Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter Fight with Donald Trump Jr.

Hope you had a good weekend. I certainly did. My wife and I went to a wedding in central california on the weekend. on the way home our electric car ran out of electric.

i went and got a flu shot at walmart while it was charging for three hours. And I got in a fight with the president's son on twitter.

So just a normal regular -- you know, the usual weekend. On saturday morning my wife woke me up with the phone in her hand because president trump tweeted the following, late night hosts are dealing with the democrats for their very unfunny and repetitive material.

Always anti-trump. Should we get equal time? Which is an interesting question. especially as the president tweeted this demand for equal time after watching f fox & friends breathlessly drool about how great he is for three hours straight.

As far as being repetitive goes, I agree with donald trump. I hate it when people are repetitive. > > it's all fake news. ≫ > fake news.

≫ > fake news. ≫ > fake news. ≫ > fake news. ≫ > fake news. ≫ > believe me. ≫ > believe me. ≫ > believe me. ≫ > believe me. ≫ > believe me.

≫ > believe me. ≫ > believe me. ≫ > that I can tell you. ≫ > that I can tell you. ≫ > that I can tell you. ≫ > that I can tell you.

≫ > that I can tell you. ≫ > that I can tell you. ≫ > that I can tell you. ≫ > that I can tell you.

≫ > that I can tell you. ≫ > I guarantee you. ≫ > I guarantee you. ≫ > I guarantee you.

≫ > I guarantee you. ≫ > I guarantee you. ≫ > I guarantee you. ≫ > I guarantee you. ≫ > he referred to my hands if they're small something else must be small.

I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee. ≫ > jimmy: he also -- so -- we got that out of the way.

Put the tweet up again. Because he took the time with those little thumbs to put the word " unfunny" in quotes which means we have a president who doesn't know how air quotes work.

We basically from joey from " friends" running this country. I responded to president joey, then little joey, donald j. Trump jr, djtj, he got into it. He replied to me after I replied to his father.

He wrote thoughts on harvey weinstein, # asking for a friend. i don't know if you know this there's an expose in " the new york times" about sexual allegations made against the movie producer harvey weinstein who is not the president and isn't particularly well known outside of new york.

But the insinuation was that we as part of the biased left wing media propaganda machine wouldn't say anything about him because a democrat. Never mind the thousands of jokes about bill coz bowe and bill clinton and the other bill of that ilk.

You mean that big story from the failing liberal once headed " new york times"? I think it's disgusting. He replied great, I look forward to your monologues next week. You're probably due for a change if only for a moment or two.

I responded great, in the meantime, enjoy this. And I posted a link to the video of danny on the bus to hollywood clip. it just so happened to be the one-year anniversary of that taping release so I thought we should celebrate.

People are pointing to the fact that harvey weinstein was a clinton supporter -- i'm not defending hillary clinton. Fact is her campaign did take money from what turned out to be a high profile man who has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times.

Not just one. She took money from harvey weinstein and donald trump who donated to hillary's campaign. Note to djtj, just time you are defending your father, you think it's good to draw a comparison between him and a sexual predator? don't.

Doesn't help. But anyway -- i did make a promise. I did promise a harvey weinstein joke. here it goes. What's the difference between harvey weinstein and the pillsbury dough boy. When the pillsbury offers you a roll, he doesn't ask you to take a shower for it.

There you go. By the way, I have a question. The video of trump on the bus with billy bush, is there anyone in our audience who had not seen that before? Really? One? so we found the one person in america besides you who has not seen it yet because this person contacted me on instagram asking me to send this to him.

≫ > hey, yo, jimmy kimmel. I need you to send that footage, that bus footage with him talking about grabbing a , you know? I want to hear that.

Give it to me. Give me that footage, jimmy. It's snoop dogg. Send it to me. You know what i'm talking about. You shut his up.

Mm. send me that footage, jimmy. This is your boy snoop dogg. ≫ > jimmy: snoop is so high he doesn't know how to use google.

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