I let 10 kids edit my video & this is what they sent back

All right so like a month ago I got this email from some random fella and he asked if he could add a video all that matter a video and it it turns into a whole thing will bo

tell us what's going on here why are you adding alright that's really weird so anyways since that moment my business email business email it's just been flooded with kids

asking if they can edit videos so i've recorded something for them twitter you want to see it it's 45 seconds hope you enjoy a back flip how cool was that oh no what's

happening right now my face it's going all swirly what is this make it stop ah so what we're gonna do is we're gonna send it to all of the people that have asked if they can

edit a video and i'm gonna say you've got 24 hours you don't get impaired for it do something cool i'm very bored months or I would like to apply for editing a video

sure thing he attached a picture of big truncus to use here is a video for you to edit so we've linked the video I look forward to working with you you have 24 hours yeah I want to

release the video this week i'm putting it in bold so they know I mean business i'm also gonna put no follow-up emails next time I hear from you I expect the completed

project i'm just trying to keep my business email tidy and we end that with our name get that coffee to save us a bit of time next time let's send a video to a da so i'm a

great editor any of my friends would agree but why classmates love my editing I do for project sounds great they egor me all right see you later next elliot one of your videos

please i'm so good like wilbur thank you next i'd like to add a video for you so enough to post it I want to try your army of a drug i'm a 16 year old teenager recently automatic

software why not me if you'd be so kind as to send some unedited clips to play around with i'd send you the edited clip if you want as ren this sounds perfect this person says my

name is holly and i'm nine years old and they attached a picture of their dog okay i'm very interested to see what happens here said this guy's been editing for 11 years now there

you go i'm not expecting a response from everybody but i'm expecting to see some cool stuff for quite a few I don't need to get paid or anything that's all I need to hear this guy's

been editing youtubers vids for two years now very big names yeah alright man knock yourself out this one's very important hello there sir i'm not even gonna read it i'm just

gonna send it there you go i've heard the voice of god from the heavens above and he is telling me your future and all boy or boy is it not pleasant alright then send

umberto via says I could make you have a way better face than vortex face i'm excited to see it amber my name is jeff jeff blah blah blah blah alright jeff they go off on sun

this one was sent on christmas day that is some priorities I can get behind send message from editing messiah himself send i'm getting into video editing knock yourself

out have a good one oh jesus christ yep okay that's all I needed to see send wilbur and kai up to anything let's see what you've got three eds each or two a thing even though i'm

just an 11 year old sixth grader i'm very good with electronics and you sound like the perfect man for the job send I accept $10 of p right delete this guy's good at keyframing

swirly face vortex face nonsense I could combine them and mix a swirl tex face that is what I want to see send your man I want to edit your vids min come on don't be like that

okay then send oh what on earth is what the christ is all of the I don't care send I think that's whoa look how many emails i've just sent hopefully a few of those will

actually get back to us in 24 hours and then we can review their work and we could find out if they're the right person for the job let me blow the time-travelling kazoo oh it has

been exactly 24 hours and all my goodness we've had about 13 people actually get back to us this is gonna be interesting this the raw footage I sent them it's so tricky

editing making that look good so I don't know how this is gonna work I don't know if you're gonna have me reacting to it or if you don't need me let's just see what happens ah I

have to request request access to view the that file broke me you got american making public or what about this one no about this one from this fella yeah right this guy he got

back to me in two hours and he said your back flip was so intense my video editing software crushed twice by the way man i'm excited oh hey hey what's our little slide flush a

text where jack where you going how cool was that oh no what's happening right now my face it's going all swirly what is this obviously guy's prom win brian me I loved it it's

actually like all right would it let's give him a clap right ryan may you have set the bar high all right next we've got live bean burritos he sent us of the video very very

quickly I think he did it in about three hours as well okay right it looks like off the but he's changed the color correction of it all i'm about to do a backflip you took the

easy way all that in your five baby look make it someone do a back flip it's super easy my editor kai is going to show you all how it's done here already and I know on the

