If you want to improve your car operating skills than today's video is for you we won't be talking about staying off your cell phone wearing your seat belt or any other common sense steps

you already know about when it comes to safer driving instead we'll teach you those helpful little hacks they don't talk about in driver's ed so without further ado sit back relax and coast

through the top 10 tricks to make you a better driver listening to techno makes your driving worse we all have that special song we like to turn up when we catch it on the radio but could listening to your

jam on the way to work be affecting your driving according to an israeli study conducted back in 2002 the answer is a resounding yes participants who listen to pretty much any kind of music

while they were driving a simulated course had significantly lower heart rates than the control group with no music that might sound like a good thing and it's certainly important for us to be

relaxed when we're behind the wheel but those listening to quieter music were so evened out they reacted slower to obstacles than non music listeners but the worst drivers by far were those

who listen to techno music while they navigated the experiment it turns out that music with a fast beat heightened the heart rate and made participants more likely to blow through a stop sign and force

their way around other cars so next time that idiot cuts you off in the interstate they might be listening to techno watch taller cars in front of you gridlock is an unfortunate part of living in

and around a city those of us out during rush-hour are all too familiar with the frustration of inching along the freeway for hours at a time those who've never had the misfortune to experience

this infuriating situation have probably at least run into heavier traffic at some point or another in situations like these it's best to watch not only the cars immediately in front of you but

also the taller cars up ahead it might sound counterproductive to split your attention while you're driving with so many distractions but there's actually a logical reason for this particular trick

taller vehicles are more likely to have a much better view of what's going on it's just physics and the taller they are the more easily they can see over the other people on their own that means that they

see obstacles first and have more time to react to them so if the trucks and buses up ahead all switch lanes or hit the brakes at the same time then it would probably pay to do the same if the

car doesn't start turn on your high beams this trick isn't for people who live someplace like california or some other desert places like saudi arabia or any other exotic place in the middle

east but those who spend their time in a warmer climate can probably safely skip over this part but for those of us who live in the arctic tundra the heart-stopping sound of our frozen

cars sputtering as they struggle to start on a cold morning is all too familiar if you live someplace where winter is a thing and you need to get your car going during a particularly frigid sunrise try

turning on the high beams before you attempt to start the car taxing an already stressed battery might sound like a terrible idea but turning on the lights or flicking on the radio actually

warms up the battery this tiny spark could give the car just enough juice to turn over on the first try periodically turn on the air-conditioning turning on the air-conditioner in winter might

sound like crazy talk but it's important to turn on a car's ac on a regular basis to keep everything operating smoothly and avoid an overly hot ride at a later date during summer and for those who

live in places where it stays hot all year round remembering to take this step towards keeping their car running at peak efficiency isn't much of a problem but those who fail to turn their air on

every once in a while may face the possibility of their a/c compressor clutch not working or freezing up the ac compressor completely that leaves them at a disadvantage in the summer when a

hot car can be a serious distraction against their driving to avoid this problem you can simply run the ac for a few minutes once a month or so just cycle the system you can even do

it after you've pumped your car full of heat so the cold isn't so bad use the handbrake regularly keeping every part of our cars functioning is an essential part of maintaining a safe and happy

vehicle pretty much all of us can agree on that but what few people seem to realize is how easy it is for our brakes to stop working there are a few experiences more terrifying than sitting in a car

that starts sliding backwards on a hill or that brief second of shock while we watch our vehicle roll away after we get out of it that's what the parking brake is supposed to prevent but if it doesn't get

regular use there's a chance it could simply stop working to circumvent this problem it's best to use your parking brake at consistent intervals even if the car is parked on a completely flat

surface put the brake on anyway and it'll still work when you actually need it to the only exception to this rule is on particularly cold days both regular and emergency brake shoes

such as separate drum brakes can freeze in place for those who live on a hill or otherwise have to use the parking brake in winter making sure the car is started and warmed up long before it has to go

