Revit structure 2017 Certified Professional Exam Preparation 01

In the name of allah, the beneficent, merciful now, we will check together the exam of auto-desk certificated professional for structure auto-desk has more than one exam, there is a user, that is for just you can say that you know the program, and it is very easy, if you choose the professional one so; you don't have to take the user one first, because the prof.

One is stronger alot and it is sufficient, just focus on the professional one if you need a certificate, ok? The exams are one for revit, another 3dmax, autocade, etcetera so; you if you want to choose revit you are front of two choices, the architecture, the structure, the electromechanical one, just it is according to your department, I wish none ask me about the choosing, like I am an architecture but I can't choose one from the three ones.

If someone is an architecture so; he should choose revit architecture, if he is structure engineer, he should choose the structural one, if sanitarian or conditional or electrical, you should choose mep now, we will talk about the structure one, all exams of revit have a very easy idea, in the exam, you'll find steps, and you take them to reach the result, the exam is distributed on all the curriculum, every curriculum take a point, as: open that specific file, open file named a or go to the second floor or look at the third column, which is at grid a-c and then move it.

But if you open file b and go to basement floor, actually the result will be different, let's take examples : select that col. And change it's type and what is the " bar length " after changing so ; in the exam I took the steps as it is required to select some column but I choose the wrong one, so; all the result will be wrong. it may be required from you to select some type, but I select another one, so; all the result will be wrong.

You should read question carefully and take the steps gradually. It may be required in the exam to open the file which named rst basic simple project, go to level 2, select some specific column, change it's height as example to 5000mm, so what will be the volume.

Ok? If I choose another column, the result will be wrong, if I change " top offset " to another number the result will be wrong also. So I should take the given number exactly I should be attention to writing the exact number not approximate one, as the correcter is a computer, like the result=.162, if you write.16, it will be considered wrong, you may be asked to go to lower level or foundation, you will find between 1& 2 and a& b floor, what is it's slope, so I will take these steps and see the slope then write it as it exactly 8.53 one from questions can be asked, as example : go to roof level and select that column, you will find dimensions, change it to 2000 as example, ok?, After changing measure the distance between the column and grid 3.

Edit, and measure to grid 3, then write the distance showed 1000, that is exactly the idea of the exam, you take the steps then you will find the answer, finally you write it exactly not approximately whatever number or word, and the capital should write capital and small the same..

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