Camel Through the Eye of a Needle - text

So what did jesus mean when he said it's easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to go to heaven well let me begin with

what he didn't mean i've heard a lot of bad preachers go through this passage and they say well jesus wasn't talking about a literal needle what he was

talking about was there's this gate in jerusalem called the needle gate and it's very small and long and the only way a camel can get through it is if

the camel strips itself of its packs you know it's worldly possessions and gets on its knees and then its owner pushes it through the gate now this is

just garbage the gate doesn't exist and I get what these preachers are trying to say that jesus cares about humility which he does the humble will inherit

the kingdom of god and he doesn't want people to be lovers of money which which is true jesus says you cannot serve god and money you can't serve two

masters but this passage is specifically about how salvation works and the figure of speech that jesus uses is basically saying it's impossible for

anyone to earn their way into the presence of the father and the reason he says this is because if you go back to the beginning of this interaction

with this rich young ruler he looks at jesus and says rabbi what must I do to earn eternal life now just stop there for a second and look at the way he

asked that question what must I do what good work must I do this guy's got it all wrong and we know that jesus is talking about salvation because of verse later

after he says rich people are not going to get into heaven the disciples are shocked because they believed like many people still do today that if you're

wealthy that means that god has blessed you that his favor is upon you that you're special that you're gonna be first in line to get into heaven and back

in that day the scribes the pharisees the religious leaders these people were wealthy and so they connected wealth with the favor and the blessing and the

love of god so when the disciples heard jesus say this rich guy is not getting into heaven they were shocked because they thought wow if this rich

guy isn't that how can us poor men get into heaven now it's all about grace that's what jesus came to teach us he fulfilled the law he he showed the

fullness of what the father teaches us in the old testament that it's not about what we can do it's all about what the messiah has done what the christ

has done and so what jesus was teaching them as no one no matter how rich no matter how influential no matter even how poor there is no good work that

is going to earn salvation the disciples then asked jesus how then can anyone be saved and jesus responds with man it's impossible but with god all

things are possible god is the one who calls he's the one who justifies he's the one who sanctifies who makes us holy and he alone by his love and his

grace will keep us to the end so if you're watching this and you're thinking well then how can I be saved if it's not something I do if it's not

something I pray if it's not something I say or some good work or someplace that I need to go how can I be saved cry out to jesus say jesus have mercy upon

me I am a sinner those are the ones who encountered jesus in the new testament and who were justified those are the ones who are saved remember the

beatitudes the ones who are poor in spirit who realize their helplessness of their good works the fact that there's nothing that they can do to earn their

salvation those are the people that god has saved

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