Young Homeless Woman in Seattle Shares About Heroin Addiction. Sabrina Died April 5th.

Sabrina seattle under a bridge you're sleeping here yeah nobody should live like this tell me about i've been on the streets on and off for about four years i'm 23 years old so since I was

about 19 i've been in seattle three years i'm from spokane washington originally I came up here I hitchhiked here from portland and ex-boyfriend and we were planning on seeing your a

couple weeks we move here to seize kids and it turned i'm still here you know so the fafsa was just being fun and kids and yeah now you're having trouble getting out yeah part of it I

mean everybody has a story over here you know there are some people that are here because they have a disability right here because their addictions with me it started out I

was out your penis unfortunate reality that I come from a broken home I have pretty much been on wheels i'm struggling left my hometown to see you because I wanted to explore what else

was around what else was out there try my my love bigger city but along with the big city and we knew people came curiosity trading things I am a heroin addict so two knots three years it's

it's more difficult out here when you ever did an addiction especially one physically the ascetics now you're trying to maintain your ain't even getting high anymore maintain you have

seen normals well is there any way of getting you off at the earth yeah a lot of people do methadone which I don't agree with it I mean why if you're trying to get one a habit you

know what was the sense in getting getting on something that's stronger and more physically addicting I didn't mean that's harder to get off how do you survive on I sometimes I have to

which I don't like doing I don't agree with steely I mean I wore him chrome it up is one thing that my family taught me one as always we you got to survive yeah if you had three wishes

what would they be be able to actually i've built a relationship with repair another one er my third wish fine find employment and so I can get that along with those wishes goes in order for

those two well thank you very much for talking no problem thank you for the a couple minutes to your share brain my story it's a longer story you

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