BEST OF Everybody Hates Chris

In bed-stuy getting a deal mint you watch something that was stole now everybody knew this stuff was stolen which is cool as long as it wasn't stolen from you I have any money, so what you got me nothing what you got beeman all yo-ho that might notice, dude, yeah right up the street.

I want you ain't say you know fat mike that might know him oh let me order done. Oh I sucked in every sport I tried baseball football like a pool I even tried bowling no nope let me go to dom cookie that's right cookie not cookies cookie a big bag, but one cookie in it yeah, but only two bites don't suck out all the chips like you did last time so why don't you let me hold it up in case you didn't know when a criminal says let me hold something that means you're never getting it back.

Let me hold your chance give me the money big man just watch where you point in it you tell me where to watch, i'll point this you better listen to you girl hey, that's not my girl, that's my wife save me come on just get the money and let's go no man big man over here trying to be a hero.

I got this man. I got this huh is that you it's me ricky remember from flatbush. I'm sorry I used to be at the club we shine and no remember we used to pop lard remember ricky edwards donna's problem oh till now how you been oh? I'm hanging in it okay, it's a shower so tight.

Why don't you just let us lie right man if it was up to me I would but my partner hazy, so, I don't have to put something in the bay we just put you in for some insane open a robbery julie's just give me money um can you just leave us a little bit for the babysitter, you know how it is you got kids boy? I got three two boys and a girl cool kids their blessing, ain't ya? Just give me a 20 and hurry up for my man see ya hurry up before my partner see ya, good see very hard are you to me? Hey don't tell nobody I did there man hold a dollar hey, chris how do you know this kick yeah sure you know that guy man your son shot them there did he sell drugs no kidding you boy man you son killed the governor kidnapped his daughter robbed the president and ran a red light hey, so no god, no, ma'am be risky mumbai boxes hey youngblood, I don't buy a cell what about this young no, thanks hey, you need a vcr.

I got one already got off the truck this morning really i'll take two I never realized the only stuff that sold on the street in my neighborhood was stolen stuff cookies they just fell out the truck this morning why did you say so the kid selling the cookies right off the truck how many you are not you're under arrest this is what the witness said he was a black male medium complexion about six foot four 230 pounds brown eyes he was wearing a scout uniform with a yellow beanie and yet on dark pants and size 14 dark shoes and a birthmark on the back of his left wrist oh and he walk with a limp.

This is what the cop heard He was black and black black black black black black black black black black black and get black black black black and a black yeah, and he walked with a black oh they'll do from across the street.

I want you. Let me hold a cord from across the street. I know you still would treat the treat. I'm just taking them let me also can let me hold a quarter subdue oh, man let me hold a dollar right quick take that quarter what hey little dude from across the street here you go there.

What's this robbed your grandfather a few times. I know you know hey lou do from across the street I know I know you want a dollar thanks no dude hey no, dude from across the street.

Let me hold your bag. Let me hold it down put me over corn own orders buddy hodo we hope dunk every loot dude on the block been trying to get next time little dude from up on the third floor little dude from around the corner blue dude with the funny leg little do with the little aw little dude that beep a big dude hey kenny sorry, though dude here's you doc.

Thanks can I help you yeah, i'm looking for chrissy black chrissy what the black chrissy black yeah, who are you? Who are you you don't ask me who I am you're knocking on my door.

You got a point i'm paulie the book paulie what the booking shecky the book he told me I could fight chrissy blackie chrissy black yeah, you meet chris whatever who am I talking to bro shelly the ma? Oh the mom oh, I thought you was a lady who are you going old? I don't mean like that look here shecky.

It's pauly, pauly. Yeah. I don't know what you're talking about, but i'm done talking about it look lady, i'm about to close this door and I suggest that your hand not be between it and the wall when I do understand schecky whatever I bet you a dollar you can't get now there are six units and twelve tenants in this building if x equals the number of units for televisions and y equals the people who had work right now.

How many tvs can we steal hey? Hey, oh, let me able to dollar what yeah if I was you i'd move on to his block and take a dollar from him every day for the rest of his life let me hold the doubt oh damn thanks go get me holden gonna papa gracia mano what you doing out there, don't you notice the kill on the streets let me hold it up be safe out here sounds crazy makes it I guess hey you think you can stop by and pick me up on your way home from school.

No I let me hold the dollar I need bus fare cool it off. My friend greg. He's staying at my house for a few days. Hey little white dude stand across the street let me hold it down nice shirt, no why do bout to go home let me hold it down sure see ya hey, no do from across the street let me hold it down runnin out a dollar a little dude on a date.

Let me hold on your money hallo do let me hold that tape let me know hey happy holidays will do let me hold a dollar.

I don't have any money, but I do have this christmas card thanks you owe me a dollar merry christmas in the spirit of christmas. I'll give you a dollar hey little dude let me hold it doc bout me a dollar here you go hey your own little do from across the street let me hold the dollar i'll let you hold twenty now you're faking that's right little dude this car is brand new, and i'm gonna let you have it for only three hundred dollars hey fool get off my new car let me hold it down.

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