Roger Stone’s Arrest Reveals a Racial Double Standard - Between the Scenes

I really find, i find it funny how trump has stumbled across many of the things he has ridiculed black people for in america and he doesn't even see the irony in all of this.

You know? For years, like, when it came to the fbi and law enforcement, all of that, black people would be like, eh they have too much power, it's crazy how they can just say things about you.

And then, you know, trump will be like, you should go to jail, you should- and then now, he's like, have you seen how much power they have folks? (Audience laughing) they can do whatever they want, take your life away.

I mean listen to the thing they keep on saying about all of the people who've been arrested. It's not just roger stone. They did it with manafort, they always bring up the same thing.

They go, he's a 60 year old man. (Audience laughing) is he gonna spend the rest of his life in jail? And that's literally, literally what communities of color have been saying in america for decades.

They're like, you're gonna let someone spend the rest of their life in jail because of, because of a mistake they made? I'm not disputing that they broke the law but they're gonna spend the rest of their lives in jail and the people are like, well you break the law you pay the price.

That's what it's all about. And now, all of trump's people, this is the sixth person now, all of them are goin' to jail, all of them. And now trump is like, did you see? In the middle of the night! (Audience laughing) you're like, and? They came into his house.

(Audience laughing) 'cause that's where he was! (Audience laughing) we're just like, yeah, that's what it is. These guys are genuinely shocked when the police use the same force on them that they've been using on so many other people in the country unchecked.

'Cause that's what i'm saying, i do think it's extreme. I'm like, american police, especially if you do travel the world, weird flex, you'll see, (audience laughing) you'll see how, like, it's just police are militarized in america in a way they aren't in most developed nations.

You know? Like, it's so weird for me, every time I go back to south africa, i'm reminded. I'm like, oh yeah, being a policeman just means that you are a citizen who has the job of enforcing the law but it doesn't put you at a different level, it doesn't mean you can treat people like shit, it doesn't- you, i'll talk to a police officer, I can disagree with them, I can argue, still respectful, of course, for they can arrest you if you go too far but it's not like i have to be afraid.

You know, I don't have to be afraid of the person. I remember once, I was driving in south africa with my american friend and the cop car in front of me, he wasn't paying attention and he like swerved into my lane and so then I hooted at him, I honked.

I was like, beep, and then the went back in and my friend was like, what are you doing? I was like, what he came in to my lane! I was like, the guy almost, that's why you honk and tell them and he's like, you can't honk at the cops.

I was like, but, but i did, he's still a driver. I mean if the guy is driving and he does something, i've gotta honk and tell him, hey man.

And then like in america, I learned, you can't even drive past the cops. That's like the weirdest thing for me. When I first moved here, i lived in california and I was on the freeway and I didn't know like the rules of america and so I was just like, follow the speed limit and i'm driving and all the cars are going slower and i'm like, you guys are idiots, i'm gone.

(Audience laughing) and i'm going 55, havin' a good time, 55. And there was a cop car and then I just drove past it. Right? But the cop car was going like 40.

I was going at the speed limit and then the cop car like, came up here, and this is the funniest thing, 'cause the cop car came up behind me and then like, wooo.

And then I was like, in my head, 'cause I had done nothing wrong, look at the speed- i'm like, oh, he wants to go past so I moved one lane over and then the cop car came behind me and then he was like, wooo.

And I was like, go around, man. And then I came back, (laughs) (audience laughing) and then I came back into the lane and then he came back. Then I was like, this guy. (audience laughing) like, I thought we were doing that thing on the sidewalk, you know when someone like, like you do that, I didn't think he was trying to stop me.

I was just like, go around, man, come on. And then finally he was like, pull over, pull over. And then we pulled over and then he gave me a long speech.

He was like, sir, you know, uh, you drove past me. And I was like, uh huh? And he's like, well, you know, uh, I don't know where you're from but out here, uh, cops, we don't like to be passed.

(Audience laughing) I was like, wow, okay. I was like, some serious toxic masculinity right there, my friend. Like, I didn't know, I was like, you just don't like to be passed? And then he explained, no we do it for traffic.

So, if you see a cop car just stay behind it, don't, you know. Then I learned from then on, that you don't pass them quickly, you gotta gradually, (audience laughing) so if the cop's going 40 you go like 41.

(Audience laughing) we slowly go past the cop car. Then you wait for a truck to come between you and then you fly, ahhh! (Audience laughing) (upbeat music).

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