Alright guys, so can I get your attention? We got a long road ahead of us. So, let's consult the itinerary. 7: 45, we're going to start walking down that way by 8: 30, darrell, you're gonna find a rabbit, we're gonna eat it, probably some sort of inspirational speech about running low on food or what have you.

Then followed by more walking. By 8: 30, more walking? Hmmm. Every walking dead ever! (Stereotypical country music) let's bang! Right here? Why not? Cause there's literally a walker right there is he doing what I think he's doing? I think he is.

Come on. Every walking dead ever (groaning sounds) I feel like I might die tonight. Naw man, you're good. I read the comics so. You're safe with me, carl. Ahhh! Why are the show's never like the books! Uhhh, that's my bad.

I'm not even in the comics, so I should have thought about that that doesn't make any sense every will zombie ever by 2: 00, someone is gonna do something stupid and die.

Looking at you, tara. No one likes you. But don't worry because by 2: 05, gonna be all walking again. All right. Mmmm, yep. Just walking. Just gonna be walking around. My name is beth can't we just smear ourselves with guts like you guys did that one time and walk through? No, we only use good ideas like that once! What? (Groans) ahhh! Looks like we have to kill ya now! No no no! Please.

Can't you just cut my leg off like you did with that one guy? Did you hear what the fuck he just said? No no no! (Head gets chopped off) every carl ever then I think we do more walking.

Hey! Stop right there! Who the hell are you? - i'm just a nobleman trying to survive i'm an excellent shot and an even better team player plus I know where we all can take refuge for the cold season.

Dad, I think we should trust this man. Think about judith's protection. Judith. Naaaa. (Gunshot) hey! But, what about this creepy redneck dude who claims to know where the cure is. Guys, it sounds pretty legit.

I say we follow him around for a season or so. Walking dead it's a good thing these walkers are so slow, see them coming from miles away. Oh my god, zombie! Woah, what'd you just call me? Beth, you gotta call 'em walkers.

You can't use the z word. You can not use that word! Only we can use that word. Sorry! I didn't- it's just hurtful! How about here? Really, glen? Banging inside the holy church? What? Oh, come on! I'm going to follow you like that well you know what they say when you meet a walker throughout their arms out their jaws to look like dogs and let them drag around for a couple days now listen to what you have to say who and what ever says that no I don't care you messed up haha i thought I was crazy you're crazy it's terrified god damn well they're to walking dad's now yeah how about here the walkers and religious sanctuaries nothing oh maybe I love you i'm right here where are you you know what walking head ok by 5: 45 we'll be right about walking yeah we're still probably going to be walking guys sorry by 638 we're going to find a walker probably probably gonna kill it maybe we'll just leave it there can we do that sometimes for some reason I don't know why hopefully guys hopefully by apm where we do something interesting we're gonna go sorry guys it's a not the season finale so i'm not going to doing something interesting we're just going to keep walking all right keep on walking god damn I missed breaking bad every walking day ever everybody is rick grimes here to break from zombie killing to say thank you for subscribing to this channel you want to see behind-the-scenes footage bloopers you can do that by clicking that little video box thing over on the left there's a guy on a jet ski to him and flips and ask god for sure with my real done you don't do that you can walk keep walking right over to the right box where you can click that see every birthday ever wow wow wow and up you got one of those are fancy touchscreen things you can't touch the screen with the cookie mouse then you can just go to the description box down below click all the links there are i see you later I got a phone call.

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