules that prohibit anything that harms the family firstly islam provides clear and unchanging sense of right and wrong I come to this issue as a muslim

as somebody who believes in allah who believes that the quran is the word of allah who believes that allah has completed this deen and has sent comprehensive guidance

for mankind we arrived at this position after thinking and exhausting ourselves intellectually and rationally so we take what is halal and we leave that which is haram

islam therefore gives clear and unchanging guidelines about what is right and what is wrong on the other hand how do you secular liberal societies decide what is right

and what is wrong well that depends you know on this issue of same-sex marriage there is no clear position what they said on this issue 50 years ago and what they say now are

contradictory what will they say in 10 years time who knows maybe they'll change their minds again once adultery sleeping around was illegal then it became legal then it

became normalized then it became glorified and now it's everywhere look at homosexuality same thing once it was illegal then it became legal then it became

normalized it's now glorified and there's discussion about same-sex marriage what's next assisted suicide incest drugs the problem is that instead of thinking long and hard

searching for guidance solutions to human problems in the west engage on a dodgy balancing act trying to balance individual freedoms the pursuit of pleasure and

equality and hardly considering the effects of their decisions on the wider society and so we see huge social problems become so widespread in the west a

really sad state of affairs a slam on the other hand and handle it now is so clear on this issue of right or wrong and we should stick by these values and we should actually

challenge those who demand that we leave these values secondly the islamic rules promotes a strong family if you look to the rules of islam collectively there is so much

you will observe that build strong families but for muhammad sallallahu alayhe wassallam encouraged us to get married encourages to have many children to be merciful

towards our children to be dutiful towards our parents to look after the elderly to maintain ties with relatives the importance of the family can not be underestimated not

just as a source of love and companion for people but at a source for help and assistance within this family structure on the other hand look at the consequences of secular

liberal societies where they change what is right and what is wrong what has happened family life has become fractured kids growing up they don't know who their mother is

sometimes they don't know who their father is the elderly are abandoned in all people's homes left to fend for themselves these are the sad fruits when you don't have

strong values that build strong families finally islam prohibits anything that weakens family and society if you look to the rules of islam collectively again you can

observe that eight prohibits things which undermine the family structure in an islamic state the harsh prohibition against fornication adultery the homosexual lifestyle all

work towards that end that doesn't mean that in an islamic state the authorities go around looking for people who have committed these crimes it's not a police state

it slams clear prohibition of fornication adultery homosexuality acts as a clear deterrent against people publicly violating the laws of allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala some

say this is too harsh that it is unfair is it unfair that islam tries to protect a child from the devastating consequences of a broken home is it unfair that a slant

tries to protect a wife from the distress caused by the adultery of a husband some say this is about equality that if we muslims want to be treated as equals in society that we

have to accept same-sex marriage this is nonsense that kind of logic means you would say that well since alcohol is legal cocaine should also be like oh islam says that both

should be illegal we do not abandon the laws of allah subhanahu wata'ala for the sake of some so-called equality so are we intolerant of same-sex marriage that's

like asking me if we are intolerant of alcohol incest assisted suicide the real shame is that more people are not intolerant of the social chaos and the values which are

pervading western society are causing so much harm all around we muslims another shamed of the rules of islam we should explain them clearly and we should be the ones

going out and getting people to christian the values underpinning western society which are causing so much harm and shut allah I hope you found this video useful I want

you to do the following number one dude our our deen has answers to the social meltdown that we're witnessing around us in western society we as a muslim community are obliged

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aid us to emulate up another prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam in carrying dower to the wider society in the best possible way I said I want a coma to let he well

better get salam alaikum warahmatullahi wa better care to my name is taj mustafa

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