10 Shocking Things Found on the Deep Web

Ten disturbing things found on the deep web with the use of search engines such as google being or even yahoo we can find whatever information we need on the web well most of us get

baffled from something that we may come across with online you'll probably be scarred for life with what you might find in the darker side of the internet the dark web here are ten of the

most disturbing things found on the deep web one contract killers organizations that offer contract killer surfaces can be found in the deep web while some people think that these hitman for

hire sites are just sting operations of government run security agencies others think of them as scams and fraud sites the only way to find out is to hire these services that may probably

get you arrested in the process to cannibalism if you're into a different kind of cooking recipe which involves humans as your main ingredient the deep web has you covered in fact there

were reports of deep wave forms with members who willingly provide tips and tricks on cooking humans if this doesn't bother you wait till you see a detailed guide on how to butcher and

properly cook women jack's 3 fats eight stories of how experiences are ever present on the web this pc game however lets you have a visual experience of what he'll might be like it walks

you through the infinite hallways creepy sounds disturbing images and demon children this game might also lead text files on your desktop containing everything you need to know

about satan for daxing bored whats daxing well it's a simple way of making someone's personal information your full name address credit card numbers work information or account

passwords available to everyone at a certain period of time if you got docs you'll probably get numerous anonymous phone calls or emails from people who seem to know who you are where

you live and what you do for a living fortunately there are many helplines regarding daxing online where you can get help if you desperately needed five animal cruelty it's one of the deep webs

twisted approaches in erotica the worst thing is there are people who love this kind of thing it features scantily clad women killing cute animals and he not so adorable fashion like

stepping on poor kittens while wearing high heels pearl onion wiki has been shut down with the authorities many times but it seems to find its way back on the deep web through

the use of various urls six red room if you witness what happened in the red room you're probably wondering individual who loves to watch people get tortured and killed in a highly

perverse way it's crazy and you definitely deserve to go to jail just by watching what happens in this room since the deep web is known for its anonymity people who are involved in crimes this

form often get away from authorities seven stillborns there is a website on the deep web that's dedicated to women who can't get over there stillborn babies visiting this website will

let you find tons of dead fetuses featured with the really sad creepy song as you scroll down if you want to get a good night's sleep you might want to stay away from the sad dark and

horrifying excuse for dealing with depression ate human experimentation we have covered up torture animal cruelty now let's move on to something even worse that's right human

experimentation lies beneath the deep web this involves the most screwed-up people who experiment on live human subjects who are in desperate need of money what happens here is pretty much

what you've seen in the saw movie series 9 conspiracy theories if you have to come up with a conspiracy theory the deep web offers a ton of them most people who have been browsing through the

deep web for sometime even confirm the existence of government intelligence files that were published by hackers in fact some of them were just taken down with the fbi a big sign that

those files were legit 10 so crowed the deep web because of its anonymity has been a house for most black market sites silk road in particular is a special website for drug related

transactions fbi's investigation revealed the websites 1.2 billion dollar sales with over a million customers all over the world while the site has been taken down along with its

frontrunner dread pirate roberts silkroad shirts clients with their personal information to remain anonymous do you have a shocking experience in the deep web let us know in the

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