Yesterday I asked you to let me fix your art and to do so i'll be using this fancy prancy chromebook today's episode is brought to you by chromebooks let's get this thing set up this

one comes with a writing utensil which is important because that's how we're gonna fix your art now here is a lovely portrait from a slim kim on twitter and we really should

take time to appreciate the artwork in this piece now the first thing you'll notice is she has no eyes that's that's problematic let's give her some little peepers boop next up

we're gonna put some lipstick right on our lips pucker up buttercup mortar mouth go don't worry guys I got it it's right here yeah but wait a tick where's your shirt why aren't

you wearing a shirt you got to put a shirt on dude come on I got a hot shirt for you though like really hot sure you're gonna love this shirt hold on you're gonna love your shirt

because your shirt isn't me big voice oh my god how cool is that wait a minute we need to give you a little arm that's right fellas she's got all four of her fingers hey man yep fixed your

art now josie from twitter you want me to color your little artwork here I think I can help you out I feel like coloring this shouldn't be too difficult right let's start the legs here

i'm gonna go with blue I feel like blue is a nice you know color for your your your fantasy character right because your character looks kind of elvish or maybe it's like those blue

people in avatar your body blue and your arms blue let's make your face blue yeah here we go that looks cool let's give you some more hair to likes give you like some spiky let's give you

some cool little tones here here's some eyes and then some cool white glove a shoot I just made you sonic didn't I yeah i'm pretty sure you're sonic now gotta go fast zoom I don't know

about you guys but I give this one an a+ here's one from nightly morning news on twitter looks like it's me with the guy from awana to timet oa very cute look fam squad is really well

drawn but my issue is why is he frowning so we're gonna turn that frown upside down I just gotta make him smile hey we'll give him some happy teeth teeth can be happy right oh you know

what I just noticed the forehead is not big enough now you probably noticed that too i'm sure let's do that add a happy little forehead here you guys so i'll just throw in some more

hair up top I had some texture in there I think that's how hair works I don't know and then last thing i'm going to delete the dog we don't need a dog up in there if anything the dog

distracts from the artisan ship nice now that's what i'm talking about oh wait I forgot the most important part you'll notice there's a signature there yeah now this one was a I did this

who did this check doug yeah much better new and improved now that's the spicy meat-a-ball shiny josie on twitter writes me me big disappointment please fix it it hurts to look at it yeah

josie it's kind of hurting me why are there so many foreheads and why are they connecting also I have a big problem with this whole area it is a big giant problem on can we yeah yeah I

thought so i'm dabbing on top of yeah uh-huh uh-huh oh god all right I know exactly how to fix this so the first thing I would do is make this as small as possible and then we are going

to throw it in the trash where it belongs boom fixture art here's a very detailed work of art by carlos on twitter illustrated the lovely still from alexander hamilton to best

president the world on or me now personally when I look at this I think it's a tad cartoonish I think the eyes are way too small so we're gonna make the eyes just a bit bigger nothing crazy

of course you don't want to go you know insane oh now you see it's starting to take it starting to take shape oh god this is looking really good now I need to be angrier oh that's

yeah yeah hell yeah uh-huh oh I want to get rid of the stubble because I am a clean-shaven man actually so let's just give myself a shave now I don't look like a criminal see you know

anyone can paint but no one can paint as well as I can then we have my john hancock and yeah all right I think I can work with this this is terrifying to look at honestly let's start by

getting rid of all those wrinkles huh i'm just like that you can take years off of him come on I don't have that many laugh lines do I oh man we're gonna make me look like the

youthful boy I am got so many bags under the eyes did you really have to do that oh god the neck is an absolute mess now that's a handsome looking fella if I say so myself next up we're

gonna give myself some sweet sweet bangs to just cover up all that forehead look at that and i'll just add up here yes ladies he's single just don't tell erin yeah boom hunka fide your art

dude hey sam drew you drew that a minyan holding the nepal flag obviously and a fitted spinner necklace now is it just me or does he kind of look like the kool-aid man no I think I think

we can do this so first we need to give him a handle yeah just like a little outline hey that's pretty good give him some feet I think this is one of those better in theory than in reality

nah i'm just playing this is awesome is it embarrassing to know that I will forever be a better artist than you one more thing we're gonna change that into a better flag oh say can

you just noticed that the minions dabbing now that is what I call a fixed pick oh wait I forgot to delete the fidgets spinner hold on bye-bye bye-bye that is grand no no no no no no

no no do not put jenna and her stupid dogs in my eye now all right we have a lot of fixing to do with this team jenna team me let's fix this we don't need any of this what I would like to do

is fix your labeling real quick hot garbage carefully retrace there we go give her a cool little mustache and a goatee because she's the devil let's change her hat so that it says

something a bit more accurate ah see that's way cooler yeah there you go guys pick a side pick a side although it's not terribly too difficult so this lovely person drew me as a furry so I

will attempt to fix this it is extremely well done but first off the shorts are too short much too short so we're going to extend the shorts down to about oh say there same thing on that

leg there we go and now the trickiest part i'm going to attempt to turn that into a human so first we have to very meticulously delete the face can it be done really is magic you

know now we can start making a face and he's like yeah oh okay see that's cool that works shoot the tail you're right I forgot the tail hold on and there goes the tail yeah say this is pretty

therapeutic you know fixed your furry here's some cool art all I want for christmas is the ibook merry christmas lit fam also fixed my art the only way I would make this work of art even

better is by adding the url for the ibook at the bottom just so people know exactly where to get it oh my gosh I did it again I fixed it today's episode was made possible by chromebooks

chromebooks have apps for everything including how to defer reaiize people work smarter play games and connect with your friends with your favorite google play apps apps

like netflix and spotify and adobe photoshop sketch chromebooks start up in seconds and don't slow down over time a new chromebooks have batteries that last at least 10 hours so

you leave the charger at home that means you can binge an entire season in one charge pull an all-nighter without plugging in listen to an artist entire discography before grabbing the

power with chromebook your files are never lost are constantly saved and are always safe you can also access your files on your phone tablet or other device also a number of these

chromebooks feature stylus enabled and fully rotating touch screens they're great for everything from watching your favorite shows to illustrating your own comic to learn more

about chromebooks click the link in the description below oh I have a question for you what are you doing for new year's eve please subscribe for more art also click right here to see the

previous guy episode uh here's a clip what's your first sona sonic the sponge hog sunny the horch egg sanic the hedgehog what's persona i'm sorry for sona 5 is the sixth game in the

four sonís series

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