Kangaroos, Hawks & an Alligator w/ Jack Hanna

james: may I have it? Yeah, i'll hold. I'll hold. Julianne: I want to hold. james: julianne can hold. Oh, hey. Julianne: nice to see you. James: how are you, jack? i cannot tell you how incredible it is to have jack here with us, guys? when people think about wildlife on tv, they think about you.

Thank you for being here. it's a real treat for us. Now, who do we have here? jack: it's a unique animal.

Obviously, the pouch, they're marsupial. You know what marsupial means? James: yeah, totally. jack: no, they're raised in their mommy's pouch. James: do you want to hold? i can see julianne? Jack: she has babies. i met julianne at her apartment.

Julianne: that's right. jack: it means the baby's raised in the pallet. We have one marsupial. Who is it? James: I don't know. Jack: the possum. james: that's what I was going say.

Jack: this is the baby kangaroo. They were the size of a jelly bean and they hop in and out. James: on that note, we have another animal. Jack: oh, yeah, we have a bigger kangaroo.

I've only done this once ever on tv. I'm going to let you see what a baby kangaroo -- look close, everyone. i want you to see everyone -- I want you to see insued the pouch.

I've only done this twice. You're going to see a baby couch ndeveloped. Plook at the screen. Can you see inside it? That's what you see, everybody? very seldom do I ever get to do this. james: that is a -- mazing.

How old? ≫ > two months. Jack: that baby is two months. The big baby is hopping out six to eight months.

That jelly bean is being born the same day. James: it's eying up reggie. Oh, my goodness. Is this ok just roaming wild like this, jack? We're not remotely worried? jack: no, we're not remotely worried.

Don't let it kick you. One guy did lose his life in australia. James: that's it. let's get the next animal out. Let's do that. Jack: this next animal is a prehistoric animal.

James: oh, my goodness. look at stamos. Look at stamos. look at stamos. Jack: do you want to hold it? james: do I want to hold it? No. stamos you're not loving this? John: it's a little scary.

Jack: this is the alligator. The crocodile can get bigger. don't do this at home. Watch out. I'm joking. i'm sorry. You know what, julianne? Julianne: I want to do it.

They're nice. john: james, let me touch your back. james: oh, my goodness. Jack: an alligator has come back very well. They have sensor glands. They can feel the vibration under two miles. This animal can live over 100 years old.

They lay egg. and the male and female according to the heat of the nest -- what do you think a male or the female when the nest is hot? James: I don't know.

Jack: it becomes a male. Julianne: is it true that they're very fast? Jack: they can outrun you or anybody. James: that's not that impressive. With all due respect -- I mean, my son is 4, he outruns me now.

Outrunning me is the barometer we should not put on whether he's slow or not. let's say goodbye to this guy. Oh, looked a these dudes. julianne: that's a lemur. Jack: just sit still. just sit still.

James: right. jack: you don't mind him licking your ear? james: it's a bit late, jack. Jack: these are our lemurs. james: and they like grapes.

Jack: corden, corden -- james: yeah. Here, here, here. where's the head? Where is this one going? You're just going to get into the whole bowl. Look, he's got it in his hand! He's got it in his hand! hey, buddy! Jack: every one of the lemurs are a prosimion.

They were here before dinosaurs. Aren't they something? Feel the hair. It's like silk, isn't it? james: these are my favorite. These are my favorite. I like these guys.

And we've got some -- you've got some more animals. Jack: yes, we do. we have our lemurs because this wouldn't work with a lemur. james: he's not letting go of that. wow. I like you. i like them.

john: i've seen you on so many shows. I'm so happy to seen you. has anyone gotten hurt like an tors with animals? I'm serious. Jack: a beaver. it is funny now because paul schaefer our friend of 30 years, i think he hit a big loud note.

My beaver wasn't scared. He went down like this. you could see the bones an everything. you don't want to see the bone. I'm not going to bother you.

He could lay an egg in your nest. It's beautiful. you can stand up. I want you to stand up. go like this. Get me out of here. james: what do you mean? Jack: i'm serious.

Don't move. just watch it. julianne: I had to close my eyes. he's beautiful. James: ladies and gentlemen, what an honor to have him here, jack hanna and his animals! a huge thanks to julianne moore and john stamos! Thank you for being here. stick around.

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