Is Donald Trump for Evangelicals? Bob D'Andrea, Founder of Christian Television Network Finds Out!

It's a joy to have our next president mr. Donald, thank you god bless you I appreciate it that's great honor for me a great honor for us and i've got some questions here that a lot of the christian leaders in the whole country because we cover the country.

Why did you give up your business and run for president? Now that is a tough question I will tell you it's look we I i had a great life and I have a great life but I had a great life I built an unbelievable company one of the best and some of the greatest assets in the world but I so always happening to our country it was on the total wrong path was going in the wrong direction and you know all polls indicate that the country feels that way like almost eighty percent I love our country and I know I can do a great job I look at what's happening with isis I look at what's happened don't want anything we don't want anything anywhere look at what's happening with trade look at how our jobs disappearing in this country going to mexico and other places are companies are leaving the country i'll do a great job with us and I will make america great again I mean together we'll all make america great again but will make america great again and that was my concept and theme and you know whatever you want to call it.

But our country is in serious trouble and I just feel like and do a great job and not an easy thing i'll tell you what.

Nasty and dealing with a very nasty people very dishonest people and the system is very corrupt and broken but and I call it rigged. It's a rigged system it really is including the media is rigged but I think we're winning hey were at least tied but I think we're winning some of the polls came out today you so good we're doing and I think the people of the country will be very proud of their country after a short period of time.

Well, you're in florida now and this is a state you've got to win. Yes this is a very important well this is my second home also on plus a own doral and have over a thousand employees there and I own many other things in florida and we have great relationships with the people that work here and we have had you know tremendous success but this is my second home and I think were based on the early polls you see I mean the people are going to vote and the polling booths are packed packed.

I've already voted good well I won't ask you who, but I think you voted for me but I won't ask you. I won't do that well ask me because I voted for you ok, thank you very much.

What kind of values did your parents instill in you as a young boy my parents were. I'm presbyterian protestant my mother came from scotland my father from this country but he came from germany originally he was in germany so I grew up as a protestant church was very important we went to sunday school I went to sunday school today you don't hear that so much from people which is sad one of the reasons i'm very much involved in the johnson amendment was so that people like yourself and people like paula white and so many others that we know franklin graham and I mean there's so many incredible people you know the folks at liberty university have my great friend jerry who is so so phenomenal jerry falwell jr he's such a phenomenal person these are people that should be allowed to speak out and speak out politically if they want to the great leaders they are great minds and lyndon johnson in the 1950s as you know put what's essentially known as the johnson amendment that doesn't give people like you to be somewhat political and we want you to be political because we want your ideas and your thoughts but you're not allowed to be they'll take away your tax exempt status and it was my idea I said six months ago after meeting with a lot of pastors ministers priests I said why aren't you people speaking out and they told me really about the johnson amendment which to that extent I had no idea and I said well I get elected we're going to get rid of the johnson amendment and our great ministers and pastors and our people of faith including rabbis and others are going to be able to speak out politically if they want to do that and we've already introduced legislation but I still have to get elected you know minor details how about the epa that is one of the most destructive things.

Horrible. In our country environmental protection agency it's it's out of control it's killing businesses killing small business and big businesses I just left farmers and florida farmers and the biggest problem is regulation and taxes but their single biggest problem is the epa they can't do anything they're having a tremendous nightmare problem with the epa and these people are like I mean they're like the way they act and it's almost like they want to put everybody out of business and not only in farming in energy and so many other businesses so we're going to be cutting regulations big-league big-league going to be cutting taxes tremendously and the environmental protection agency will be running a much gentler fish and you know you want clean water crystal clear water and you want clean air and you want safety that's right other than that they should be no reason to have an environmental protection agency we want clean water clean air and safety so those are three primary categories but they put so many restrictions on there making it impossible for our businesses to to really function and to compete with foreign businesses so it'll be a whole different story this is a kind of a silly question but a lot of pastors are interested in it do would you visibly attend church and maybe have church in the white house if you're elected well I do attend church and I mean I consider it a great honor to attend church but I do attend church and i've always loved going to church i've heard many of the great ministers and preachers and pastors and i've heard a lot I loved billy graham I thought he was an incredible incredible man norman vincent peale I thought was incredible so many i've heard many more times than once now what I consider it a great honor to go to church now will you carry into the presidency those things you've learned in building well yes and one of the things I think we have to talk about is religious liberty because you know religious liberty is totally under seige.

You know that much better than I do but religious liberty is under siege supreme court justices if hillary clinton gets in she's going to put very very liberal judges on that are going to be terribly bad for the church and for religion generally and as you know i'm exactly the opposite exactly the opposite but religious liberty is absolutely in trouble and you see it happen it's been happening over a period of fairly long period of years and it would culminate if she ever won it would be a disaster for religion as we know it today I happen to agree with you now you talked about the supreme court I have a one-year-old not a child but a grandchild ok good and thought you might have said a child i'm saying that's pretty good.

But what i'm concerned about the america they're going to grow up in and the supreme court is right on target to make it happen or make it not happen so close four to four right now we lost judge scalia 4-4 right now and I will tell you if we lose and she starts putting all these super liberal judges on it will be a whole different world it's going to be a much different country than we've known it for many years it will be a terrible thing and the johnson amendment you can forget about that and I think you can forget frankly about religion religious liberty i'm know you could forget about religious liberty so we have tremendous evangelical support I did in the primaries you know what we had a lot of people because i've had a great relationship with evangelicals with christians and with jews and I think we're going to do very very well with evangelicals and the votes a tremendous block but they have to get up and brought don't forget they didn't vote less time for romney they didn't for whatever reason but they stayed home they didn't vote if they would have voted he could have won and look what we ended up getting yeah I want to ask you one thing about latinos and african-americans why should they vote for you you've been maligned through this whole campaign I have been i've been maligned the democrats have as an example in inner cities they have hurt the african-americans and latinos so badly they've done nothing all they want to do is get their vote and after they get their vote they sell see in four years they don't do anything i'm going to fix the inner cities we're going to get rid of the crime we're gonna have school choice which is great she can't do that because she is controlled by the teachers union we have school choice we're not going to have common core we're going to end common core is going to end so we can bring education local so that people can run locally our education system is horrible but you look at the inner cities to safety there's no jobs there's no safety there's no education and i've told the african-american community and i've told the hispanic community really what do you have to lose i'm going to do a great job i'm going to fix it i'm going to fix it and somehow it has resonated because and I think you've seen it too but more and more african-americans and hispanics have said we're voting for trump and hillary is not going to do anything she's not going to do anything she talks and when she was the senator from new york she said she was going to bring jobs back to upstate new york well the same exact opposite happened she would be a terrible president and let me have a word of prayer with you yes father we thank you for a man like this we thank you father we ask for strength and for victory in jesus mighty name amen thank you so much great honor great honor to be with you.

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