$1 VS $1000 iPhone X SCREEN PROTECTOR!

Three two one hi what's up today I am going to be testing out a one dollar iphone x screen protector versus a one hundred dollar iphone x screen

protector so I taped up the company names cuz I don't want them to hate me if it actually doesn't work let's just say this is really a $1 screen

protector and this one is $99 we're just going to test the durability of the screen protector using an iphone expert just an iphone x2 the

other day oh yeah I do want this iphone i'm just coming down below let's get this video to a hundred thousand likes so give this one away but if it

breaks you can definitely fix it oh here we go new phone fresh really cool never before touched never touched before yeah let's get this thing and

see what's up right guys so as you can see it's the simple set up screen it says hello I really really hope these screen protectors do not shatter I

don't know I just want to use this phone thrilled alright so yeah this is the $1 screen protector it comes in a pack of three which is a good deal so

this is probably like 50 cents each er I don't know whatever doesn't matter how you put it as long as you put it okay good I am the worst that screen

protectors here we go the screen protector number one alright let's test the durability of this screen protector let's do the simple

drop test three two one it's still doing good good here alright let's drop it from here I feel so bad for this phone i'm so sorry everybody that

dropped on the side of the phone I guess this is also an iphone durability test here we go iphone ted front pricing oh dropping it weird there you go

it's still good let's do phase number two let's hit it with random things i'll be back our first test is this squishy toy alright we got three two one

alright just as I thought the screen is perfectly fine right mr. Squishy hold the screen protector protect this iphone 10 from this wooden spoon here

we go three two one all right it's still good all right good job mr. Screen protector phase three we got the back scratcher it's also a wooden thing so

let's see mrs. Er three two one go okay this is a really good screen protector for a dollar really wow well this screen protector protect the iphone 10

from this wrench here we go one dollar screen protector three two one oh there it is there it is easily cracked right over here but it did protect the

screen build the screen is completely fine it just had this little thing so let's do another one three two one yep yep there you go it could not

protect itself from the wrench look at that for a $1 screen protector it's not bad it did the job as far as the wrench it did not do it oh yeah look the

phone's perfectly fine if you get a $1 screen protector from whatever but will be fine the screen is perfectly great considering this whole thing is

made out of glass screen protector in the other hand shattered I give it a b+ it suffered through these wooden things but it survived that's

the one dollar screen protector let's move on to the 100 donald screen protector over here i'm excited about this one when I saw this online it said it is

indestructible and it also said like nano nano fiber or something so when the impact hits the screen protector all the molecules gather up to that

one specific spot and it acts like a really really tough iron my heel just bounced back up like a little trampoline which is pretty cool the heck this is

a case okay it even comes with a little case which is pretty cool I don't know if you see us on camera but it's like twice as thick which is probably why

it cost that much or does it is it worth the hundred dollars but this here really simple damn alright here we go let's do the same tests over and over

again here we go this is the squishy three two one next up the wooden spoon three two one okay that one was a lot bouncier than the other one no

scratches no marks no nothing okay here we go back scratcher time back scratcher time three one go perfectly good perfectly fine this is where the other

screen protector lost the wrench here we go three two one go okay this one's good there's no shatters no nothing further angle three two one go oh oh

there you go next up we have a wineglass this is glass on glass action so here we go three two one all right I feel like the wineglass is stronger

than the actual thing here three two one definitely did not work there all right let's try this okay the hundred dollar one does not work really

well we got that one hundred dollars worth right there which one should I buy just buy the one dollar luckily I have about a nine of the one dollar screen

protectors so technically if you add them all together ten dollar screen protector here we go have one there is another one there you go we have a

total of ten screen protectors are there let's see if it actually protects the iphone 10 get it 10 protectors iphone 10 let's test it out here we go

phase one squishy all right that's good phase two wooden spoon good phase three backscratcher that's good all right we go phase four this is

where it gets a little bit tricky I feel like the top will get correct but not the bottom so as long as the actual screen is not cracked we should be

good if you're not a subscriber make sure you subscribe yeah get this thing at grab made concise guava juice if you want some bob a juice box go to bob

juice box calm you can also get it on amazon pays for the wrench here we go three two one oh okay let me do a higher velocity three two one okay

it's actually it's good nothing cracked oh wow okay let me drop it all right here we go face five we got the the l9 three two one three two one three two

one wow like the edges are cracking but not the center screen we have this sword i'm not gonna actually use the blade because it might get

flagged on youtube but three two one go okay it's correct it's not fully correct but it is cracked here we go three two one put up dude it is cracking

but is the screen good the screen is good ah space we got the sledge here we go if it survives this is she be good to go here we go i'm gonna drop it

from here three two one that's good here we go three-two-one oh I don't think it survived it it's been a long day without you my friend oh oh snap oh oh

snap I don't think it survived oh shoot it still works you just have this little shatter on the top left here I feel like this is an easy fix oh you

just got to go to your local I phone repair store it cost about $100 and you should be good to go so if you want this phone come on down below why

you want this phone honestly I might just go to the iana local repair shop and just get this repaired i'll give it away let's do it let's get this

video to thousands emer does not protect an iphone i'm just kidding I gotta break it it's still usable we learned that screen protectors do work just

don't slam it or don't break it with force because it'll do his job if you're not a subscriber make sure to subscribe to my channel all right i'll see you

later stage ooh see

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