Don't Pop It Challenge

1 i'ma kill wit her on break that's me he's got youtuber she does amazing videos like it is from america I am from the states is from united states

amazing so gonna treat you he's your thanks for having my channel we are collaborating here in trona we're in shona and when we are there's this place

we're near ryerson university we're playing this game called boom boom balloon this is the don't pop a challenge boom boom boom boom balloon oh my god it's

gonna be so much fun what do you do with this well we're gonna roll dice and each number we get one through three we have to click down these pegs and try

not to pop the balloon are you excited you're excited i'm excited too so i'm excited so that's the audience alright alright first roll one what i'm

gonna choose this one hey up 11 oh I won again come on back here next week it's gonna blow not yet three 120 you can choose different ones I have to do

three on one peg no I like this is getting interesting three aw crap i'm going over here one three one miss not goin come down scary so much fun floyd

save it one again warm again I want to pop the ball 30 see here this one has a min 1200 gonna float not yet jen I don't want to get 3 get 3 20 lucky i'm in

the middle yes they're all getting there invasion is gonna blow in the face of embrace this is one in size getting intense all right too there's no good

choice at this point they're all they're all caught you got to be cautious it's in pop it disappointed my brown one fight I am the loser but hey I wanted

about the balloon and I bought it we should put that condom here maybe it takes forever you could test different brands and collars this way see which one

lasted longest you hear that trojan give us a call marketing genius he's amazing you to you you should check it out he's johnny so tell me why you're

your channel when it's about well name my channel is pixel lich productions we are kind of a geeky channel and I i don't know if you can tell in a bit of

a fanboy um we do a show about lord of the rings called the lure of the racing video I think you baby that's all my partner jessica like she writes it he's

really good there was a racial ever choose everything but we also we play video games and go to events and I got some other stuff planned for the future so

yeah that's my channel jakey's channel here i'm gonna prove that my facial so enter here and please subscribe yeah so thank you so much for all right get it

thanks raul see you I would say on my channel who you like

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