Tumblr Awards v77

Lies top 10 biggest problems with modern spongebob it's 45 minutes long surprised that I still haven't seen a social blogger complaining about a white dragon being stronger than a

black one hashtag blue-eyes white privilige weet-bix the dry crumbly wheat shit cakes of satan himself do not recommend friend having an affair we cater you know what this adultery

needs sandwiches that's what I was gonna say i'm putting this website bop it twist it turn it kill your parents pop it white pop it only goes to the next action if you actually do the one

before it I managed to turn everything into crap wow yes that's called digestion my drug dealer cracks me up a sign in braille that says do not touch I did not see that coming when

you go to pet a dog and it growls at you i've learned how to hashtag they're evolving you can tell a lot about a person by what's on their playlist I have a track which is just

a goat screaming for 14 minutes these are their stories malcolm we have to cook every time you paint a row it gets fractionally smaller my kind of princess gear somewhere merida is

rejoicing jellyfish apocalypse not coming disappointing that face when your series is long dead but your owners just won't let you rest in peace it's a circle I doesn't matter

which way you cut it you just turn tge circle it's a fuckin circle from what level of hell was this retrieved why would you cover up that absolute masterpiece teenage mutant ninja

turtles now hiring inquire within so I was walking around campus and I found this on the sewer drain outside my door betrayal I wouldn't let david electrocute himself so i'm the asshole

i'll see you in hell you mailman piece of shit do people wear glasses during sex or is it just like you're blind and everything's a surprise something went horribly wrong and dylan sprouse

came out looking like a hot teen boy and kohl's crusty asses out here looking like a damn founding father of the united states breaking good i'm gonna fucking cry omg achon you is at

the wall hashtag hashtag huns attack now all of china knows your hair perfect dead yes i'm go yes I play hoop with stick girl gamer only 1400s kids will get this I went to lookout

cootie found love at first sight that I fucked up cuda foutre come short I fucked up so much I didn't know it was possible to fuck it up this match my brother from another mother steve from

smash mouth together they form a complete goatee why do stores always say gifts for her who is she why are millions of americans being encouraged to buy gifts for this entity someone

explain we must appease her what if whenever you practicals your finger started to glow like glow sticks it's 2 a.M. Somewhere the old razzle-dazzle who issue people who put their hair in

buns why I could really go for some hardcore sax right now stop them following me I made soy milk I don't think that's how it's made my olympic condoms have finally arrived think I

wear gold tonight maybe you can wear silver instead and come second for a change scientists could scour the arctic for decades and never find anything colder than this summer looks

this post is ruining my life confirmed spider-man eats ass I knew it chris mallard andry the man who has made millions from millions end him I was out yesterday and I saw dumb blood or

just casually getting gas expect oh petroleum looks retarded and stupid stop looking at your mom and scroll up to the video you hideous nipple you hideous nipple I say the whole world

must learn of our peaceful ways by force us politics vegans I love writing the asterisk cks course ready for second plate excellent finished do not like plate etiquette I did not

notice the plate has become sentient and now hungers for flesh roses are red i'm stuck in a ditch you're not cheddar you're just some common bitch laters pronounced like paid but not

said answer is pronounced like bread but not beaten beaters pronounced like lead but not led the sexual tension when you find out who picks you in heads down thumbs up me starting a new

game i'm gonna be evil this time me five minutes into said game being mean is not nice store is locked oh no only pocket of girls can shop here this store acquires you to have at least

eight friends invite friends my friends oh my friends shout out the phones for pause in music when you unplug headphones because i'm really not out here to blast water who buy a

bow to a train full of people hm you hit mira hm you inside can't hit up you'll already know wtf going on I 100% do not the more I look at this image the more confused I become

remember kids the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down this is a quote on my ap bio teachers wall just kinda wannabe brahmas and eat fruit in peace

tbh so didn't even look where that gutter I don't know about you but there are days when I could go for being brahmas eating fruit and bringing about the downfall of man

reblog if all you want to do is be braless and eat fruit and bring about the downfall of man cute fact of the day there are billions of bugs flying above us at all times this makes me

feel so uneasy cute fact all of them are looking directly at you tries to get eight hours sleep in three hours i'm not even a second choice i'm like an eighth choice sometimes a temp can

the united states just chill for one day which the usa hasn't chilled since fuck boy chris sailed his ass here by mistake the baby is hungry when the sun hits your laptop screen just right

