Teens React to Fifth Harmony - Worth It ft. Kid Ink

♪ (punk rock music) ♪ this part's awesome. - ♪ uh-huh, you see me in the spotlight ♪ ♪ " ooh, I love your style" ♪ - I don't even know the lyrics. ♪ Uh-huh, show me what you got ♪ - she's my favorite.

I think she's so pretty. I've been jamming out to this song a lot. ♪ It's all on you, it's all on you ♪ ♪ it's all on you ♪ - oh, they're really pretty.

Can you. Slay. ♪ I'll tell you what to do (quavers) ♪ oh my god, did you hear that? the ♪ (imitates quaver) ♪ I really like little mix, and I also really like fifth harmony.

But apparently there's some bad blood between the fandoms or something, where someone's like, " you can't like little mix and fifth harmony. That's not something you can do." and i'm like, " jeez, i'm sorry. i just want to listen to music." ♪ (drum solo) ♪ (finebros) so who is that girl group and what is that song? Um.

It's called, like, " worth it, " right? Nah, I don't know who the group is. Fifth harmony with some rapper. (Finebros) the group is fifth harmony.

I've heard that name. (Finebros) and why do you know fifth harmony? I mean, on the radio, i've heard this song played a couple times. It's on the radio, like, every second.

I think it was just twitter. they're always on twitter. Weren't they on the x factor or something? I thought they were on american idol or america's got talent, one of those shows.

I just know that they were brought together as a group. (Finebros) so would you say you like this song? Yeah, it's a cool song. It's a good song to dance to.

When I first heard it, i thought it was cool. Once you listen it to a bunch of times, so you kinda get old.

I like the song, just not the music video or the artists. I love one direction, right? and then zayn was dating perrie. And perrie's in little mix, right? And little mix and fifth harmony are, like, the top two girl groups, right? And they're, like, not rivals but their fanbases are.

And so i'm technically not supposed to like them. (Finebros) they came to be when the five of them individually auditioned for x factor u.S. In 2012 but were placed together by simon cowell and formed a group.

Of course he did. (Finebros) sound familiar? - (cough) one direction. One direction. (Finebros) what is it about the girls of fifth harmony that are making people just love them? I guess the feminist undertones. - the feminist undertones and just the fact that I guess that they're a girl band, I guess.

There's not very many girl bands. I feel like they're kinda good role models for that, just kinda seeing them work themselves up and then becoming so successful.

Five amazing-looking young ladies singing and dancing-- who wouldn't fall in love with them? They're five girls, they're all beautiful, they sing very well, and they're nice.

Especially camila. she just has a good heart. Like, especially if you follow her on twitter, she's an amazing person. And people can relate to them.

(Finebros) boy groups have a lot more success in the u.S. Why do you think girl groups don't have the same level of popularity year in and year out and that it's taken all this time for another one to become this popular? You know, boys aren't like, " oh my god, it's a girl group! Oh my gosh, they're so beautiful!" and go to all their concerts.

And with girls, it's like, " oh my gosh, they're so cute." fangirls are much more powerful than fanboys. These boy bands-- like, yes, they're so attractive and this and that. So girls kinda like drift towards that way.

It it's a boy band, then they can put them all on blankets and all the girls are gonna buy 'em. But if you put a girl band on a blanket, I don't think guys would buy 'em.

Boys are like, " why are you listening to that?" but if a girl listens to a girl instead of guys, it's kind of different. - i'd never hear the end of it if I got caught listening to fifth harmony.

(Snickering) - but that's okay. I do it anyways. Fangirls like attractive men. But this band in particular, fifth harmony, has a good movement, which is the feminism stuff.

And it's like something super-big to get behind. (Finebros) so what would you say to the girls of fifth harmony as their career is now beginning to skyrocket? I'm sorry. Please don't kill me. i know you have so many fans.

And you can sic them all on one person. You can say, " hey, that person-- get him." please don't do that to me. I think you guys are fabulous, and keep doing what you're doing.

I should definitely start listening to more of your songs and what you guys do, 'cause it sounds awesome. Don't fall into the same trap as every other female celebrity. Please don't. Otherwise we're gonna have to probably react to that too, and I really don't want to.

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