Playhouse Challenge: Halloween Mystery Box

Mother goose club playhouse! Playhouse challenge: halloween mystery box! Hi everyone and happy halloween! today kendra, gianna and i will be doing a halloween feel box challenge. we're all dressed up in our best costumes and ready to go. i'm just clowning around! and I come in peace! and i'm your host! today we are going to do a halloween-themed feel box challenge! it's going to test our sense of touch! and we're going to touching lots of spooky items! all right, let's get started! what kind of halloween spooky object is in this box? this feels like. slimy. slinky. worms! i'm pretty sure it's. it's chilly.

Monkey brains! all right! Gianna, you said slimy, slinky worms. and kendra you said chilled monkey brains. time to see who is correct. it's actually. . Only a bowl of spaghetti! what? you've been tricked at today's playhouse challenge! no treats? no treats! Just tricks today! all right! what kind of a halloween spookiness is in this box? these feel round. .

And kind of squishy. it's gotta be. witches eyeballs! squishy. . With extra squishiness. are they witches toes? all right ladies, time to see the who is correct! this is actually. .

Only a bowl of olives! really? Oh my goodness! objection your honor! you have once again been tricked. . By today's playhouse challenge! all right! zero to zero! it's a tie game folks! all right! let's see what kind of halloween spookiness is in this box! these are wrinkly. soft.

and creepy! hmm. zombie ears! your turn! spongy. curvy. dried up bat tongues? all right, who ever gets to this question right, wins the game! gianna, you said zombie ears.

and kendra, you said dried up bat tongues. it's actually only a bowl of dried up apricots! what! even my antennas are getting tricked! but, they.

They do kind of look like dried up bat tongues. but it's all about the tricks today! So no points! it's not fair! yeah, it's not fair! no candy? well. they do taste very good! sort of like candy! here try one! okay, thank you. sure, thanks. mmm, these are very good! see! all right, we'll see you at the next playhouse challenge! happy halloween mother goose club! mmm, very good. you are right, they kind of taste like candy. very good. mother goose club playhouse!.

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