anywhere goes a long way in preventing this problem if cars are slowing down in the other lane follow suit we enjoy our highways as a fast way to get places that we need to go but we also have to

acknowledge that they're not always the safest routes to drive people can get into accidents bridges can be rocked by strong winds and things can come flying off of other cars at high speeds

if nowhere else the highway is one of those places you've got to pay extra attention watching the cars in front of you and keeping an eye on the road ahead is a given but it's not a bad idea to watch

beside you as well if a car in the other lane especially a car in a faster lane is slowing down then it makes sense to follow soon they might be seeing some obstacle in the road that isn't yet obvious in

other lanes or their car might be just tall enough to spot that flagger before everyone else following the flow of traffic even traffic that's not in front of you is all part of safe driving don't

turn the wheels before you make a left turn crossing traffic can be an infuriating experience just thinking about having to wait for a break in all those cars can be enough to send some people into

fits of rage there's always that one spot where crossing takes a million years and it's so frustrating but did you know that making that left turn can hold an unexpected danger everyone knows

to watch out for cars coming at you it's not exactly safe to go when someone's physically still there but we all too often forget that there are still cars behind us too even if you're in a rush

turning the wheel while waiting to cross traffic on a left turn can be deadly if another car rear ends your vehicle it will very likely push you into oncoming traffic keeping the wheel straight before

you turn isn't a guarantee there won't be an accident but it can help prevent the fatal consequences of a head-on collision pay more attention to traffic than road signs when

teenagers go through driving school it's specifically to teach them the law so rounding driving and to give them a chance to build up some muscle memory for driving a car it also gives their parents

quite a discount on insurance but the point is driver's ed teaches people to obey traffic laws that includes road signs that tell us where to go at what speed and when we can and can't do something all

of that is incredibly important stopping unnecessarily at a yield sign or ignoring a one-way marker can end in an accident but if the car in front of yours is going a little faster or slower than the

mark speed for the area or there are no signs to guide you doing as they do isn't just a smart idea for rome science indicates that blindly following traffic signs rather than actually paying

attention to what the traffic in front of you is doing is a surefire way of becoming a complacent driver instead it's better to keep your eyes and mind focused on what everyone else is

doing so you can get a better idea of what you should be doing don't break during a blowout anyone who's ever blown a tire while they're actively driving will tell you that it's a terrifying

experience often popping a tire in motion is incredibly loud and it can make the car feel like it's out of control but just like slipping over ice or charging through a deep puddle applying the

brakes during a blowout can have deadly consequences that dragging piece of tire is like the anchor of a ship and slamming on the brakes at high speed is liable to cause the car to fishtail skit

into another car or even catch on the dead tire and flip over this is doubly true if the front tire is the one that blew up it might be hard but in this situation the best course of action is to ignore

every instinct and actually pump the gas a couple of quick taps should be all that's needed to help you regain control and straighten the vehicle then once you calm down you can stop the car

slowly and either replace the tire with your spare or call for help truckers using plastic bottles in russia it's not uncommon to see truck drivers using plastic bottles attached to their tires

however not many people knew the true reasoning behind why this is a thing they do even on a scientific russian show there was a man who asked why these plastic water bottles were used the entire

russian specialist team could not come to a conclusion they thought it had to do something about the cold weather and they were only somewhat correct what do you think the reason behind this is the

answer is actually really simple they use the plastic bottle similar to how weathermen use flags to determine the wind let me explain by having the plastic water bottles attached to their

giant 18-wheelers truckers are able to see the conditions of their tires if the plastic bottles are unaligned or misconstrued then the trucker will know something is wrong from this truckers could

stop and examine the issue fixing the problem well in advance before any potential accident could occur the science team was correct in the fact that in cold weather plastic bottles can cave in words

this shows the drivers that the weather outside might be cold enough to affect their tire pressures we hope you enjoyed the video tell us which tip is the most useful if you like the video

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