original video I sense it went out of focus when I did the buck flip but if anything I just makes it easier if you know what you're doing anyway five baby class oh no what's

happening right now my face also dragon on the surface this make it stop manu people are actually talented the point of this was to get a lot of crap orders that I

could laugh at also side note before we go any further my business email is my business email I will not be doing this again if anyone sends me a non-business related email you

can't block alright tom what you got for us oh thank god a somewhat actually quite the beginning bit and what they're very good oh no what's happening right now my face it's

going all swirly I like it tom tom you've done a very good job okay now food he did all bide by the nor follow-up emails rule as he sent many emails but anyway at the end

they'll actually send something let's take a look at it I know why is this one a much bigger file in all of the others prune what have you been up to oh it's one minute

thirty why's this and all that it went blurry when I did the backflip but all you need to do is just cut me out add a slight blur effect to me korea a blur effect with the room

which you can do by slicing this part of the frame up and then because of the blur blends in them a bit you don't have this issue where it clearly looks caught out come on

guys how cool was that it was really something oh no no one did lasers so far as well I wanted laser sky do some lasers pew pew pew bank sky I can rely on you you don't worry

caillou save what's happening right I knew someone would do a wilbur arg thing you've got 10 seconds to keep my interest me no thank you not today alright noodle what you got

for us oh my god okay hello jack viewers it's me jack on the-- oh oh oh oh wow not really though but who cares join my free v bucks gift card giveaway and subscribe the channel

from me let's begin with the epic video let's have a replay i'm not sure you quite got away with that one how cool was that oh no what's happening right now my face it's

going all swirly what is this make it stop thanks noodle very good daisy's twitter gigi all right what's a star one two three go for me he's showing it down to 22

seconds from an original 44 seconds long video file that's 50% cutouts how cool was that you guys really struggled with the backflip he got the pew pew lasers thoughts there we

know what's happening right now my face that was a good one i'm loving this you have some tons of people then please write what's jeff got for me oh he's got some sound

effects how cool was that nice nice I like the pews jesus christ but I think we might have a new winner for the swirl effect the budget definitely went into the swirls

rather than the balance jeff jeff very impressed with that one nicely done i'm pleased to inform you i've completed an lsat the video you gave me I made the video super lit i'm

very excited why why oh my goodness can we just get to the swirly effects please yes it's going all swirly what is this make it stop no bud okay we have literally just

three more people who got back to me within the 24 hours let's say they did enjoy what's happening right now oh this guy wrote a novel I hope you like it I was clearly shown my

editing surpasses all the other compositions sorry kai if you are editing this video a backflip how cool was that I never thought that i'd fight what should people try and

edit me doing a backflip it's just the best content on oh this is good oh no what's happening right now my face is going a lot of people have done that a little cough bit at the

end for comedic effect and I think it's interesting to see people's minds work the same way but then also say in the differences I feel like i've gotten too heavy there

we're just watching kids try and make me backflip we've got one last one it is the last video a touch dated video there are a few places where the clip got a little rough

around the edges but it's up to you also when you did your back flip your camera go out of focus it was all part of the plan ryan all part of the plan oh here we go just

distract the views with a zoom transition best way to do it what's happening right now my face oh they got the swirl I didn't think they'd be able to do it the thumbnails my

favorite part ryan you did a great job as well well played all 13 of you i'm actually quite impressed I was actually a really interesting little video on a cool little

experiment and I just wanted to be on record that it was my own idea original content thank you so much watch this video thank you diff I had a guy who edited a video of me

watching people edit a video that I sent them the youtube 2090 it's a strange landscape if you enjoyed this video click that like button down below if you want to see me do

more stuff like this then I mean all the comments also if you have not yet subscribed we upload basically every day i'm sure there's something you'd be interested in so click that

subscribe button now you so much watching and i'll see you all next time ah no what's happening what's happening to my face guy no guy I trusted you I trusted you

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