Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Stolen Compass

Today is the summer cove high annual camping trip! It's my favorite outing. The smell of pine trees and campfires. Now, to find our camp, you're going to need to use a compass.

I will be using this antique compass. (Class chatters) hmm, it belonged to my grandmother. My grandpa used to have a compass just like that. I loved playing with it.

Well today we're not playing, today these are vital tools we need to use to stay safe. (Clears throat) and speaking of safety, we can't be too careful with that mysterious rhino out there.

Rhino, what rhino? The dreaded summer cove rhino. Legend says it escaped from a zoo. It has a giant horn like a curved banana. Oh man. It lurks in the forest in the hills, attacks weary campers.

But not much longer, 'cause we're gonna catch it! Monty made this cool snare blaster to do the job. Capturing that rhino will make victor more popular than even the power rangers! I'll demonstrate on that skeleton.

Uh, i'm not sure that's a good idea. Uh oh. Get this off me! Just a teensy weensy glitch! Stop it victor! I'm trying to turn it off! Hey, preston, help me! hold still! Get me out of here! Can I have a word, victor, monty? Do you like it, or love it? You are both in detention.

No camping trip for either of you. But the rhino! Don't! (Victor cries) hey, my grandmother's compass, it's gone! It was right here, who moved it? Antique compasses are quite valuable.

Somebody must have stolen it. No that's ridiculous, i'm sure it's around here somewhere. (Gasps) there it is! In that bag. Who's pack is this? It's mine. How did this get into your pack, brody? I don't know.

This compass didn't just magically appear in your bag, did it? Well. I'm going to make this really simple. Either you tell the truth or you're not going on the camping trip.

I'm sorry ma'am, but i'm not gonna admit to something I didn't do. Well that's very disappointing brody, I thought highly of you, but obviously I was wrong. Everyone but brody, victor and monty, grab your gear and head out to the bus.

(Victor grunts) brody, there's something i need to show you. Sure, what is it? This is some video that monty shot. I'll demonstrate on that skeleton. Uh i'm not sure-- you really caught my good side monty.

They're all good sides, victor. Get this off me! So? I don't get it. Watch closely. Let me just zoom in here. See that? Whoa! Your compass! The net knocked it into my bag! You're not a liar.

In fact, you're the opposite. You could've just told me what I wanted to hear, and gone camping with your friends, but instead, you stuck to the truth. I'm sorry brody, I was wrong.

It took courage to do the light thing. Thanks mrs. Hastings. I want you to have this. Every act of bravery deserves a reward. Really? please. Thanks, does this mean I can go camping? Of course! yes, great! Guys, you're never gonna guess what just happened..

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