PIZZA delivery - prank with police arrival

This prank is special! Stop him! You idiot! Stop him! He drives away you stupid c***! Call to the pizza headquarters or somewhere : d we've spilled a tea.

We've spilled a tea : d we've spilled a tea. Oh my god : d yes! We've spilled a tea ok good, thanks. He stopped at the theater and called the police on us.

And what? We've only spilled tea! Now we have to get rid of the evidence. We have to get rid of the evidence before the police arrive. Oh my god it's a prank! : D but, they will search us anyway you c***! There we have weed! Yes, he is here! Go to him and apologize to him, you stupid c*** : d tell him that you fell down and you spilled a tea.

You fell and spilled a tea oh shit! Good evening. Good evening. I think that it is our pizza. Yes is somebody there? Lies anyone there? No. It was him! You terrified that man there.

Yes we know, we tried to call on him but, so tell to it him yes, yes. Sorry friend, but it was only prank. You are fucking kidding me you c***! No im not kidding you.

You stupid idiot! Really? Yes it was joke many bad words about c**** and d***heads : d sorry, we will give you a big tips! We will give you really big tips! Here is your pizza.

Thanks! Bye! Are you normal? Also big bag was here before policeman: hah : d oh. C***. But i'm not surprised that you scared him. He went on the third or fourth stair, but after that.

I heard as he ran quickly ran away : d no fun for him. By the way i'ts only red tea. Of course. When he saw somebody lie down in blood ok, so we will say that it was joke.

Little bit it is important that everyone is healthy. And nobody was hurt. Everything is good in the end. Goodbye, goodbye, good luck we appologize for our big stupidity : ) spontaneous prank blood, a lot of blood and now we go on pizza.

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