Pushing Lions Into the Digital Age

(upbeat music) what are you most excited about for the future of lions? I'm most excited about our digital technology, our ability to use mylion to bring 1.5 million lions around the world together to increase our service impact.

And the way this is going to impact on us, with the mylion, is it is gonna help us with the communication, and we are going to have chats, we are going to be able to put our service projects on there.

We are going to invite the world to help us to do more than we have ever done before, as we strive to serve 200 million people per year.

And I am excited today to have two young lions, michael middleton and katherine middleton with me, and they, michael is the president of his club and they are the future of our association as we are going to strive to see the power of we in the coming year.

So i want to know, from you, much younger members of lions, what are you doing to sort of evolve and change lions to make it more aggressive for the future.

Absolutely. So we're actually trying to really outreach digitally, to reach younger audiences as well. So we have our district and local club web pages that we are trying to keep as up to date as well as possible.

To get the message out to individuals that are in the millennial generation, like my sister and i, trying to get us more connected, and actually more aware of just the amazing work that lions do around the world every day.

So what have you found has been the most effective technique for getting new members. In terms of like how you're reaching out, how you are telling your story.

What do they get most excited about? I think using social media platforms like snapchat, instagram and facebook really meet millennials and the younger generation where they are at. So, kind of coming to hem at their own turf really gets people involved, at their own level.

Michael, one of the things that I have heard from other lions' members is that the younger lions do not want to go to a lunch meeting.

They would rather just go out and do it. Is that true? Absolutely. I think the greatest way that you can get young people and younger generations more involved is, instead of inviting them to your local, average monthly or weekly meeting, whenever you meet.

Instead invite them to a service project. Ask them " hey, can you help us pack these food trucks?" or " can you help us sort these glasses?" get them excited about what we are actually here to do.

We are not actually a club about meeting every month, or every whenever. We are a club about humanitarian service. So as long as you get that message out there of hey, get involved with us, the joining the club and coming to the regular meetings, that will happen naturally.

And katherine. what has been the one service project that got you most excited about lions, like, " oh, i'm staying"? I think cleaning the glasses and seeing them go out across the world.

Really, you are involved in every level of it, from packing them, to cleaning them, to learning how to read eyeglasses too.

So being involved at so many levels and seeing the impact that it makes firsthand i think really got me excited about lionism. And that is what drives them to stay.

Because if they do not see the impact, you know, what impact am I making? Exactly. That is the whole point. Being able to see that one pair of glasses can actually, seeing the eyes open and actually seeing that child see their mother for the first time, the experience is indescribable and it brings tears to anyone's eyes that has actually been a part of it.

I highly recommend it. Jerome when you hear these stories, are you buoyed on the future of lions. Are you, like alright, it is in capable hands, I don't need to worry.

Oh I am excited about the opportunity to pass the torch on to another generation, because lions brings smiles. We serve. We bring in more members, we involve our members, we develop leadership skills and we expand into new communities.

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