What's up everybody its grimley today i'm sick of the dog and I lost me he's sick of the door i'm senior dog sick it's at all but today today you know has you seen whoa jimmy controversy

has turned on his father arnall and rhett titus merely quit gts but rhett titus is here today me and red have talked it out rhett titus has agreed to stay on here at gts so what we're

going to do today is rhett titus gonna have the opportunity to start a new path here at gts when he goes to go up against the gts intercontinental champion jordan oliver

griffin the kool-aid tiger with a fatal 4-way match with the intercontinental championship fatal 4-way hey i'm trying for all this jr. Controversy stuff behind me ain't gonna forget it but

i'm looking forward to the future i'm in the holiday spirit and I got the gift that keeps on giving and that's a nice swift kick in the ass so you're our commentary oh in the head

with saskia wrapping paper my knees are and then you want me to do i'm solitary you commentate on him commentator i'm coming for you sterling's terrible their death now read time

stand up to its feet are flying all over the place here here comes jimmy what a year ago felt audience and i'm taking that title off your hands jimmy you are not in a title match we do this

on my terms i'll easily take that title up gern's just that today won't be an asshole but i'm really looking forward to watching fox finger and kennedy copeland kick your ass for

the gts tag team championship curly the ring your gps tag the future o-over job always be jimmy cause first you get with it I think she really is gonna kill anybody change these

trench james james is I don't know again at first so no fuck you fat fuck you fat fuck you trying to be nice you have to be the grinch in the christmas season no you're you're a fuck yeah

because you guys took my friggin shirt real nice you guys all have golden arrow i'm like the first time when I was entitles by myself second of all second of all you suck you fail everything

just like my father does so you're not part of this family you're fired you're fired your journey you felt white when we helped you beat down red that was because we knew that this

family is better than the one that you have and you guys through it and you guys through this family that we had this blew me away like like like I was a bitch bummers cuz you're hard full

but you know what you really want to be back in this i'll do anything jimmy you like whose ass do I have to kick to get back in job security you really want this shirt I want it I want anything i'll

beat down anybody for anybody anybody at all well how about yes indeed yes deep well you know what if you wanna be back in this family and you gotta okay you know what you want to go

against one of our brothers right here you're going against ronnie I mean fucking oh if you win you're back with us but if you lose we will never see your ugly ass again have that shirt

ironed up i'm taking this piece of shit let's go wrong oh yeah yeah ladies no the following contest scheduled for one fall career match if lascaux loses it's the end of his career forever he's

back in job security the megaphone back sorry that's it it's over can I do it can I do it yeah your own stupid and if you're not down with that we got three words for

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