Tips for Self-Introduction in a Personal Interview

Who's going to take your interview pritesh yes yaa pritesh please come in thank you sorry can I take a chair yaa pritesh please have a seat thank you yaa pritesh can I see your resume can you tell me something about your self yes my name is pritesh damania and I pass out the my bcom graduation in the year 1996 from mumbai university currently im working with the bfs global services pvt ltd. services / as a manager finance and i'm reporting to witty finance and i m handling the team of 20 people under me and regarding my family background I have seven members in my family my father, mother, my wife my daughter and my brother ok pritesh good ok what have you observed till now hello what have you observed one at a time when he apologized so there's gold up our medical work i'm very happy you're giving some positive for the start look at the start of it that's one second he introduce himself as well as his family background and maybe. Yeah leaving he didnt wish you actully this is not general gesture not that you

really bad wish me but it is officially the initial evening what else did you observe he told so much what you didnt ask him ok ya he told to much in detail yaa much of you know that he was going to tell blood group of his family member also unless I stopped him by the way this is the only opportunity you are getting to see other people getting interviewed so be very observant right how many of you have ever got any such opportunity to see other people getting interviwed never right nobody gets oppurtinity to get a so much feedback lets utilize this opportunity what else what else to did you absorb many things to observe of how did he enter it was ok or not ok to ok knocking the door is fine can I come in ya so can I come in but actually you only say please come in how was his entry i'm not dead I didn't know what he was not comfartable he was little nervous little bit in hurry to come correct yeah also the way he adjusted to the chair was little difficult right struggling a little bit you could have just straightly a very smartly open this settled yourself and then closed it clear that was one

also when you are speaking pritesh you are speaking very fast so you are trying to kind up hurry up in the hurry up of you are saying that you nervous so because you're hurring up I may not notice that you're hurring up up but I get the feeling that you're nervous that's the communication anybody will get yeah that's important what else his english was good five to seven lines about yourself your name which company do you work what designation since how long and total professional experience that you have where do you stay stay and your educational qualification one line of about your family member right and any one thing extra that you want to say

that's all five to six line and that's all because the hr manager now i don't know what is really in the industry but I can tell you from my experience of taking interview hundreds and hundreds of people and me working in corporates for 12 years then hr managers are generally just wants to know the highlights of yourself right and if the hr manager wants to know anything else than what you have said then just he or she will ask you tell me more about your family and tell me more about your experience tell me more about your education then you need to expand then what is the reason for this question tell me something about your self what is the purpose of this question how effectively you can explain yourself what what what is the

purpose of this knowledge about that person not superficial key highlights what is what else the purpose of this question right this is a standard question first question always in an interview yes or no yes yeah so what is the purpose the what is the objective what is the purpose of this question only for comfortability of that candidate yeah correct so it is actually called the icebreaker question icebreaker means what you have just come in you just came in I can't directly talk to you about your salary expectation or about your job about your experience right I want to make you comfortable at the same time what have you observed when he is talking who is observing, who is observing interviewer have you any time of observed if two people are communicating and one is

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