3 x MAJOR Roadblocks For Small Business Blogs

Hi, my name is honey. And my name is maxi . Can I do my video now small business blogs can be super effective in branding you an instant expert in any niche.

But there's some pretty major road blocks that hold people back from getting started in the first place. Hey there. I'm tracey rose from traceyrose.

Com and it's the last day of spring school holidays ere in sydney australia. So, the number 1 is technology. Most people get stuck on the whole technology thing they don't know how to build a blog or even worse they try and build them themselves.

Now I understand this myself as I did this myself and I wasted a of of time learning how to build a blog.

Now learning how to build a blog is fine if building blogs is your business, but if it's not you should definitely get some else to build your small business blogs.

You can spend up big and get a beautifully designed blog or if you just need a really basic wordpress blog you can get one done for about $500.

Or there's even some options these days where you can get one to start for $50! Now that is maybe just half built and you have to kind of do a few little tweaks here and there, but usually they show you how to do that, so that is a very simple and inexpensive option.

#2 the number 2 road block is people don't know what to say in their small business blogs they think they're going to run out of ideas to talk about on their blog and this is a very real thing in the beginning, but if you think about the first probably ummmm the top 10 questions you get asked in your business all the time or the top 10 things that people are trying to figure out in that niche and either answer those questions yourself or find out the answer and blog about them.

This is actually a really big obstacle for people and so i've done a video call ed 17 content ideas for videos and small business blogs which i'll link below this video and you will never run out of ideas again.

I used to think. Omg! What am I going to blog about today and I would maybe come up with some content to blog about once or twice a week and sometimes I would struggle but now that i've been blogging for a while i literally have too many ideas I have small business blogs that I have written and recorded that are due for next week or I can utilise or maybe I have to have some down time during school holiday where I can have some down time and some back ups.

" I want to use the ipad" no. You're not going to use the ipad hey where are you going with my notes? Now the last major road bl; ck with small business blogs is that people think they need to be successful or already an expert in that niche.

This couldn't be further from the truth " mummy what does this say?" when I first started doing my baby blog and i would teach people birthing classes.

There were plenty of teachers who were waaaay more experienced than I was and I started doing blogging and doing youtube videos and started getting clients from those small business blogs at the time i'd hardly taught.

At the time i'd hardly taught any couples - I had very little experience and I was so nervous in teaching tghis stuff. Now.

Was I an expert in every topic I was blogging about? No. But I gave my opinion or I gave some expertise or if I didn't know thee answer I would go and find the answers or I would go and interview people about interesting topics that that particular niche wanted to know about.

So you don't need to be successful one of my blogging mentors and blogging superstar ray higdon started his blog when he was in personal foreclosure.

He didn't have huge success in the network marketing and home business industry at the time whereas now his blog is one of his main income streams and he's known as an expert in his fireld.

So now you those answers and ways around those roads blocks for your small business blogs. So, get out there, start your small business blogs and if you want any in depth training i've also got a link below of some of the extra training that i've done with ray higdon and if you want any more tips on how to brand yourself online and leads online like a magnet head over to my website www.

Traceyrose. Com and. It's the last day of the school holidays so we're going to go and enjoy the rest of the sunshine and we'll see you in the next video.

Omg! Where'd he go? Bye! Major roads blocks that hold people. Shoosh . I'm talking maxi are you going to be in my video? I'm going to be. No stop. No stop.

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