Ex'ten Next Olmaz Bölüm 2

Cookplus. Com presents fırıldak family. Ex cannot be next. (Part 2) oh my son. oh my son. Why do you even try to stand up to superstars? You have asthma, allergy, nearsightedness.

The only thing he has not is a brain. Is a piece of meat worth all of these? Women are all the same. They ruin you.

402? that's the room. I'm really sorry for your loss. May the god mercy him. I heard we lost zeki. Believe me I am so sad.

I feel like. Someone ripped apart my heart. What are you sayin mr. Gültekin? God forbid. there's no such thing. My son is alive. They told me he's dead.

Damn my luck! I even bought a fedora! He is coming round! He is waking up! Don't come! Go away! shoo! Isn't there a off switch here? Don't bother waking up zeki.

The hospital bill is thicker than my arm! Sorry, have you seen the cookplus mini blender set around here? It looks like this.

Zeki? My son? Are you alright? Do you need anything dear? Your son needs some rest madam. But he may experience memory loss for a while.

What was the name of the guy starred in braking bad? I cannot recall. I told you. Bryan cranston! yes! I don't know why but this is the first thing every patient forgets.

Hello doctor. I have a problem. I see evertyhing in pixels. I'm prone to wreck everything around. Minecraft department is one level down.

But have an x-ray first. Thanks doctor. Leave that pickaxe to the security son. I need to leave. Don't be silly zeki! where are you going? Say something sabri! He won't talk. Everyone says we want his former voice back.

He got upset. He said what's wrong with my new voice! Now he's not talking at all. I need to go and learn how to play guitar now. What guitar son? I guess he will battle against clementine's ex-boyfriends.

Doctor do something! Treat my son! I'm calling for hours but he's not picking up. I'm sorry but your son is not responding to the treatment. What a lame doctor are you! Fuck your joke! Don't worry mom.

I'll only finish what I started. I promised mahmut tuncer. Mahmut tuncer? They gave him too much narcosis. He's still high. Come on mertcan. there's a girl we need to impress. Doctor since i'm already here, can I show you this? Can you check my x-ray? You are a short-arse mr.

Gültekin. There's nothing to do. Just do not lift anything heavy. I would lift something heavy for you but there's a family here. Well. what a family though.

They are all weird. Why did we come to cihangir bro? what will we do here? I need to be cool to fight against clementine's ex-lovers. And I know someone who can make me cool. -Who's that? -of course halil sezai! There he is! hide mertcan! Quick! Ok man.

I'll buy it from the shop over there. Catch him mertcan! hold him! Don't move! or your hair will be messed up. What are you doing? let me go! Halil sezai you are coming with us! I need you.

What halil sezai! I'm a waiter! Waiters dress like this around here. We are cool waiters. Come on! i'm sorry bro. So where can I find halil sezai? He was rebelling near the wall over there.

Look there. Thanks bro. Rebellion! Zeki what are you doing son? who's this? Halil sezai. he'll be our guest tonight. Isn't he that jam guy? What jam mom! Just let us mom. come on man.

Lady I have organic jam. would you like to buy a kilo? I told you zeki. Good evening. have you seen a blender set like this? No I haven't. Is he crazy or something? he's everywhere! So you know why we kidnnaped you right? Because you couldn't find mehmet erdem right? Don't mock with us! I kinda like a girl.

At least I suppose so. After all i'm a highschool student. i cannot be sure of anything. The best way to understand whether you like a girl or not is this.

Close your eyes. -I did. -what is the first image you see? Kate upton's boobs! This didn't work. let's try something else. Cover your nose. What is the first smell you think of? Kate upton's boobs! You are a hardcore pervert man.

Are you aware of this? Kate upton's boobs! Ok ok! shut up! Anyway let's move on. We kidnapped you because i want you to make me a stylish a cool young man.

I just wear baggy pants and go outside man. I don't have any style. Shut up! Was it my father who was playing guitar in your movie? Mertcan play the music.

