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Hi i'm shay and i'm marshall and I have something to tell you today that will make life so easy please share today the big idea is that jesus shows us

how to love others even when it's hard that's a good one that's a good and I think that's something that I need cuz I had this housemate who you know

after she cooks she doesn't necessarily clean up and it makes it hard for me when I have to cook and I don't have dishes to use so yeah it's kind of hard to love

her you and my wife would get along really well cuz i'm the same way as your roommate so let's watch this god story knock knock frank frank you for being

my friend ah hi everyone i'm nick do you know what happened to me the other day I was in a parking lot it was very busy and I was waiting patiently for this

perfect parking spot the person slowly backed out and then slowly pulled away and just as I was about to pull into the spot somebody else came along really fast

and stole the spot so I drove up beside them and I rolled down my window and I put up my finger and I said jesus loves you have a nice day initially I was pretty

upset but I decided to choose to love that other person and this brings me to today's big idea jesus shows us how to love others even when it's hard in the

book of romans we've read that the holy spirit is active in all christ's followers we saw that god wants to transform the way we think and today we're

learning about how we can love others even when it's hard sometimes we meet people that are very hard to love and we say forget it it's just too hard but

jesus shows us that we can love them even when it is hard let's see what paul wrote in romans chapter 12 love must be honest and true hate what is evil hold

on to what is good love one another deeply honor others more than yourselves stay excited about your faith as you serve the lord when you hope be joyful when you

suffer be patient when you pray be faithful share with the lord's people who are in need welcome others into your home's you know what for most people it's

difficult to be patient it's especially difficult to be patient when we suffer but jesus did it that's how he lived and with god's help you can do

it too let's keep reading bless those who hurt you bless them and do not curse them be joyful with those who are joyful be sad with those who are sad agree

with one another don't be proud be willing to be a friend of people who aren't considered important don't think that you are better than others now that's a

perfect everyday life idea be a friend to someone who isn't important hang out with someone who nobody wants to hang out with it's hard but it's good paul

goes on to say that we shouldn't pay back evil with evil so no revenge and when possible you should live in peace with everyone don't stir up drama don't

start fights or arguments try to live in peace with everyone don't even try to get even that's not our job paul quotes a proverb from the old testament let's

read if your enemies are hungry give them food to eat if they are thirsty give them something to drink by doing those things you will pile up burning

coals on their heads don't let evil overcome you overcome evil by doing good in other words love even when it's hard love even when others aren't loving

love even when others are mean love love love now remember it's not easy we definitely need god's help and we need the help of others like our parents our

friends are a church family to help remind us how to love and help us to love others even when it's hard now I know I have a lot of practicing to do on this

remember when I told you about the person who took my parking spot while I chose to love them anyways but when I find it difficult I know I can read

through the stories of jesus life on earth and see how jesus shows us how to love others even when it's hard and i'm going to practice that today

tomorrow probably for the rest of my life but I know that I have god's help and yours and on that note much love and i'll see you next time quick turn to the

person next to you and discuss the following questions question time discuss what would be the most difficult for you to bless those who hurt you

honor others more than yourself when you suffer be patient or don't think you are better than others family photo how many times can you say the key verse

before the photo is taken say it with me don't live the way this world lives let your way of thinking be completely changed then you will be able to test what

god wants for you and you will agree that what he wants is right his plan is good and pleasing and perfect romans 12 verse 2 3 2 1 go well from this god

story we learned that it's very important to love like jesus and we can ask god for help to do so you know if we can also ask advice from our family and our

friends so we asked a few of our friends what's hard to love about others and also how we can love others better so let's watch this clip when is it hard to

love others I have a friend and she is she lies a lot there are dozens rude and you feel like you wanna be rude back but really you should just love them girl

last year in my class when I was in grade 1 sometimes she just pooted me sometimes she would make fun of me it was two just made it a lot harder she

always yells at story time and it deserves me one like people like get on my nerves and pancholi are like do something that they know is gonna bother me how

would you like others to treat you i'd like me them to treat me better and be nice so that I can be nice to them back more easy they would be being kind caring

friendly I think just like respecting like people's space and their things is a big thing because a lot of kids in my class do not know what personal spaces

and do not know do not touch other fuels things I want to love them home even if it's hot so then we can be like friends we can just like keep trying to love

them and maybe if you would just be encouraging to them and all nice to them and maybe that will change the heart a little bit and be like why am I doing this I

could just be like nice to people and they would be my friends how can you love others even when it's hard be kind and play together be nice kind let them play

with you not be me i'll not behind their back and just show love to them maybe they're going through tough times and that that's maybe why they're being rude so

you can pray and ask god to just help them through that say nice things to them if they follow them I can help them one i'm alone maybe I could play with them just

start up a conversation with them and like just show god's love through your actions and words now go show love question time what stood out to you from

the things the kids shared wow that was really interesting to see what buttons were pushed and how people got irritated and it became difficult to love

others exactly you know when you listen to people you can learn what makes them happy you can learn what makes them frustrated and you can shape your

behavior towards that you know and that's a great way of showing people love so we should listen to others when people share that something bugs them or

irritates them we should listen to that and stop doing that and it actually does show them love exactly so we're gonna break into our small groups right now

and see what that looks like in our stories see ya

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