Heat Press Transfer Vinyl Tutorial - 2010 Edition

Customizing apparel with cadcut materials is very easy, especially when you have the right tools. Stay tuned and i'll show you how in five, four, three, two, one. (Sound effects) announcer: ladies and gentlemen welcome to our feature presentation.

In this video you'll learn how to customize t-shirts, performance wear and more, with just a heat press and a vinyl cutter. . We'll teach you how to cut it, weed it, heat apply it and profit, all in under ten minutes.

Now on to our show. Hi i'm josh ellsworth with stahls' cadcut direct and josh ellsworth dot com, and i've been helping people like yourself get in the business of customizing apparel for years.

The process is really simple with cadcut films. First you take your roll and load it into the cutter. I've already done that.

Let me send my job. Simply hook the cutter up just like a printer to your computer with a usb, serial or parallel port, create a vector graphic, whether that's in corel draw, adobe illustrator, free design software cadworx live dot com, flexisign, you name it.

Create the design, output to the cutter. The cutter cuts with a blade on the heat applied film. Let me show you a little bit about this film. I've cut a strip of the film off to show you.

And basically, it's three layers. So I have the backing layer which is a heat activated adhesive, this is the side that the machine does all the cutting on. I have the skin layer, which is this red color that's laminated to the adhesive.

You can't separate these two layers. This is the part that actually shows right side up on the garment, the t-shirt that we're gonna decorate. And this is the pressure sensitive or the mylar backing.

So you should be able to separate the film from the mylar backing. And we're gonna show you this during the weeding process. How the mylar holds all of the design elements together when i'm completing the weeding process.

So that's simple. You purchase the heat applied film in a roll, create your design, load the film in your cutter, and send it to cut. Right now i'm cutting a job to decorate three different types of garments.

So we're gonna complete the cutting process, the weeding process and the heat application process all in under ten minutes. Actually the labor component of this is only gonna take about five minutes.

So while it's finishing up cutting take a look at some of these other designs that we created with heat applied graphics. (Music) (music) (music) (music) pretty cool stuff. But before we get too fancy, let's get the basics down.

This has been cut; let's trim it off to weed. Trim it off with a razor blade. Position it on a nice well lit table. Grab your weeding tool, looks like a dental pick or you can use tweezers or an exacto knife, and simply separate the layers to weed.

You can see my design has been kiss-cut up and to the mylar layer but not through it. So it's cut just deep enough so my material pulls away nicely to reveal my design, but my plastic or mylar backing is still all together in one piece, to hold everything together.

So with this particular job, cut three designs, and ganged up the images. And you can see for each design it takes me about a minute to weed. Here's one let me just trim this design off and i'll prepare one for application, show you the whole process.

Take my pick tool and go out and pick out the centers of the design. This material has a sticky backing so if you accidentally pull up the dot of the I or part of the design, you simply position it back down.

So there's one ready to apply. Now let's prepare the rest. (Music) (music) (music) (music) (music) ok watch how simple this is for heat application. Simply set your temperature, time and pressure on a heat press to what you like so I have it 320 degrees, for this film the time is 10 seconds, and then the pressure is adjusted here for this press and i'll lock it down to feel whether it's a light, medium or heavy.

This press also has a digital readout that tells me that. Load the garment. Preheat to remove moisture and wrinkles. Position the design.

Press it on. Takes me about 10 seconds to load the garment, 10 seconds to press the design and 2 seconds to peel it off. That's a completed garment that's not going to crack, peel or fade.

So it's very simple to do one garment. If I want to continue on with this, let's decorate a couple more different types of fabrics.

Did the basic t-shirt. Let's do a women's cut t-shirt with kind of a really soft feel or a distressed look. Pre-heat.

Position. Press it on. (Music) remove the backing. Two shirts done. And the last shirt, we got a performance fabric. Load it; make sure there's no seams or wrinkles in my way.

Pre-heat. Position. Press it on. (Music) remove the backing. It's that simple with cadcut materials. Now how much does it cost to make this particular garment or to make these three shirts? I know from experience that I have about a dollar in labor per shirt.

It took me 5 minutes to complete three shirts. So that equals out a dollar in labor per shirt. The design here is 5 inches by 12 inches. So I have 60 square inches in material and waste in this design.

At about a penny a square inch per land it cost the material; I have about 60 cents in material cost. That's land and material costs. So that cost about a dollar sixty per garment for labor and materials.

Add a little bit of overhead and i'm about at $2.00 a garment. If I was to screen print these three shirts, it's gonna cost me twenty bucks or $25.00 just to set up the screen.

Amortize that over three garments i'm already up to $7.00 cost just in covering the screen not to mention the ink, the clean-up, the mess.

So customizing with a heat press and a vinyl cutter, cadcut materials is very simple and easy to do. So get started in this today, all you need is a heat press, a vinyl cutter and a heat applied film supplier.

That's were we come in, cadcut direct. Stay tuned and watch this commercial to learn about our company and how you can buy heat applied films direct from the manufacturer. (Music) (music) do you own a heat press and a vinyl cutter; we are stahls' cadcut direct.

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