when somebody is bringing up something embarrassing you did did the past really happen my aunt surprised her students with some delicious brownies for april fool's day say it ain't so I

will not go turn the lights off dispositor I hate the fact that the sentence man is red because we ate them is factual i'm sorry what i'm so happy to be the one to introduce you

to the horrible few hundred years where europeans regularly consumed ground egyptian mummies beginning of joke I honestly don't understand this joke and it's frustrating me well I

guess you're missing though why this bitch throwing butterflies in that barn why would you want to save the galaxy because i'm one of the idiots who lives in it the most logical

argument i've ever seen a hero use it really was a refreshing change of pace from its the noble thing to do she loves me they love me I love me buster is a true advocate for confidence and

self-love now video games haven't made me violent by they have made me feel like i'm supposed to pick this up i'm going to name my daughter casserole so then she'll get the nickname kass and

people will be like oh kass is short for cassandra right and she will have to explain to them her name is casserole i'm like 25% funny and 85% bad at math that's 110 percent wait I

just got the joke do you ever recall what you did as a child and you're just like why the fuck when somebody sends you a cute message and you don't know how to reply joe you're doing it

wrong andy however has got it spot-on i'm laughing the cos pd has a picture of her and marceline in her wardrobe they are literally in the closet how do you get square balloons blow square

breaths the fuck is this bullshit I don't even want a translation this is the funniest thing ever make a joke your parents already did you'll be compost in my new world dog head caps

head australia well there's another thing i'll never run see are you telling me that australia is cap dog just found out neanderthal passed on the dna for depression and now we know

why they stayed in caves and painted horses all fuckin day reblog if you're a depressed neanderthal who stays in their cave and paints horses all fuckin day what if we are all

minecraft creations and the blocks are just really really tiny atoms thought I saw a shooting star but the neighbors above me are flicking cigarette butts out the window what

house he song is this my favorite haunted house experience was when a werewolf after growling in our faces and effectively freaking out my siblings stepped on my shoe and he

said in the softest voice imaginable oh sorry in case you've ever wanted to see a fish yawn here's my clownfish this is definitely an 11 out of 10 I wonder if my ancestors are smiling

upon me sometimes you making a little thing with clay the ghosts of australopithecus yes yes yes yes I finally got my average resting heart rate down to 65 beats per minute only

65 more to go mode do you ever hate someone so much but you don't even have a valid reason you're just like no and then they give you a reason and it's like I fucking knew it how to

clean all your fruits at once dump all your fucking fruit in the dishwasher like a stupid piece of shit i'm waking up from ash and dust I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust i'm breathing in

the chemicals skype startup noise wilhelm scream I just find it's so weird that our reading voice obeys instruction set by little squiggles and dots even if they don't make sense

this makes me very angry I hate when people ask me what i'll be doing in one year come on guys I don't have 20/20 vision this is the last year that we can make this stupid joke so

i'm going to make the most of it and post it every day until 2020 you get a virus from a marine biology website and it replaces all the text in the documents on your computer with this

how many times have I licked the salt lamp in my room since I got it well that is just my own sweet and sexy secret opie is a dear carol marx let me hit your joelle bro our dual pop's

my throat open and starts shooting out my vertebra like a pez dispenser wow you really just type that up I try not to post tumblr ads but this one is so god damn funny one day I will be

strong and punch the sun oh yeah pretty sure that's not possible so up I will punch it look buddy if you try and punch the sun your hand is just gonna get burned off not really sure

what you're expecting here i'm gonna punch it real hard i'm limiting myself to one drink tonight literally me you know you're fucked when someone is so fine you can't even look at them

directly you got a glance at them out of the corner of your eye like you looking at the sun how was zootopia okay I said I wasn't a furry despite all my job i'm still just a rat in a

town me thinks about cuddling for two minutes me at myself shut the hell up you aren't in a john green novel grow up and move on me I love animal crossing so much my abandoned villages

no you don't country girls okay but imagine supernatural but with drake and josh this is the worst day of why cause we're stuck in hell no because it's a little humid yes because we're

stuck in hell underwater graveyard where is this underwater thanks cow belly let's go baby the monetization is drunk going to to stop a migration of chop innovation and content

creation and others rise on these data and got inspiration to drop a new cake on top of your faces amok in the face of the clock is still raising there's impatient monster is later not just

escape news rod-like became you to be praying thought she would make a toast all the creator who want to get paid for their awesome creation so take the advice of a god in the bay oh my god

says calvetti tv gets more traffic than a metropolis yes bitch that

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