Hello everybody and welcome to my vlog right now you are listening to my intro song. In just about two seconds the show will go on one ahh, two! You idiot! You like it better than sad song? It's not that I like it better than sad song but it is new so i'm excited about it now more than I am about sad song here's what i'll say about it it's better than sad song holy moly he's hyping it up to much, no, i'm not it's actually better, and I think I thought sad song sounds incredible you know usually the second song is not as good as the first song.

Scott has done something amazing and he buys all the water in this house. it's true. I do most the time. We're getting off topic here let's listen to the song.

Are you sure it's okay for them to listen to the song? Oh yeah they don't care, they've heard it all everyone, complete silence. That means you kristen.

Silence. Here we go. *Intro to my life sucks starts* ugh god. Mama won't buy me david dobrik merch, no she won't stick her sticky fingers in her purse said I was a mistake.

Didn't really bother me though- I took it okay. I've been a sad man for like 25 years. They don't seem to impressed no I can't get hard for shit though and now she's really pissed woah they're musicians scott.

You have to let them hear it as musicians thats why i'm rapping slow for the rest of this song. What do you guys think? Remember last time, um you couldn't rap sad song its been almost like a year any critiques or advice? What should I change? I think its gonna be a lot of memes on it.

A lot of what? Memes memes? yeah. Why, what do you mean? Like. Do you know what a meme is? I know what a meme is. I do! I like the end where he raps really slow, and I like the very last line which I can't repeat.

Yeah. It's not bad yeah it's got bad words. That's another thing. I'm worried about what do you guys think about bad words? Like a lot of kids at my school songs are only good when they have bad words okay, so it's better because it has bad words I feel like a little kids, like a pre-k listens to the radio and is like " ooo" and they swear because they hear a word.

What are you trying to say? I'm trying to say I totally do I agree like little kids listen to it and they are like pre-k.

And then they repeat the word you guys liked it, that's all that really mattered. Scott asked if he could open our podcast our live podcast and david said " i'll pass." he's mean I hope you heard that david! I was like " dave what do you think about me performing a song in front of your guys's podcast?" he was like " you know what scott.

I think we'll pass" this sure you watch tomorrow. You'll be in gym class and you'll be waiting for the ball I came to you and you'll be going I love it it's beautiful. Go ahead play with it doesn't bite me.

That's good crazy when you first got camera hey guys, this is my first vlog who are you? Yeah, what are you guys up to drink your drink? Or that is pretty sweet, what else you are you drunk yet.

Are you drunk? Don't you get you drunk. This is a spring water gu mountain valley stream on one of the best friend waters in the world he's not drunk anymore right cuz he drink water not drunk anymore should I call my mom? Yeah? Can you get picked up? I don't want you in my house anymore actually okay.

Well you wouldn't leave you would leave right now yeah, brandon's being a pussy right now. Huh alex high five? What are they doing it here just having a good time a sit-down are you guys having a party in here? We're having a party going on we're having a party our parents are out of town.

We're gonna make this house if you open that umbrella my mom's gonna kill me man, she has security cameras in here no don't do it did you serious that lady bohemian rhapsody by queen? How about uma thurman by fall out boy? Oh that dude? You know just go with it alex city? No he doesn't know it black keys ac/dc ac/dc yeah, yeah he's good boy yeah, you got love dude.

It's nice. I forgot how joey's right. Hey. We're all good. We're all good oh, yeah, I forgot. Yeah, we don't like each other what i've never seen this before which sounds he did the old switcheroo is he mind controlling you to open the umbrella right now don't do it brandon what was under this car jack of spades, that's not space is it.

It's a club jacket clothes. This was the car that was on the ground go on google right now and look up jack of clubs on the card dictionary figure out what this card means back in the day jason link is leaving tomorrow at 9: 00 a.M.

We're doing downward dog. I saw that was a good yoga pose there oh julie, and she's leaving at 9: 00 and she's getting picked up and going to boarding school for two weeks what yeah you heard me who's gonna buy my fingers off every morning you want.

I'll bite your fingers i'll do it you will I will all you have to do is ask me to do it. Okay. Well many times I just might stuff my fingers in your mouth during the days.

I'm gonna miss that so much the human teeth human that's just not good for sound at all and the human jaw is strong and you know I could bite through a finger as easily as I could bite through a mini carrot, can you do all that that's gonna be difficult but I think there's are like mini carrots.

They are like mini carrots that's what i'm saying they yeah, they'll be easier to bite through then a mini carrot. Those are mini carrots wow look at this she's literally to the chair.

This is this is pre going away for two weeks right here when she comes back she will not be biting that chair will that be because the training was really good her because she grew out of teething wall one of the other they used to say that about cesar millan world-famous dog whisperer yeah cesar millan all he would do is just tie the dog onto a treadmill and let the dog run for like four hours, and then the people would come back and they do like oh thank god you fixed it bring it stop.

Well that guy had a good method maybe we should just tie link to something well. What are you gonna do it for two weeks without link probably gonna be really sad i'm gonna go to hawaii yeah, he realized the next day that I was not kidding and now we're in hawaii so i'm sure my next vlog will probably have some hawaiian stuff, but in this one it's just all stuff from before hawaii, but anyways that's it for today's video please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it now give a shout out to some of my notifications on today that person is benji benji here's your shoutout this was for benjy yo-you is it this enough benjy you i'm not a friend of me.

You are my enemy I was just kidding you by homido me doo-doo-doo. I didn't spend a lot of time writing this rap for you in fact it was a freestyle because i'm in hawaii and I want to go paddleboarding right now, and I got a hurry but that was a pretty good rap for off the top of my head.

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