Travis Walton Documentary

The abduction of travis walton took place just outside the mormon town of snowflake, in the mountains of northern arizona. In the twilight of the evening on november 5th, 1975, travis was not alone. After a long day of felling trees with six other loggers, the whole crew piled into a hardscrabble truck with four wheel drive, and they were heading home.

The truck stopped when the men saw an object shaped like a saucer, hovering over the ground about 100 feet off the road. It was heard to emit a throbbing noise, like the sound of machinery.

Only walton was brave enough to get out of the truck, and look more closely. The disk was glowing red and gold, like molten metal. The others watched him nervously, calling him back to the truck.

Then they saw him struck by a bolt of energy issuing from the craft, which lifted him off his feet, before he collapsed on the ground. In a state of panic, the other men fled.

By the time they had reached snowflake, they decided they had better tell the sheriff, that they believed travis walton to be deceased. This is how they became suspects in his disappearance.

While travis was still missing, his co-workers were given lie detector tests, and all of them passed the test. The president of the american polygraph association believed that the six witnesses were telling the truth.

When travis regained consciousness, he was in pain. He saw artificial light overhead, and thought he was in a hospital. At first he was dizzy, and gasping for air, which he believed to be the result of injury.

But his lungs were adapting to the an atmosphere with little oxygen, an atmosphere not meant to be used by human beings. He was inside a chamber in the saucer.

Then he saw what had abducted him. Three beings, none over five feet in height, with large heads and large eyes without lids. The eyes had irises that opened and closed rapidly, as if blinking internally.

The aliens were as hairless as a mole rat. The color of their uniforms was orange. Travis pushed away the closest one. He was surprised when he felt no muscle, only a layer of fat. He rolled off the examination table, and in order to defend himself, from another table he grabbed a foreign instrument.

It was a transparent cylinder the size of a club, and he swung it through the air in front of the creatures. They retreated through the open door.

Travis wanted to leave, too. Outside the door was an empty, narrow hall, which he followed to the next doorway. This led to a larger chamber, which looked empty. Except for a single chair in the center.

As he approached the chair, the room grew darker, and star charts appeared on the ceiling and the walls. His exploration was interrupted when another being entered the room.

This one looked human. The humanoid was wearing a uniform of the same design as that of his captors, except it was colored blue. Without saying a word, the collaborator took walton by the arm, and granted his wish by leading him off the ship.

The vessel was no longer in the forest. As travis descended the steep external ramp attached to the ship, he saw other vessels of the same kind. He was in a hangar full of saucers.

Travis was confronted by two more mute humanoids in blue uniforms. One of them was female. The woman had in her hand, an object which looked like an oxygen mask.

He thought it was meant for helping him to breathe, but as he desperately inhaled, he began to feel weak, and for the second time he lost consciousness. When again he awoke, he was face down on the side of a road paved with asphalt, twelve miles from where he was abducted, and five days later.

That walton himself believed he had been aboard a ufo, was confirmed by polygraph. This was also the conclusion of dr. James harder from the university of california, after travis submitted to a series of hypnotic regressions conducted by the doctor..

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