It's time to be cool. Let's try nice beyoğlu style. What the hell. No no. don't be ridiculous. Try something else. Flash animation. No. this didn't work.

Something else. Are you trying to get me into trouble? Mertcan dude! What kind of clothes are these? Sorry zeki. It got mixed up with brazzers closet.

The bald guys is coming! the bald guy! Run mertcan run! i'm so scared of this guy! Come back here! Bring the clothes back here! Zeki! Zeki! Zeki! It's done man.

You are so cool now. All the people are talking about you. Even the cats are. That new zeki really pisses me off! Look at that fucker! Say something you fuckers! All you say mrrr mrrr mrrr! Cats talk! Take example of Şero brother! Try to be a little social.

Guys i'll buy rolling paper and filters from over there. Zeki when have you started smoking? I'm not smoking cigarettes. i'm smoking tobacco.

There's a big difference. Don't tell me stories man! You've changed alot! You put on air! This is not you! I want old zeki back. I'm sorry mertcan. no one can have whatever they want.

Except me! That's dan bilzerian. I was waiting for you dan bilzerian. Do your best! Wait a second. If clementine doesn't see our fight, it'll be meaningless. You are right. who are we going to show off othwerwise? I'm here.

But I don't care about your fight. We come together just to praise hipster style. Then let the fight begin! Bikini women attack! You cannot escape from my fame zeki! I'm snoring just like written in the script.

Whoaa! what's going on? Oh my god! You heard my prayers at last god! Black duct tapes are falling from sky! Let me get that too. i can fix some cable with it.

Let me shoot in slow-mo with machine gun. I'm sorry i'm chopping you off but can you be little bit quite? Murat boz! He is just an instagram fame! Fight me if you can you piece of sh- unbelievable! Amazing! awesome! He got so strong. no one can stop him now.

Don't forget about us zeki! One direction! We would have been 5 if zan hadn't left. Fuck your boy band! Sorry, i'm interrupting your fight. Has anyone seen a blender set like this? No I haven't.

As I thought! You never seen or heard anything like this! Chopper! Mixer! Blender! They all came together in one product! Cookplus blender set! Come on kids. Now watch this cartoon nex to your mother working in the kitchen and turn the volume up.

-Are you done? -no! Not even close! This is very high! I don't believe it! He beat them all! He got the right to date you now clementine. No one can defeat me now.

I'm so cool man! Do you understand? so cool! Clementine! baby! Do you accept me now? I'm sorry zeki. But now. Now i'm not ready for this. I feel something wrong.

-What? -yes. You defeated all my cool ex-boyfriends. But now you are one of them too. You are cool. so cool. Just like them. Maybe you are not the right person. How! Why did I do all those things? I never told you to do it.

I never wanted that. You wanted this. But mahmut tuncer told me to do it in my dream. But I wanted this too. I'm sorry zeki.

I need to go. My wife is just like this. She wants something in the morning and then something different in the evening. What's happening? We are shaking! is it earthquake! Damn it! This is what I fear.

-Who is that? -old zeki. The real one. the one he really is. Now he came back for vengeance. You ha? Lame zeki! Old zeki! I hate you! I never liked you idiot! You cannot run away from me man.

I'm real. You are just an illusion. No! There's only one zeki and it's me! Now i'll burry you in the past! Prepare to die! Zeki no. think this through. If you defeat him too, there won't be anything left from you.

Clementine was right. you will become one of them. But that girl is looking for different one. She wants normal you. And for that you need to be defeated by old zeki.

Lose this zeki. get beaten by him. To win that girl you need to be defated by yourself. You can do this zeki! Be defeated! Come on! come on! I cannot do this. i cannor do this! Well done kid.

That was the coolest move i've ever seen. That was a super scene! Just like japanese animes! I'm going home. I'm so tired mertcan. So tired. Cookplus.

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