OBS, DayZ, TeamSpeak 3 Granular Control Of Audio In Twitch Streams

Hello hello hello, this broadcast is gonna be in regards to streaming to twitch through obs and how to set up your audio, your mics, and whatnot so that you have total control over who hears what.

Title of it is open broadcaster software dayz and teamspeak audio traffic for broadcasting live to to twitch streams. Okay, first off your gonna have to going download some software it's a virtual audio cable driver system and the links will be down below basically just go down below click on a link and i'm good on about halfway down the page here i'll show it to you right here this is the page it will send you to, scroll down to right here and download it.

It will popup and install it like you would anything else. I do believe you're gonna need some un-archiving software or something like it's a zip package extracting it and run the set up 64 the regular setup file for whatever system you have on these lines represent certain types of audio and where they go as you can see here I get my headset and I have my mic I want my mic output to go to teamspeak.

I also wanna go to my game dayz and if I want my twitch followers to hear what i'm saying while i'm talking in the game I also need to set up a key for obs and that'll be the same as whatever the game is in this case default is caps lock okay so basically I hit a key I talk to teamspeak, I hit another key i talk to twich followers and I and another key and I talked to the game, inside the game but to do that you have to install an extra audio driver because windows by itself I could not get it to do it even with the mixer turned on it still wouldn't do it for me so i downloaded the virtual audio cable and I set a couple of defaults.

The first default you need to set is your playback. Playback default needs to be the cable input and you basically right click on playback scroll down until you find your virtual device that you installed mine is already defaulted but you right click and right under this option here will be set as default, click it and this turns green alright now go to your recording tab go to your mic whatever you use talk with and the same thing if this is green you'll have a little option here to set as default click it.

A little green arrow pops up you're good to go click ok right now we set up our two defaults what we need to do next is set up our software so we're going to do is go into teamspeak I have it open right here, let me bring it down to you, go into settings.

Options. Playback. And you gonna set your playback mode to direct sound, or i believe the windows audio session will work also but i'm using direct and sound seems to be working for me also you need to set your backback device now we already set a default device in our first section here so that's what your going to set it to is to default if your done here click on capture next your going go to your capture again capture mode is going to be automatically use best mode and your capture devices also set to default which is the mic.

Okay you can set mic if you want but just use default cause you already set it keeps things simple also to you need to set your push to talk if you want to keep your keep more control of what audio goes where and my mine set to control.

Click ok your done here next thing you need to do is set up your obs here's my obs. It running, it's also recording this video go to settings. Audio. And set your desktop audio devices to default as i do here and your microphone auxiliary audio device to default as well which is your mic.

Okay, also to obs is wonderful because you can set up to two push to talk keys. Now normally I only have one because I don't really care if people hear what i'm saying inside the game I only care about what they hear when i'm answering chat messages but if you want when you're talking in the game you want your twitch followers to hear that set it same key in this case mine will be caps lock.

Set it. Apply. And forget it dayz has no way in setting up audio devices in the game. It's still an alpha release and it's very very virgin as you might say it's got a lot of work that needs to be done on it so this is the only way I could find to have granular control over where my audio goes some of the benefits here you can see is that I didn't want teamspeak being broadcast over twitch because all that chatter just makes for extra noise and i don't want to give my followers that.

You can if you want to it's up to you. To me it's a privacy issue so that's why I do it. It also keeps the noise clutter down and it lets the followers focus more on the game and not all the chit-chat.

Also to why set each key for applications I didn't want twitch viewers thinking i was talking about a chap post when I was really talking to team mate in teamspeak.

I really didn't want that confusion and for those who do not have a private and quiet room like I do, I live in a very small house with a large family it gets rather noisy and by pressing a key I control when audio out and where it goes so for me that's great like I said earlier if you want to have your audio going to your game and to you twitch followers make sure that secondary binding key is the same as what's in the game and everybody's happy I think that's about it let me pull up dayz real quick and give you a for-instance now you hear dayz now, what i'm going to do is, I am going to go into settings put on my talk keys and go push-to-talk once I apply this I have to push buttons you can hear me so now i'm pressing my mouse button 4 and i'm able to talk to my twitch followers and let me click back in here and now i'm able to talk to both in game and my twitch followers at the same time.

Right now obviously it's not talking in game cause I have no game playing, but it will work once I do it because I can hold down my control key or I mean my mouse 4 key if I want to or just hold down my caps lock key and everybody in dayz can hear me so basically this is the outline, mic goes to teamspeak obs and dayz all on separate keys these two can be on the same key if you set it through obs audio only goes to the headset from teamspeak and only from the game which is all there is really and my audio out through obs to twitch and from the game, audio out from the game to twitch now if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below.

Like I said the link for virtual audio cable will be also post below and don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more educational and entertaining videos that i'll be putting out in the future also hit my twitch.

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