Christian Dating Secrets REVEALED!

Start building a website today with squarespace! And use squarespace. Com/cow to get 10% off. There are two things that people spend their entire lives trying to figure out. God and relationships.

So now imagine trying to wrap both of those things into one mega-thing. Well, my friends, that is what we like to call christian dating, and it is a (chuckling) strange, scary world.

But i'm here to explain it to you today! So here are christian dating secrets revealed. Okay, so the first concept you need to understand when it comes to christian dating is this idea of being intentional.

You need to date intentionally! You literally need to have the whole thing planned out in advance. You can't just be out having fun. What is that? That's how people make mistakes, if you know what I mean.

See, let me show you. This is what a normal, secular date looks like. (Laughs) we're having so much fun for no particular reason! This was just so great, yet devoid of all meaning! Do you wanna go on another directionless date next week? Well, I don't have anything else going on in my life, so.

Sure! And now, here is an improved, intentional, christian date. And. Check! Another successful date is complete! One step closer to marriage! See, intentional dating is all about having the end in mind from the beginning.

Unfortunately, there's this whole issue with the fact that most of the time when you wanna date someone, you don't quite know if you want to marry them yet.

Hey, so, uh, do you wanna get married? Wait, are you proposing to me? What? No, no. I just wanted to go out on a date. Oh, okay. But though it would be great if all christian dating was intentional, the reality is that a lot of it is what I refer to as youth group dating.

Youth group dating is. Complicated, yet very simple, but in a bad way. So many ruths in desperate search of their boaz! Basically, as long as you're making an effort to appear spiritual, you're gonna be a catch.

Well, assuming you're hot. For example: he's so strong in his faith. This just means he prays during prayer time. He's a great spiritual leader. He plays guitar during worship.

I just really think god wants us to be together. He's hot. And hey, look. Boaz isn't guiltless here, okay? Literally the only reason guys go to youth group is to pick up nice christian girls.

Okay, keith, since you're the youth minister, i'm pretty sure that you're aware of all the pairing up that the kids in your youth group are doing recently.

Maybe you should put a stop to that. But if I tell them that they can't date each other, then they won't come back to youth group, okay? All right, all right.

Then forget what I said. Just make sure that they're not. You know. I can't promise that. Well, then threaten them with purity class! I don't care! Anything to scare 'em straight! But don't worry.

Those christian youth group kids become a lot more intentional in college. Mainly because that's when the spiritual clock starts ticking. I mean, what good christian isn't married by the time they graduate from a private christian university? Are you kidding me? Wow, I can't believe you're graduating in two weeks! Are you ready? No! I've been around single, beautiful christian young women for 4 years now, and i'm somehow still not married? Am I broken? Now, look, jordan, I may just be a sophomore, but I have been married for two years and I can tell you that, uh, yeah, there's probably something wrong with you.

If you're a christian and you're not married by the time you get out of college, are you sure you're even saved? Look, if you find yourself in this position, there are a few things that you can do and say to hide the fact that you're clearly defective.

Try some of these phrases. Oh yeah, i'm just mostly trying to focus on my relationship with god right now. I often wonder if i'm called to singleness.

I just don't understand what the whole big deal is with this whole dating system, okay? It's a sham, I tell you! A miserable sham! Anyways, what were you gonna ask me? I actually was just gonna ask if you wanted to go out sometime.

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As youth minister, I think you're probably aware that the kids lately have been pair— all right, keith. As the youth— - (jordan laughing) this isn't good.

It's not gonna work. All right, keith. (Laughing) - (jordan laughing) jordan: I was hoping you were gonna laugh because I was about to. I—i can't promise that.

Well, threaten them with purity class! - (laughing) i—i can't promise that. Well, then threaten them with purity class! That'll scare 'em straight! - (jordan groans) katie: whoa! - kelli: jordan! Now, keith, as the youth leader, I think you're probably aware of all the pairing up that the kids are doing in your youth group lately.

Maybe you should put a stop to that. - (jordan laughing) (laughing) in my youth group. - all right. Oh man. - here we go. This isn't good. - (clears throat) I need to, like, take a breather. - nah, you're good.

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